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published annually 

Rayy Mitten 

Norton M. Levin 

Geneva Roberson 
Ted Charles 
1 Natalie Floersheimer 

Betty Walker 
Geraldine Swope 
Sallie Hickok 
Leita Hickok 
Ann Armstrong 
Bob Seese 
Bill Gilronan 
Thurman Artz 
Jean Allison 
I Gene Feist -."' 



Robert Wilson 

Roy Sharp 
Betty Steinhauer 
Billie Beidler 
Victoria Konkel 
Virginia Bobes 
Margery Doubenspeck 

Don Rowley 
Bill Fairchild 
I Henry Beck 

Henry Beck 


cover design by 

Rayy Mitten, editor 

contents copyrighted by Chestnut Burr, 1939 

/ seemed, t 

a lU 

. . . that there was about only one way to keep up with 
events here at Kent State University, which some have chosen 
to call America's Fastest Growing University, and that was 
to record them in pictures and text as they came. 

That is precisely what we have tried to do. Instead of 
finding a standard style yearbook you will find what we 
bravely call a record of events. Of course, it is not complete. 
To include every event would have been prohibitive because 
of space and expense. Some came too late in the year for 
us to cover and still deliver the book to you before school 

We began at the beginning of the fall semester and con- 
tinued straight through to graduation. We tried to connect 
the various institutions and organizations in the University 
to some event with which they were associated during the 
year in order to give the book more life. At the end of each 
month's events we have used a column to record the things 
to which we could not give regular coverage. 

Undoubtedly seme of you will not like the book. We 
expect it. We hope, however, that others of you will. We 
did what we could and now it is yours . . . 

2 • 























BURR 152 

• 3 

4 • 

• 5 

Administration Building 

Science Hall 


6 • 

Merrill Hall 

Training Schoo 

• 7 


Registration in the fall of this school year 
brought the largest single enrollment in the 
history of the University, with a final enroll- 
ment figure of 2,410 — as compared to slight- 
ly more than 2,100 for the preceding year. 

The percentage of enrollment increase for 
this University this year was greater than 
that of any other state university in Ohio. 
Previous to registration there had been some 
doubt as to increase because of the teaching 
requirement change affecting the two-year 
education course, which had attractea more 
than 200 freshmen the previous year. 

The freshman class this year was the larg- 
est in the University's history. it included 
1,126 students. Five hundred and fifty-nine 
freshmen enrolled in the four-year education 
course, 26 in the two-year course, 321 in 
liberal arts and 220 in business administra- 

There were 679 sophomores: 275 in four- 
year education, 207 in two-year education, 
104 in liberal arts and 93 in business admin- 
istration. Of the 257 juniors enrolled, 180 
were in education, 41 in liberal arts and 37 in 
business administration. The 217 seniors 
were divided as follows: education, 132; arts, 
56; business administration 28. 

The remainder of the enrollment included 
28 ^aduate students, 31 special students and 
72 unclassified students. The enrollment 
was drown from 1 states and Ohio. 

8 • 





Left to right: Bill Gilronan, president; Winifred Whiteside, secretary; Bill Mclntyre, treas. 

Because they are the newcomers on the 
campus and because they outnumbered every 
other class, we'll start off with the 1,126 
freshmen, who came to Kent last fall. After 
they got used to the immensity of the place 
they replaced high school badges with the 
Kent emblem and entered wholeheartedly in- 
to the swing of politics, queen elections, 
Greeks, athletics, Brady sitting and that age 
old game of campusing. They climaxed their 
year with the Freshman dance held on Friday, 
March 31. 

• 9 


%'*) \ 

01 -^r 


W* .^'TT 


\[i \ 

\ ' ~, 







T' m 


I ii 






b: : .:~ " 

-; J 


" ~" A 







W*— ^^i 



ET" ^ 





J M 

ssl'* *'S 

^^ ■"•"' 


•^ 1 


'y kj 


-» • KB 

^^^^Vj^H ^ 

■ ■» (- w 1^ 

A* vc^ 


~ C-' ^^m 



M^ "i^Wh 





J-» yl 

(^^1/^ ^^Zi^*-^ 

Rivaling the nation's finest girls' dormi- 
tories in style and convenience, Kent State 
University's Englemon Hall opened its doors 
to 230 coeds on the first day of school. 

With Mrs. Grace Ross, director of resi- 
dences, OS housemother, the Hall offers 133 
single rooms, 46 doubles and one triple. In 
addition there is a spacious lounge where 
Hall residents play the radio, phonograph, 
piano and let their dates wait for them. On 
each floor is a kitchenette complete with 
stove and refrigerator where the girls prepare 
Sunday night snacks. A roof garden off the 
second floor includes fireplaces for open-air 

Engleman Hall is an organization in itself 
and the girls are self-governed. Present of- 
ficers include Donna Happoldt, pres.; Sheila 
Easterbrook, sec; Lillian Zimmerman, treas.; 
Billie Beidler, Janice Hunker, Lorena Hoskins, 
Adele Singley, v. presidents. Besides officers 
there are committees, most official of which 
is the discipline committee, which decides 
punishments for girls who break dormitory 

12 • 


First picture, first row, left to right: Elizabeth Laur- 
enson, Margaret Clark, Jessie Laurenson, Evelyn 
Turner, Harriet Eshelman, Edith Gerjoch, Anita 
Totten, Mae Lorah, Frances Smith; second row: Rose- 
mary Dempsey, Ruth Mattis, Reita Mehlenbacher, 
Eloise Hewitt, Martha Stephens, Gertrude Stevens, 
Janet Nason, Mary Knouff, Helen Heinz; third row: 
Mary Vlad, Marjorie Miller, Phyllis Steele, Mary 
Ellen Gockstetter, Genevieve Miller, Patricia Levine, 
June Caldwell, Lyndal Close, Rosalie Jeffrey, Dorothy 
Struble, Rosemary Onliger, Minnie Armeli, Helen 
Walker, Marian Hogon, Josephine Porter. 

Second picture from top, first row, left to right: Mary 
Shumaker, Neva Krupp, Velda Beck, Vilma Krusko 
Frances Dryden, Virginia Stewart, Lucille Teets, Dor- 
othy Huffman, Betty Tuskcy, B l!ie Martin, June 
Snyder, Ade'e Singley, Ruth Keppler, Constance Ha- 
gan, Betty Fisher, Margaret Dietz, Marjorie Spero, 
Jean BoesI, Joslyn Harvey, Eloise Smith, Lorena Hos- 
kins, LaRue Fink, Anita Alger, Reifa Treyer, Eloise 
Hummel, Charlene McFetridge, Mirgaret Morrow. 

Third picture from top, f rst row, left to right: Pearl 
Harris, Elizabeth Teuscher, Betty Jane Nelson, Bette 
Morch, Bett^ Jane Strohl, Alyce Scheu; second row: 
Sally Hickok, Julio Lyons, Betty Wa!ker, Betty Bax- 
ter, Hazel McCleery, Bernice Booth; third row: Leilo 
Harius, Jeanne Brillinger, Mary Jane Renick, Grace 
Lambert. Frances Eisner, Mildred Cukrov, Janett 
Miller, Dorothy Murdock, Ethel Walker, Glcdys Bald- 
win, Dorothy Ulmer. 

Fourth picture, first row, left to right: Betty Kern, 
Hazel Williams, Marjorie Davis, Emilie Kuznik Lil- 
lian Marshall, Alice West, Jean Musser; second row: 
Arlynn Schmidt, Jeannette Happoldt, LaVerne Luth- 
ardt, Clarice Hensmon, Nadine Mohler, Marian Clapp, 
Jeannette Luikart; third row: Elaine Downs, June 
Arnold, Leito Hickok, Loretta Yarano, Sheila Easter- 
brook, Betty Jane Patterson, Margaret Leist, Cornelia 
Porea, Helen Martin. 

Fifth picture, first row, left to right: Betty Noll, 
Ruth Ann Sheldon, Mary Hozen, Betty Ann Baker, 
Ann Armstrong, Betty Kasic; second row: Billie 
Beidler, Mrs. Grace Ross, Dorothy Dyson, Beverly 
Lidyard, Mary Jone Willson, Janice Hatch; third row: 
Hazel Darner, Lillian Zimmerman, Dorothy Snyder, 
Phyllis Martin, Betty Church, Evelyn Swonda, Jeon 
Stroud, Louise Hanon, Marian Reed. 

Lowry Hall 

Another of the dormitories is Lowry Hall, the oldest of all. It houses 1 14 girls 
in its 13 single and 53 double rooms. This is mainly a freshman dorm. 

Top picture, first row, left to right; Virginio Boyd, Carolyn Fretz, Josephine Marsholl, Avanell Cooke, Mary 
McDermott; second row: Verna Carpenter, Beverly Farr, Linda Hyppo, Eileen Wuchter, Dorothy Holmes, 
Irene Hunt, Jean Hardman, Caroline Clowson, Jane Kuendig; third row: Helen Muzik, Lenora Frase, 
Naomi Kothe, Jane Lee, Mary Louise Dickerhoof, Jane Rothermund, Eleanor Porter, Sue Snyder; fourth 
row: Margot Mueller, Mary Jane Sheppord, Helen Ryan, Delores Herman, Jean Cuddeback, Lyndell 
Barch, Alice Brooker, Edna Powell, Dorothy Friedman, Margaret Maratla. 

Lower picture, bottom row, left to 
right: June Sprouse, Dixie Dungon, 
Katherine McGowan, Diana Percoco, 
Geraldine Boulton, Jeanette Morgan, 
Anna Ruth Brown; second row: Arleen 
Clapper, Avis Adair, Elaine Evans, 
Evelyn Squires, Audrie Baker, Kath- 
erine Osborne, Alice Webb, Jeanette 
Irwin; third row: Henriette Schieve, 
Katherine Bernstein, Lois Hutter, 
Elizabeth Renz, Dorothy Gerber, Ger- 
trude Squires, Phyliss Lamb, Geral- 
dine Hansen, Dorothy Clarke, Virginia 
Holcomb, Marjorie Miller; fourth 
row: Elizabeth Potton, Chorlene 
Kreighbaum, Hazel Long, Jean Col- 
morgen, Florice Corlew, Margaret 
Micsko, Helen Jands, Gloria Brog- 
neaux, Doris Weston, Jane Cowell, 
Dorothy Saviers. 

14 • 

Style Show 

The latest trend in women's apparel from 
formal to sports wear was shown in Moulton 
hall when the Woman's Athletic Association 
and Home Economics club held their annual 
style show in October. 

At this time the 300 women who attended 
the event saw clothes for all occasions 
modeled by Marge Hunt, Shirley East, Reita 
Mehlenbacher, Gene Gettrust, J J. White, 
Diana Adams, Sylvia Reiss, Ruth Lea and 
Elaine Lattin. 

The high light of the affair was Gene 
Gettrust's black taffeta formal of the late 
19th century. 

Gene Gettrust 

Reita Mehlenbacher 

• 15 

Nation's Leading Universities 

Congratulate Our Fourth President 

On His Inauguration 


16 • 






''More Than a Thousand People Listened 


"color bearers — attentively ..." 
'balcony audience — indifferently ..." 

"family — proudly ..." 
"radio engineers — professionally . 


Karl Clayton Leebrick was inaugurated as fourth president 
of Kent State University on October 21, 1938 in an impres- 
sive ceremony attended by representatives of 110 colleges 
and universities. 

All of the country's leading colleges and universities, from 
the smallest to the largest, sent their messages of congratu- 
lations, some of which are pictured on the first page of this 

The ceremony opened in the morning with c program under 
the chairmanship of Dean Raymond E. Manchester, which 
included speeches by representatives of Ohio State, Syracuse 
and Bowling Green State universities. Following that was 
the Inaugural luncheon at which there were speeches by 
President H. E. Simmons, Akron University; President Charles 
L. Anspach, Ashland College; and E. N. Dietrich, Ohio Direc- 
tor of Education. 

Immediately after the luncheon came the academic pro- 
cession, headed by Dr. Leebrick and William E. Dodd, former 
ambassador to Germany. The procession terminated in Wills 
Gym where the formal inauguration ceremony was held. 

The three important phases of the ceremony are depicted 
in the three pictures at the top of the opposite page. 1. the 
presidential emblem is bestowed upon Dr. Leebrick by Super- 
intendent John R. Williams, president of the University 
Board of Trustees; 2. Dr. Leebrick delivers his official in- 
augural address; 3. former U. S. ambassador William E. Dodd 
gives the main address: "Public Education and Democracy". 
In the upper picture of the right hand panel on the opposite 
page ore shown the Leebrick family, Henrietta, Mrs. Leebrick 
and Karl, Jr. Below the Leebrick family ore pictured the 
radio technicians of the Mutual Broadcasting Co., which 
carried the ceremony over its coast-to-coast networks. 
Broadcasts also were carried by WGAR of Cleveland and 
WADC of Akron. 

The final important event of the inaugural was the ban- 
quet in the evening at which Editor Paul Bellamy of the 

Top: President Rufus B. von KleinSmid, University of 
Southern California; Paul Bellamy, Cleveland Plain 
Deoler editor and former Ohio governor Martin L. Davey 
chat during Inougural banquet . . . 

Center: Coed ushers directed banquet offenders . . . 
Below: Editor Bellamy opens banquet ceremony as toast- 
moster . . . 

Left: President Leebrick relaxes ond eots 
von KleinSmid delivers main oddress . . 

. . President 

• 19 

Cleveland Plain Dealer was toastmaster. Former Ohio 
governor Martin L. Davey also spoke and the main address 
was given by President Rufus B. von KleinSmid, University 
of Southern California. The ceremony concluded with a 
final program in Wills gymnasium in which John Batchelder 
of the senior class, extended the students' welcome to Dr. 

Born 53 years ago in Iowa, Dr. Leebrick was graduated 
from the normal school at Tempe, Arizona and later received 
a doctor of philosophy degree from the University of Cali- 
fornia in 1916. Later he served as head of the political 
science department at the University of Hawaii and was 
executive secretary of national conference on education, 
reclamation and recreation in Honolulu. He came to Kent 
State from Syracuse University where he was dean of the 
liberal arts college and professor of international relations. 
He is considered an authority on Pacific relations and was 
director of the Institute of International Relations on the 
Pacific Coast. 

Kent State University students were vitally interested and 
hod a part in the inauguration of Dr. Leebrick as the fourth 
president of their University. 

From the balcony of the atrium in the Administration 
building they watched notables of the educational world 
arrive for the august ceremonies. 

Many assisted in the behind-the-scenes work that had to 
be done, such as mapping out the course for the inaugural 
procession in the afternoon. 

Seniors and graduate students marched in the academic 
procession, while still other students were enrolled in the 
group that carried the University's colors. 

Still others, camera-stricken students, found the inaugural, 
especially the procession, good photography material. 

In the final event of the inauguration program, senior 
John Batchelder extended the student body's welcome to 
Dr. Leebrick. 

And while students, faculty, guests and others participated 
in or watched the impressive ceremony, those who engineered 
it, the faculty members of the inaugural committee pictured 
below, sat bock and were satisfied with having done a good 


As a token of its tribute to Dr. Leebrick on the occasion of his in- 
auguration, the University of Hawaii, where he formerly served as head of 
the department of political science, sent leis — Hawaiian tokens of love. 

The leis were made by natives three days befor the inauguration, rushed 
aboard a Pan-American Clipper Ship, flown to San Francisco where they 
were transferred to another plane which flew them to Akron. From Akron 
they were brought to Kent and worn by Dr. Leebrick, his wife and daughter 
during the inauguration ceremony. The pictures shown here were sent 
with the leis. 


Board of Trustees 

Left to right: Major Roy H. Smith; Miss Alma Zinninger; Dr. K. C. Leebrick; John R. Williams, 
pres.; Joseph B. Hanan. 

22 • 

Dr. Mary E. Smallwood 

new dean of women 

Dr. Earl W. Crecraft 

new dean liberal arts 

• 23 




Phys. Science 


Bus. Adm. 








Home Economics 


DR. A. 0. DeWEESE, 




Health, Phys. Ed. 





Ind. Arts 




Liberal Arts 





I '': 


t r 





' ,v\ 





.i'^^ -■■^^^-i.'^.i 


* • ,Vi 



Things really did not get started on the campus until this 
month because of school beginning so late in September. 
The late opening dote, we were told, was due to the fact 
that Engleman Hall was not finished quite on schedule. 

Most notable thing on the campus was the amazing num- 
ber of freshmen — more than 11 00 of them and they got 
under everyone's feet. All of them turned out for the Frosh 
Welcome Dance, Sept. 29 . . . most welcome fact to Kent 
coeds was that this year's registration — highest in Uni- 
versity's history — showed an equal number of men and 
women for the first time . . . 

. . . early in the month student agitation began on the 
parking situation since grounds improvements in the rear 
made parking off campus necessary . . . Sixth and newest 
fraternity on the campus, Phi Beta Phi, anounced its organ- 
ization . . . Men's Union held a couple of smokers to which 
frosh were invited and at which fraternity presidents tried to 
outdo each other in sales talks . . . University heard its first 
all-men marching band . . . rehearsals were begun for Hell- 
Bent For Heaven . . . 

Month's social whirl included Big Sister-Little Sister Tea, 
14th . . . KMK house party and Kappa Sigma Chi weiner 
roast, 15th . . . Tri Sig rush party, 20th . . . Delta Phi Sigma 
steak roast. Gamma hayride, Chi Delta rush party, 22nd . . . 
Phi Alph Alpha rush party, 25th . . . ASA rush party, 26th 
. . , also La Fe Hallowe'en party ... Pi Koppa Sigma rush 
party, 28th . . . Artists' Masked Ball and the Summit Hall 
formal, 29th . . . 

Thurs., 27th — night rally for John Carroll game, bonfire 
out back, later students marched downtown led by band, 
snake dance down Main street, cheering section in middle of 
town, later took over local theatre and stopped show for sev- 
eral minutes . . . Fri., 28th — night gome John Carroll . . . mi- 
gration trip . . . 1700 students boarded special train, made 
plenty of noise, sow Kent Flashes defeated . . . train was late 
returning, sleepy students reached home 3 a.m. . . . 

• 27 





To use a trite, but apt, phrase, there was a 
"hot time in the old town" Friday night, 
November 1 1. The reason was that the fol- 
lowing day was Homecoming day and the old 
grads wanted to get a good start — which they 

About 2,000 of them made it back for 
homecoming and were welcomed and made 
comfortable by a pretty swell program that 
the University had arranged. 

Friday nJght the University Theatre gave 
them Hatcher Hughes', HELL-BENT FER 
HEAVEN, a play based on the doings of a 
Carolina Mountain family. You will find 
pictures of scenes and actors on this page. 
The play was well done by seven of the Uni- 
versity's top-flight thespians: Ernie Williams, 
Betty Leake, Watson Watts, James Scaggs, 
Fred Vacha, Blair Sheers and Meg Eckhart. 

Saturday afternoon students and alumni 
turned out to see Coach Steam's Flashes take 
on a visiting Baldwin-Wallace team, which 
took the Flashes before the final gun. During 
half-time in the game there was an intra- 
mural cross country race in which Myron 
Bruno of Kappa Sigma Chi crossed the finish 
line first. 

Saturday night there was the annual Home- 
coming Dance at which Miss Jennie Jean 
White, junior whose home is in Kent, was 
crowned Homecoming Queen. Opposite is her 

Jennie Jean White 


Homer Harrington 


Jim Blockstock 



Dominic Mitfiga 


Louis Cardinal 


John Armour 


Arnold Miller 


Orman Adams 


Sam Farkas 


Bob Tait 


Carmen Falcone 


Bob Renfschler 


Lincoln Schoffman 


Dice Alexander 



On Friday, November 18 in Wills Gym was 
held the annual Pigskin Prom in honor of the 
blue and gold flashes who during the fall 
donate their time and bodies to the gridiron 
that the University may have a football team. 

The boys, playing under coach G. Donald 
Stearn, had a fairly stiff season and came 
through with six wins and two losses, the best 
record for a football team at this University 
in the last several years. 

They earned the honors and the good time 
of the Prom — and they got it. As is custom- 
ary, they selected a queen. But this year they 
reversed the procedure and instead of select- 
ing a coed as usual, they chose kindly, silver- 
haired Dr. Elizabeth Leggett. Dr. Leggett 
spends the football season patching the boys' 
gridiron wounds. She colls them her "boys". 

Dick Butler 


Don Miller 


George Mollico 


Bob Potts 


Bill Boliantz 


Jim Alogdelis 


Steve Foltin 


Bob Wilson 


Jimmy Jones 


Ernie Sullivan 


Leslie Netzen 


Joe Woods 


Leonard Lifton 


The Golden Flashes this year put out the best foot- 
ball seen on the campus for the last several years. 
They started out as a good football machine and there 
were visions of them going undefeated. Five games in 
a row victory was theirs: Albion, Heidelberg, Findlay, 
Holbrook and Buffalo. Then they fell before John 
Carroll under the night lights, went back the next week 
to defeat Bowling Green and then in their final game, 
bowed to Baldwin Wallace. The answer lies in Coach 
Stern's statement: "I was surprised but well satisfied 
when we got as far as we did. We were very weak on 
pass defense and were lucky only John Carroll and 
Baldwin-Wallace discovered the weakness". 

Homer Harrington 
Dick Butler 
Jim Blackstock 
Don Miller 

32 • 


Heidelberg 6 

Findlay 7 



John Carroll 27 

Bowling Green 3 

Baldwin-Wallace 26 

Kent 17 

Kent 22 

Kent 13 

Kent 49 

Kent 54 

Kent 6 

Kent 7 

Kent 6 

Dominic Mittiga 

George Mollica 

Louis Cardinal 

Bob Potts, John Armour 

• 33 

Left to right: Ray Novotny, assistant coach, G. Donald Starn, head coach, Joseph 
Begala, assistant coach. 

Findlay Game: 

When the football boys gather over a few 
beers and start rehashing last season's con- 
tests, one that invariably comes up for dis- 
cussion is the Findlay game. The reason is 
that they were expected to travel over to 
Findlay and knock the pants off the Oiler 
squad and — well, they did defeat them, 13-7, 
but they played hard to do it. The Oilers 
were on that night. 

The Findlay boys were playing ball that 
night — Friday night, October 7. They were 

playing white-hot ball and the only thing that 
cooled them were a couple of first-half touch- 
downs by Ernie Sullivan and Joe Woods. A 
Findlay sophomore, Dick Hatcher nearly up- 
set the Steam applecart right under the arc 
lights when he broke loose with c 68 yard 
scoring run in the first quarter immediately 
after Kent's first touchdown. 

The Oilers played fast and rough ball after 
their first score and it took some good defen- 
sive work led by Jimmy Jones and Dick Butler 
to stop them. The second half took the best 
the Flashes had that night to put out the oil 

Squatting, left to right: Bill Boliantz, James Blockstock, Arnold Miller, James Alogdelis, Orman Adams, Steve Foltin, Sam Farkas. 

34 • 

Running, left fo right: Robert Rentschler, Leslie Netzen, Joe Woods, Carmen Falcone. 

Along with giving him the best football 
machine he has had in several seasons, Coach 
Steam's gridmen achieved still another ac- 
complishment this season. They broke the 
Heidelberg jinx, which had been putting de- 
merits on their record for the last several 

Early this season the Flashes traveled to 
Tiffin, met the Student Princes on the green 
and outjousted them 22-6. Statistics of the 
game show it was Kent all the way that day. 
The Flashes made 10 first downs to the 
Princes' three; 332 yards to the Tiffeners' 
126; completed six passes to the others' one 
and made 163 yards from scrimmage as com- 
pared to Heidelberg's 28. 

The Flashes did their first scoring late in 
the opening quarter when they took the ball 
from the Princes on the Prince 12 and Bob 
Wilson completed a placement from the 20. 
In the first minutes of the second quarter, 
Ernie Sullivan recovered a Prince fumble; Joe 
Woods then took the ball and lateraled to 
Johnny Armour who brought the score to 9-0. 
In the third quarter Kent picked up yards 
on exchange of kicks. Woods carried it to the 
5 and Swede Netzen plunged from there to 
score. Wilson converted. In the final quar- 
ter, Dice Alexander passed to Micky Mittiga, 
sophomore grid sensation, who scored, making 
it 22-6. Heidelberg scored in the third 

Standing, left to right: Homer Harrington, Lincoln Schoffman, Dick Butler, Don Miller, George Mollica, Bob Wilson, Jimmy Jones. 

• 35 

We hesitate to forget Football 
without remembering the 
University Marching Band 

Fred Bortz 
Aldsn Mcore 
Paul Critz 
John McCabe 
Eldon Schlapkohl 
Robert Blockinger 
Gerald Clark 
Leroy Goodwin 
Robert Wallis 
Robert Orpin 
Elmer Huston 
John Jenkins 
Preston Springer 

Bill Patterson 
Raymond Suskind 
George Sewald 
Gene Tovis 
Robert Dickerhoff 
William Shear 
Allen Smith 
William Conway 
Jack Fateley 
Robert Stump 
Warren Lythgoe 
Eino Hermanson 
George Stone 

Norvell Hill 
Ervin Hoefler 
Charles Thompson 
Elmer Stewart 
Rex Stribley 
Jcmes Scaggs 
Albert Parker 
George Davis 
William Show 
Harold Holshoy 
Dick Wolford 
Fred Swasey 
Leslie Sheary 

Leiand Erode 
Don Tramonte 
Robert Harrington 
George Fleischer 
Jock Ward 
Warren Little 
Paul Weis 
Tony Paluch 
John Busch 
John Salomone 
Douglas Gibbons 
Heinz Gladigan 
Charles Andregg 


President Charles Thompson 

Secretary Lloyd Johnson 

Librarians Milan Stocking, Paul Weis 

Director Roy D. Metcalf 

Sergeant Charles Andregg 

Drum Major Norman Uhl 

The University marching band was so essentially 
a part of the tcotball season this year that this 
seems to be the appropriate place to present it. 
Numbering 55 members this year, its tenth under 
the direction of Roy D. Metcalf, the band played 
at oil home games and followed the football team 
to two out-of-town games: John Carroll and 
Bowling Green, They were particularly spectacular 
under the night lights at the John Carroll game 
and drew praise from the University which claimed 
them the best band in the University's history. In 
addition to their University activities, the band 
played for several civic functions in Kent. The 
purpose of the band as set forth by Mr. Metcalf 
is 1o give marching experience to interested music 

" moor UM' 

"director Metcalf 

• 37 

Brady Sitters 


This second month of school was pretty full when you stop 
to add up all the things that happened . , , noisiest event of 
month was the homecoming queen and class officer elections 
... in the queen contest there were three candidates: junior 
J. J. White, backed by the Independent party; junior Ruth 
Ridinger, of the Blue and Gold party; and freshman Carolyn 
Steek, candidate for Theta Sigs . . . there was the usual 
amount of buttons, ribbons, speeches, banners ... J. J. 
White's name was whitewashed on every pole and corner 
around the campus . . . there was the usual amount of 
accusations of cheating at the ballot box also . . . Independent 
party's J. J. White polled 464 votes, Miss Ridinger, 407, 
Miss Steek, 243 .. . 

This also was the month of sorority pledging and found 
the Taus finally out on top with 19 pledges, the Tri Sigs a 
close second with 17, and the ASA's right behind with 14 . . . 
total number pledges: 86 . . . Football was officially closed 
with the Pigskin Prom, directed by Bob Hurd, at which Dr. 
Elizabeth Leggett reigned as queen . . . out of curiosity to 
see about seating and room accommodations on campus the 
Ohio legislature traveled to Kent and gave the situation a 
quick survey . . . 

During the same month the Freshman class presented a 
melodrama, "Ghost Train" featuring train whistles, roaring 
storms, screaming girls, and frosh president Bill Gilronan . . . 
The Kent Stater startled faculty and students by instituting 
faculty grading by students which drew much heated com- 
ment from faculty dissopprovers . . . 

Handful of social events included Tau rush party, 1 st . . . 
Delta Sigma Epsilon rush party, 3rd . . . Theta Sig rush party, 
4th . . . Tri Sig hay ride, steak roast, 19th . . . with late 
autumn putting a tang in the air students began gathering 
inside in corner hangout groups like on opposite page . . . 
dancing in evening took on a more serious aspect and month's 
favorite swing tunes included. My Reverie, Deep In A Dream 
and I Won't Tell A Soul . . . 

More than two thousand alumni jambed local hangouts 
for homecoming . . . saw Kent gridders close the season on 
Roosevelt high school field by bowing to Baldwin-Wallace in 
a terrible game . . . Feature of the month was senior Dick 
Butler's address before 300 Y. W. C. A. girls on, "What 
Men Admire In Girls" . . . 

• 39 

John Batchelder, Anna Jane Lea, Leonard Rodkey 




Saturday night, Dec. 10 members of the 
University Theatre (big wigs of which are 
pictured below on opposite page) forgot 
grease paint, acting, costumes, script and had 
a good time. Result: Winter Formal. 

This year 350 theatre members and guests 
danced amid winterish decorations adorning 
Wills Gym and enjoyed an evening arranged 
by Social Chairman Anna Jane Lea. A trophy 
for selling most memberships was presented 
to Alpha Sigma Tau women's fraternity; cup 
to individual selling most memberships went 
to Ruth Gibson of Theta Sigma Upsilon. 

Favorite theatre pastime is after-rehearsal 
snacks like one shown at top of opposite page. 
Besides Hell-Bent, rehearsals this year were 
for Maxwell Anderson's STAR WAGON and 
Edna Ferber's and George Kaufman's STAGE 
DOOR. Former starred theatre veterans 
Johnny Batchelder and Wanda Griffiths with 
best supporting parts by Blair Sheers and 
Betty Leake. Latter starred talented, vitalic 
Betty Leake who gave a four-star perform- 
ance and earned title of First Lady of Thea- 
tre. Late in May the Theatre presented 
Thornton Wilder's sceneryless OUR TOWN. 

40 • 

After- Rehearsa 


Front row: Prof. G. Harry Wright, Anno Jone Leo, Prof. E. Turner Stump, Mar|orie Bedford. 
Bock row: Margaret Runk, Louise Dugan, Margaret Eckhorf, John Batchelder. 

• 41 

Star Wagon 

Hanus Wicks Blair Sheers 

Martha Minch Wanda Griffiths 

Stephen Minch John Batchelder 

Park Joe Michaels 

Ripple Jack Harris 

Angela Mary Shepherd 

Apfel Don Todd 

Duffy Don Schilmiller 

1 St Thug Marvin Kohler 

2nd Thug William Gilronan 

Misty James Scaggs 

Hallie Arlington Martha Jane Thomas 

Mr. Arlington Fred Vacha 

Mrs. Rutledge Betty Leake 

Paul Reiger Watson Watts 

Christabel Betty Rogers 

Delia Patricia Fuller 

The Herb Woman Mary Shepherd 

Oglethorpe Curtis Peck 

42 • 


Bernice Niemeyer Wanda Griffiths 

Olgo Brandt Francis Koole 

Mottie Pauline Johnston 

Mary Harper (Big Mary) Margaret Eckhart 

Mary McCune (Little Mary) Hazel Moseley 

Madeleine Vaulain Edith Ek 

Judith Canfjeld Opal Wigner 

Ann Braddock Margot Mueller 

Mrs. Orcutt Mary Angela Cianciola 

Kaye Hamilton Anna Jane Lea 

Linda Shaw Jean Ulmer 

Jean Maitlond Gene Gettrust 

Bobby Melrose Phyllis Moore 

Louise Mitchell Nodine Mohler 

Susan Paige Patricia Fuller 

Pat Devine Marjorie Thompson 


Kendall Adams Betty Line 

Terry Randall Betty Leake 

Sam Hastings Joe Calta 

Jimmy Devereaux Curtis Peck 

Fred Powell Duff H. Baldwin 

Lou Milhauser Fred Vacha 

David Kingsley John Batchelder 

Keith Burgess Richard H. Beckwith 

Mrs. Shaw Jane Cowell 

Dr. Randall Don Todd 

Tony Gillette Jeanne Claypoole 

Ellen Fenwick Betty Rogers 

Larry Westcott Mark Treat 

Billy Stanley Nickar 

Adolph Gretzl Leonard Opeil 

• 43 

f f'f 



Phi Alpha Alpha 

Marie Smith, 

Evelyn Haberkost, 

Mary Jane Hunter, 

Founded in 1930 Phi Alpha Alpha is Kent's only 
local social sorority. It has held the Pan Hellenic 
Scholarship Cup more times than any other sorority. 
The Phi Alpha's have given the Womanhood Award 
to the most outstanding woman, June graduate, 
for several years. 

Darla Carlson 

Jean Darby 

Louise Dugon 

Florence Hair 

Miss Kinnemcn 

Hazel Moseley 

Lorena Pratf 

Mary Schray 


Theta Sigma Upsilon 

Winners of the Tennis cup in the Spring of 1938 
and individual theatre cup offered last semester. 
Their winter formal was held at the Mayflower 
hotel in Akron. Miss Marguerite Lamar was 
chosen to be the advisor. 

Viola Bodo, 

Lois Huston, 

Hazel Silsby, 

Elde Hoffman, 

cor. secretary 

Betty Ackley 

Betty Breen 

Velma Knouff 

Freda Krieg 

• 47 

Vonda Clark Mary Helen Fitzgerak Ruth Gibson Geraldine Haos Arlene Hartman 

Vivion Lesher Helen Morrison Dorothy Patterson Marguerite Runk Louise Stump 

Dorothy Season, 

Alpha Sigma Tau 

Helen Jane Pierce, 
vice president 

Natalie Floersheimer, 

Gretchan Cooke, 
rec. secretary 

Geneva Roberson, 
cor. secretary 

Roberta Petty 

J. J. White 

Mildred Maxa 

Margaret McMillion 

Among the first to become a National 
Educational sorority. Alpha Sigma Tau re- 
ceived its charter in 1927. It points with 
pride to its politicians, queens. Cardinal Key 
and honorary fraternity members. Local 
chapter has 58 members and two advisors. 
Miss Laura Hill and Miss Harriet Adams. 

Bel'ty Leai<e 

48 • 


Phyllis Whiteman 

Alys Welsh 

Olive Wright 

Martha Von Bensc 


Mary Tryon 

Martha Jane Thomas 

Zoe Tozer 

Margaret Swan 

Alice Skove 

Ruth Ann Sheldon 

Jean Shaw 

Esther Schorr 

Mildred Ake 

Jean Allison 

Mary K. Balser 

Ruth Baumberger 

Ruth Bradley 

Peggy Blount 

Marietta Carlozzi 

Peg Clark 

Janet Fish 

Wilda Foreman 

Blanche Kesse 


Ruth Lea 

• 49 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Marjory Dunfee 

Gene Gettrust 
vice president 

Jean Ulmer 

Virginia Frederick 

Mary Zimmerman 

The Omicron Omicron chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority began their 
social season by sponsoring the All Greek dance held at Meyers Lake, 
Canton. They acted as hostess to their National officer, Mrs. Wilma 
Wilson Sharpe and had three of their members represent Kent in the 
beauty contest. 


50 • 

Charlotte Boedeker Geraldine Brown 

Dorothy Hoskins Margie Hunt 

SAortho Jane Murtaugh Janet Petty 

Mary Daltorio Dorothy Dyson Martha Foltz 

Etta Jean Johnston Betty Leader Julia Lyons 

Mary Jane Renick Lynnette Seeds Roslyn Spencer 

Priscillo Grieme Wanda Griffiths 

Jeonnette Malot Marjorie McNab 

Dorothy Ulmer Miss Reinhordt 

• 51 

Virginia Moore 

Rutin Ridinger 
vice president 

Shirley Rummel 

Betty Kasik 

Claire Wagstaff 
cor. secretary 

Delta Sigma Epsilon 

Betty Agnone 

Mary Jane Antal 

Ruth Brunstad 

Marjorie Diltz 

Gertrude Duckwits 

Alvira Dura 

The Delta Sigma Epsilon, which began its 
career on Kent's campus in 1926, has on 
active chapter of 40 members. Miss Agra 
Ruffer was installed as the new advisor. In 
the political set-up they are affiliated with 
the Blue and Gold party. 

52 • 

k k ^^ r J 

^ A 

Phylis Gray Betty Jane Homilton Elizabeth Myers 

Violet Pearl Betty Shet'ler Violet Smith 

Evelyn Swanda Martha Taylor Thoro Uebel 

• 53 

Pat Fuller 

Martha Stevens 

Eleanor Evans 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

Marjorie Bedford 
Shirley East 

Alice Bryce 
Harriet Eshelman 

Millicent Bucher 
Jane Fitzpatrick 

Ruth Dangler 
Jean Gilcrest 

54 • 

Virginia Goss Mary F. Hannon Joslyn Harvey Nadine Hulbert 

Kathleen McDonough Reita Mehlenbacher Jane Moyler Betty Peck 

Eloise Smith Lucille Smith Ruth Steinhauser Pauline Fagert 

Anna Jane Lea Kathleen Moloney Sybill Martin 

Sylvia Reiss Dorothy Ruggles Martha Rufener 

Betty Trory Peg Williams Doris Winemiller 

Came to Kent in 1925. One of 37 active chapters with 55 members. Jane 
Fitzpatrick is K. P. president; Lucille Smith is Home Economics club vice 
president. Six Tri Sigs belong to the Woman's League. This is the first 
National Educational on campus. 

• 55 

Pi Kappa Sigma 

Nellie Dominick Bonita Fuscoe Gizella Krupanski 

Mary Lou Goers Helen Gordon Miss Osa Dell Woodring 

Marjorie Brandon 

Martha Driver 
vice pres. 

In March of this year, Chi Delta, a local sorority, 
merged with Pi Kappa Sigma, a national education 
sorority. The actives, pledges and alumnae of Chi 
Delta were taken into full membership in Pi Kappa 
Sigma. The Pi Kap house was then moved to 213 
S. Willow street, the former Chi Delta house. 

56 • 

Kappa Sigma Chi 

Richard Beckwith Karl Braucher 

Walter Mural John Page 

Walter Dengel Robert First John Gruszecki H. Levinson 

Arthur Scarpitti Harold Shaffer Herbert Shaffer Elmer Stewart 

Charles Moglione 
Joe Szabo 

y«%^ 1^ ^f il^^^ ^^'m^^ !^ ^^-f, (5^^ 

Organized in 1931 this fraternity is one of the newest on the campus 
Its members have moved into a new house which they have completely 


Myron Bruno 

Herman David 

• 57 

^ Woodrow Barkett 


Malcolm Manful 
vice president 

Kappa Mu Kappa 

Kappa Mu Kappa has in its membership five 
presidents of departmental and honorary clubs, Foot- 
ball and basketball captains. Blue Key and Student 
council members. Eight times winner of campus 
night costumes, eight times winner of homecoming 
decorations and of this year's Men's Union Funfest 

James Alogdelis George Buzulencia Doin Clay 

Loskiel Fleshman Lyie Follln Jack Fowler 

Jack McGurk Howard Resseger Robert Smith 

Bob Eiben Frank Estochin 

Francis Hinderschied George Mansfield 

Henry La Torroco Joe Woods 

58 • 

Eugene Antonuk 

William Fohl 

Merle Hammack 

Prof. David Olson 

Alpha Phi Beta 

Alpha Phi Beta fraternity was founded in 1931. 
The fraternity has distinguished itself by winning 
honors for scholarship more times than any other 
fraternity. The Beta chapter has also given a 
manhood key to the most outstanding man, June 

Carl Rosenberger 

James Wilder 
vice president 

William Hammer 

• 59 

Peter Gulgin 
vice president 

Dale Zink 

Sigma Tau Gamma 


James Barrick 

John Batchelder 

Ralph Beck 

Milton Bonar 

Edward Brennan 

Gerald Clark 

Leo Difford 

George Dike 

Donnelly Diltz 

Bill Drew 

Dan Gulgin 

Harold Hanson 

Gordon Hostettler 

Ferdinand Jasbeck 

Martin Kovalik 

60 • 

Myron Lawrence 

Bill Leever 

William Love 

Horold Mull 

Leiand Zahniser 

Reynold Nischwitz 

Paul Ryan 

Joe Schaetzle 

Don Schilmiller 

Frank Taylor 

Andrew Tobasco 

Alvin Podwojski 

Ralph Wands 

Tom Watts 

Dick Wilond 

Wayne Wilkin 

Jack Tomosheska 

Ernest Williams 

U ^% M ^ J 

^^d (f"^,*'' '?^* |^,W- f^^f 

^^^ ^r^ ^^^ ^^M ^^^ 

Organized in 1927, Kent's only National fraternity 
. . . members active in extra curricular activities . . 
. . . Host at National Convention held in Cleveland 
gained by Leiand Zahniser. 

. owns its house 
especially politics 
. . special honors 

• 61 

Roger Wicks 

Paul Hazen 
vice president 

Robert Potts 

Delta Phi Sigma 

Delta Phi Sigma fraternity located at 262 Columbus 
street, was founded in 1924. It has among its possessions 
all of the intramural cups offered by the University. Prides 
itself in the number of men on varsity athletic teams. 

Duff Baldwin William Boliantz 

Harry Dunlevy Joel Etter 

Arch Grummage Merle Cochran Bert Davidian 

Charles Edmiston Milan Frase Dick Gardner 


George Hall 

Robert Hanson 

Clyde Hawthorne 

Henry Herbert 

Dick Hoose 

Don Huffman 

Jomes Jones 

Gene Kempf 

Leonard Kromel 

Roger Lewis 

Arnold Miller 

Donald Miller 

James Miller 

Leonard Opeil 

Robert Orpin 

Leonard Pomeroy 

Howard Penn 

Orlie Simons 

Glenn Smith 

Rex Stribley 

Robert Stockdole 

John Tollentire 

John Wilbur 

Robert Wilson 

Dean Winsper 

Fred Wood 

Bill Wright 

Cloyd Lawrence 

• 63 

Phi Beta Phi 


Vice President Secretary 

The baby rugged individualist fraternity was established on this campus 
on September 26, 1938, by five students who felt the need for another 
fraternity. Its members take an active part in all extra-curricular activities 
including forensics, theatre, sports, music and departmental clubs. 

Vincent Boorom 

Hube Briers 

Paul Dressier 

Albert Farly 

Sam Yates 

Reginald Tresidder 

Richard Harper 

Donald Hodgson 

Joe Liebert 

Gene Ranallo 

James Robertson 

Vernon Steiner 

64 • 

Norbert Fuchik 

Marion Shank 
vice president 


W. L. Burger 
Thomas Williams 
Charles Erickson 
Jay McKinley 
Joe Stefcnosky 
Richard Redmond 
Mack Geitgey 
Prof. C. A. Slocum 
James R. Lees, Jr. 

The fraternity has sponsored speakers from 
various industries; taken field trips to Nela 
Park, Cleveland, Ohio, Firestone Co., Akron, 

On Scholarship Day, the fraternity will pre- 
sent a "Handbook of Business Administra- 
tion" to the outstanding male freshman. 

Delta Kappa Psi 

Kenneth Adolph 

Richard Cramer 

The parchment that new adorns the walls 
of the Business Administration Office in- 
scribes the objects of Delta Kappa Psi as 
follows: "A Business Professional Fraternity, 
founded May 1938, for the purpose of fur- 
thering the individual welfare of its members; 
to foster scientific research in the fields of 
commerce, accounts and finance; to educate 
the public to appreciate and demand higher 
ideals therein; and to promote and advance 
in institutions of collegiate rank, courses lead- 
ing to degrees in business administration." 


Harold Levinson 

H. R. Nissiey 




W. A. Patterson 

Donald Scullion 

*, f/ * 

• 65 

Panhellenic League 

First row, seated: Kathryn Forbs, Martha Taylor, Miss Marguerite Lamar, Dr. Edna Lotz, Martha Driver, Gene- 
vieve Warner, Viola Bodo; second row: Marjory Brandon, Marie Smith, Dorothy Season, Virginia Brown, Lynn- 
ette Seeds, Marjory Dunfee, Betty Breen, Kay Wardman, Pat Fuller. 

President Marge Brandon 

Secretary Margaret Swan 

Treasurer Kathryn Forbs 

The Panhellenic association was first organized on the Kent campus in 1925. The 
purpose of the organization is to make and enforce rules for rushing and bidding in the 
Greek organizations for women; to regulate matters in local Panhellenic life and to encour- 
age our sorority chapters to take interest and an active part in all university activities. 
This year's advisors are Miss Marguerite Lamar and Dr. Edna Lotz. 

66 • 


Interfraternity Council 

Seated: Woodrow Barkett, Sam Sherman, Richard Butler, Martin Kovalik, Dale Zink. 
Standing; Roger Wicks, William Fohl, William Hammer, Paul Hazen, Myron Bruno. 

President Richard Butler 

Vice President Harold Schaffer 

Secretary-Treasurer Dale Zink 

The purpose of this organization is to oct in cooperation with the administration as 
a governing body for all Greek letter social fraternities in the University in their relations 
with one another and with the University. They attempt to correlate and faclitate the 
operation of all fraternity activity on the campus. They regulate pledging requirements, 
pledging dates, and intramural fraternity athletics. 

The council sponsored a First Annual Migration Day football train to the John Carroll 
game and the Annual Interfraternity Council dinner, which is always held at Lowry Hall 
and i"; tradition for all Greek men on the campus. 


Ite y y Le^ualt 

December 18, the last Sunday before 
Christmas vacation began at the University, 
the music department, under the direction of 
Prof. F. H. Denker, presented the program 
which practically has become a pre-Christmas 
tradition here — Handel's, "The Messiah". 

Floyd Townsley, famed New York tenor and 
former member of the famous de Reszke 
Quartet, made his third trip to Kent to sing 
the leading role. Other solo roles were car- 
ried by Hilda McMillen, Esterre Waterman 
and Stuart Gracey. Accompaniments were 
played by Miss Juliet Dowdy, University music 
instructor. Well blended background singing 
was provided by the 150 members of the Ora- 
torical Society Choir. Music also was fur- 
nished by the University's 40-piece orchestra. 

Heaviest applause from the audience which 
filled every seat in the auditorium came to 
the chorus on its singing of the "Lift up your 
heads, O ye Gates" and the "Hallelujah 
Chorus". The orchestra was received best 
with its playing of the "Pastoral Symphony". 

• 69 

«f Iff If fittf 

# * 

# • 

The University Choir: 

First row: Mary Daltorio, Rachel Yount, Marjorie Hanson, Geraldine Brown, Mr. Bruce Handley (Director), Florence 

Grosvenor, Eric Osmun, Geraldine Boulton, Mary Jane Stuber. 

Second row: Frances Lux, Marjory Dunfee, Veragrace Snyder, Edna Haupt, Grace Lambert, Clara Biasella, Clarice Wise, 

Libby Pliskin, Victoria Costarella, Charlotfe Knight, Alice Lux. 

Third row: William Conway, Robert Fromant, Harold Schlegel, John Bush, Robert Blockinger, Karl Karrer, Warren 


Fourth row: Hugh Nickerson, William Point, John McDonald, Carl Beecher, Fred Bortz, Daniel Fouser, Ross Mitchell, 

Alfred Acken, Charles Thompson. 

The Girl's Glee Club: 

First row: Jane Crecraft (guest cellist), Victoria Costare 
Rachel Yount, Veragrace Snyder, Phyllis Fowls, Geraldine H 
garet DeLaney, Margaret Horton, Marjorie Jacot, Barbara D 
Littlejohn (Director). 

Second row: Gladys Foley (accompanist), Marjorie Hanson, E 
Elizabeth McCurdy, Virginia Thomas, Jean Griffin, Wilma F 
Stange, Moryonna Pfahler, Freda Mussin, Jean Gilcrest 
Third row: Dorothy Migge, Dorothy Heppert, Mary Schnitz 
Thomas, Edna Haupt, Ann Yugovich, Ruth Courtney, Do 
Jennie Louise Arnold, Mada Moseley, Opal Wigner. 
Fourth row: Reil'ta Strauss, Emilee Strauss, Annabel Ginter 
McMillen, Mildred Franks, Clara Biasella, Grace Lambert, G 

la (guest violinist) , Mr. Bruce C. Handley (guest baritone) , 
aas. Alberta Laughrey, Mildred Cukrov, Eleanor Drasdo, Mar- 
uncanson, Harriet Mills, Anna Ruth Brown, Miss Elfleda 

dna Forte, Jessie Wilcox, Mary Ellen Hoys, Martha Riblet, 
ranklin, Dorothy Huffman, Elizabeth Flint, Jane Beall, Elaine 

er, Stella Ruta, Helene Ingram, Kafhryn Hyde, Estella 
is Dusenberry, Corrinne Paris, Eleanor Evans, Aileen Milligan, 

t, Rita Weyer, Jacqueline Sherbondy, Josephine Porter, Lois 
race Merwin, Alma Taylor, Frances Koole, Ruth Lea, Norma 

The Men's Glee Club: 

Mr. Bruce Handley (Director), William Point, Carl Beecher, Thomas Turnbull, William Conway, Robert Eckert, 
Fromant, Harold Schlegel, Warren Litfle, William Dennis White, William Stelgler, Aimer White, Karl Karrer, 
Brode (accompanist), George Stone, Charles Thompson, James Stauffer, Robert Eiben, Nestor Paluch. 


70 • 



First Violins 

Florence Hair 
Elsie Pickard 
Dale Turner 
Maurine Fulmer 
George Begg 
Victoria Costarella 
Carolyn Kemp 
Everett Klontz 
Russell Armitage 
Evelyn Nicodemus 

Second Violins 

Eino Hermanson 
Wonda Price 
Margaret Mullett 
Ruth Jameyson 
Edith Chesmer 
William Nordman 
Catherine Few 
Marjorie Miller 
Roy Miller 


Heinz Gladigan 
Libby Pliskin 
Winona Weiss 
Mary Vlad 
Martha Liber 


Lloyd Johnson 
Marjorie Brondon 
Mary Rapp 
Milan Stocking 
Virginia Cole 

String Basses 

Hadley Richards 
June Ratchford 
Mary Lucile Maurer 
Dorothy Rychlik 


Leslie Sheary 
Jock Lee 


Jack Booth 


John Solomone 
John Busch 


Margaret Godfrey 

French Horns 

Harry Summers 
Eugene Tocus 
Frances Ann Roberts 


Mae Ochenreider 
Gladys Mumaw 


Eldon Schlapkohl 


Wm. Leonard Shaw 
Charles Andregg 


Leslie Sheary 
Leiand Brode 
Fred Swasey 
Shirley Woodward 

B flat Clarinets 

Douglas Gibbens 
John Solomone 
John Busch 
Paul Weiss 
Florence Hair 
Laura Ewell 
Milan Stocking 
George Fleischer 
William Nordman 
Don Hawley 
Eino Hermanson 
Helen Swisher 
Clyde Holbrook 
Anthony Poluch 
Dorothy Kime 

Alto Clarinet 

Warren Little 


Jack Booth 


Lloyd Johnson 
Margaret Godfrey 


Lorena Hoskins 
Harold Holshoy 
Jack Lee 


Charles Thompson 
Marie Hausrath 
Mae Ochenreider 
Gladys Mumaw 
Horold Schlegel 


Ervin Hoefler 
George Stone 
Norman Uhl 
Robert Dickerhoof 
William Schoer 
Jack Fateley 

French Horns 

Preston Sprunger 
Horry Summers 
Eugene Tocus 
Comfort Spelman 
Warren Lythgoe 
William Patterson 
Frances Ann Roberts 


Eldon Schlapkohl 
Gerald Clark 
Jack Jenkins 
Leroy Goodwin 
Robert Orpin 
Robert Wallis 


Paul Critz 
John McCobe 

Fred Bortz 
Robert Stump 
Robert Blockinger 
Alden Moore 
Daniel Fouser 

String Basses 

Hadley Richards 
June Ratchford 
Mory Lucile Maurer 
Dorothy Rychlik 


Charles Andregg 
Wm. Leonard Show 
Jack Gifford 
Elmer Stewart 
Rex Stribley 

• 71 

72 • 


About the time this month rolled around school was well 
under way, nine weeks grades had been posted, students 
were getting just a little tired of studying and were begin- 
ning to look ahead to Christmas vacation . . . but there was a 
lot to be done before vocation arrived . . . 

There was the Mens' Union funfest, for instance, won by 
the KMK's who put on as wild a show as has been seen since 
the death of Wild Bill Cody . . . KMK's featured a freak 
show with Wild Man Howard Ressiger eating raw meat, 
wearing a leopard skin and jumping with screams and growls 
into the audience . . . some people were not so sure . . . 

More noise was heard on the Student Union building but 
the matter fizzled as usual . . . the music department pre- 
sented Handel's, "The Messiah" very beautifully and suc- 
cessfully . . . word was announced of the resumption of ath- 
letic relations between Akron University and Kent State . . . 
about a week later Akron Buchtelite and Kent Stater column- 
ists were exchanging nice dirty words and things were being 
said about a beauty battle, but said battle was dropped until 
later . . . 

Englemon Hall gave its winter formal in Wills Gym and 
quite successfully, too . . . the University theatre dropped its 
thespian airs for a night and gave its winter formal also . . . 
Still another important social event was the annual All- 
Greek dance, Fri. 16th . . . held this year at Meyers Lake 
ballroom in Canton and sponsored by the pledge chapter of 
Alpha Sigma Alpha . . . about three hundred Greeks and 
guests drove to Canton, danced . . . Christmas vacation be- 
gan on the 22nd . . . 

Social calendar for December showed among other events: 
KMK and Gamma dances, 2nd . . . Delta Phi Sigma winter 
formal, 3rd . . . Englemon Hall winter formal, 9th . . . Uni- 
versity Theatre formal, 10th ... All Greek dance, 16th . . . 
Off-Campus Women's Club Winter Dance, Men's Union 
Bridge party, Tri-Sig formal pledge dance, Lowry Hall dance, 
Theta Sig winter formal, 17th . . . ASA Christmas Porty, 
18th . . . Englemon Hall Christmas party, 1 9th . . . Off- 
Campus Women's Club Christmas party. Men's Union Fun- 
fest, 20th . . . Thank God It's Friday Club well under way. 

• 73 

c=Ull Old ^Z), 


Something new in the way of dances nnade its appearance 
on the campus Saturday night, Jan. 21 when all the campus 
organizations, excluding fraternities and sororities, held the 
first All-Club dance. 

Wills Gym for this occasion was transformed into a night 
club v/ith tables bearing lighted candles set around the floor. 
Soft drinks were served at the tables. 

In strictest keeping with night club tradition, a floorshow 
was presented, feature of which was singing by Mildred 
Maxa. Other features included a musical quiz of the Kay 
Kayser type won by Frosh president Bill Gilronan, tap danc- 
ing by Don Pierce and musical specialties by the "Three 
Bobs", Hurd, Orpin, Aungst. 

The dance was sponsored by the central committee of 
clubs (pictured below) headed by Margaret McMillion. She 
was assisted by Morgot Mueller, Louise Dugan, Clyde Haw- 
thorne, Fred Prasse. 

Left to right: Marion Shank, Donald Scullion, Charles Thompson, Louise Dugan, Fritz Prosse, Margaret McMil- 
lion, Dorothy Smith, Bill Drew, John Gerberich, Jane Fitzpatrick, Margot Meuller, Clyde Hawthorne. 

74 • 








Y. W. C. A. 






W. A. A. 







• 75 


Jie*LCj atteyi 


First row, left to right: Jean Stroud, Elizabeth Myers, Arlene Weymouth, Charlotte Volk, Helen Schmidt, Jane 
Fitzpatrick, Margaret Williams, Ann Armstrong, Ruth Baumberger, Shirley Cannon. 

Second row, left to right: Eleanor Seymore, Ruby Hartman, Charleen McFetridge, Helen Martin, Miss Van 
Campen, Miss Swan, Myrtle Beecher, Christine Robinson, Judy Hughs, Laura Ewell. 

Third row, left to right: lone Peachey, Betty Heiks, Anita Totten, Elizabeth Burzloff, Mary Offenhauer, Laura 
May Miller, Dorthea Richard, Jeanetfe Luikart, Mildred Jacobs, Shirley Giles. 

Fourth row, left to right: Izora Wood, Jane Osborne, Marjory Diltz, Nadine Mohler, Rita Allendorf, Mary Jane 
Antal, Thora Ubel, Violet Pearl, Marcia Sternad. 

Fifth row, left to right: Marjory Whittlesly, Katherine Osborne, Helen Cassidy, Maude Folger, Martha Stevens, 
Harriet Eshelman, Ruth Keppler, Margaret Fenn, Lorena Bonardi. 

President Jane Fitzpatrick 

Vice President Helen Schmidt 

Secretary Harriet Eschelman 

Treasurer Betty McGuire 

The Kindergarten-Primary club was organ- 
ized mainly that knowledge for the education 
of the young students might be gathered and 
disseminated to the teachers of the future. 
This departmental club attempts to bring into 
active cooperation all lower educational in- 
terest, parent education and new progressive 
types of education in nursery schools, kinder- 
gartens and primary grades. It hopes through 
these studies to raise the standards of pro- 
fessional training for leaders and teachers in 
this field. As an organization founded on 
Kent's campus in 1928, they have sincerely 
endeavored to promote good fellowship and 
to help the growth of the department. This 
year under the guidance of Miss G. Hazel 
Swan and President Jane Fitzpatrick, the club 
has undertaken several social projects and has 
rendered service whenever possible. 

76 • 

kuHcai — O4 K^iiw 

President Rocco Petta 

Vice President Elizabeth Lauren 


Secretary and Treasurer Ethel Baum 

Although it is one of their greatest aims 
to be able to promote closer relations and 
stronger friendships among physical education 
majors and minors, the club sets definite 
standards to develop a professional attitude. 
Throughout each school year, meetings, both 
social and professional are held. Members 
plan and sponsor hikes, picnics and dinners 
for the club. At their annual fall dinner 
banquet an authority in the physical educa- 
tion field is a guest of honor and acts as 
principal speaker. 



"^ j^ 


.J^^S^ f ^^^ ^ i^ -^ ..^J^ 

Front row, left to right: Adrionne Von Hyning, Mrs. Apple, Rieta Meh lenbocher, Ethel Baum, Jessie Laurenson, Elizobeth Lourenson, Betty 
Ferguson, Allen Bereit, Anton Lejsek, Don Sinn, Robert Fry, Jolin Yesso, William Decker, Daniel Cortesi, Clarence Ortt. 

Second row: Marjorie Hines, Betty McGuire, Viola Smith, Lucille Hurd, Betty Ackley, Dorothy Rugg!es, Ade'e Singley, Melvin Boyd, Donald 
Martin, Warner Dixon, Anthony De Giralamo, Milan Piotrowski, Stephen Foitin, Leonard Lifton. 

Third row: June Adams, Roberta Mitchell, Jean Melick, Hawley Dieringer, Elwood Simkins, Paul Lang, Aithur Smith, Leonard Rcinhord, 
Fred Wolf, John Watson, Norvin Carter, Pete Gulgin. 

Fourth row: Louise Trau, Margaret Clark, Kothryn Gallucci, Jean Bowen, Pearl Harris, Margaret Kincoid, Delia Harms, Mi'dred Lull, Sue 
Myser, Louis Alstodt, John Steinert, James McCune, James Griffith, Russell Bolin. 

Fifth row; Constonce Hogon, Louise Re^tzel, Bstty Grombocher, Bertha Heichel, Betty Line, Betty Jane Shaw, Horold Martin, William Gillis, 

Tom Kane, E. Turner, Ralph Gortrell, Don Johnson, Harold Searcy. 

Sixth row: Mr. Altmann, Deloris Herman, Marguerite Blue, Mabel Esping, Helen Lindbergh, Betty Sover, Arthur Kirkland, Joseph Price, 

J. Fadeley, Robert Stueve, Leonard Morgan, Howard Nedesky, Joseph Meleskc. 

Seventh row: Kathryn Eddy, Loretta Gre^nisen, Rocco Petia, Sam Farkos, Roman Wojno, Max Connors, James Wilder, Mike Feduniak, Norvil 

Hill, Dice Alexander, Louis Cardinal. 

Eighth row: Roy Novotny, Jane Mohoffey, Betty Fairfax, James Alogdelis, Felix Murlok, Ulric Peters, Robert Dickerhoff, Andrew Mitchell, 

Fred Swasey, Joseph Woods. 

Ninth row; Arthur Scarpitti, Clair Wagstoff, Kay Wardman, Nadine Hulbert, A. Samarfzi. 

• 77 

Jiil^Cll l\i 


Back row: Dorothy Season. 

Front row: Marguerite Runk, Miss Laura Hill, advisor; Gretchan Cooke, president; Francie Waterbury; Dr. 
Florence Beall, and Marge Dunfee. 

President Gretchan Cooke 

Vice President Dorothy Season 

Secretary Pauline Franks 

Treasurer Francie Waterbury 

Organized by Dean Blanche A. Verder in 1924, Kent's chapter of Cardinal 
Key, national honorary activities fraternity for women, this year celebrated 
its fifth anniversary. The primary purpose of this society is to select those 
leaders who may meet and discuss ways and means of cooperating with the 
faculty to promote the welfare of the student body and the best interests 
of the institution. Like the Blue Key it has no national installation teams, 
and no secret work. In selecting members, the society recognizes qualities 
in character, scholarship, student activities, leadership and service. Pre- 
requisites of the two-point-five average and participation in at least five 
extra curricular activities, are required. 

78 • 

-yl/Lcn ^ iA^i 


First row: Martin Kovalik, Rucsell Harkins, Woodrow Barkett, Dr. Muzenmoyer. 
Second row: Vincent McDevitt, Dick Butler, Mr. C. A. Slocum, Dick Firth. 

Senior representatives Russell Harkins 

Dick Butler 
Martin Kovalik 

Junior representatives Woodrow Barkett 

Richard Firth 

Sophomore representative Vincent McDevitt 

As each man enters school he automatically becomes a member of the 
Men's Union, an organization which was founded in 1922. Their program 
was an outgrowth of the belief a Dean should give his students helpful 
supervision, intelligent guidance, help them develop an enthusiasm for life's 
activities, and give them encouragement for creative endeavor. Believing 
that those who are not able to qualify for the hard grind of varsity athletic 
teams, should not be forced into the background. Dean Manchester has 
worked out, with the aid of class representatives, a broad progrom. This 
includes a group of activities ranging from intramural sports to creative arts. 

• 79 


First row, seated: Mabel Roddy, June Sprouse, Gloria Brogneaux, Gertrude Squires, Marian Pannier, Eileen 
Kienzle, Edna Mclntyre. 

Second row, standing: Gertrude DeVos, Evelyn Hammands, Kathleen Lozier, Elsie Adelmcn, Dorothy Kilby, 
Emma Jarvis, Doris Russell, Rita Duerr, Betty Czomba. 

President Gertrude R. Squires 

Secretary Mary A. Seesholtz 

Treasurer Marion Pannier 

The La Fe club is a woman's organization for non-Greeks. They have 
hod a successful year with dances and club activities. In past years they 
have had a few fingers in the political pie. They stand together in enforcing 
their one aim of being democratic. Miss Edna Eisen is ther faculty advisor. 

80 • 



President Hubert Lawrence 

Vice President Paul Weis 

Secretary-Treasurer Earl Theobald 

Vv'hen it was first organized the Barbarians 
were mainly an athletic club, which was open 
to all men who could not afford a fraternity 
and who desired to become affiliated with 
some group. However due to its increased 
membership and changing needs, the Bar- 
barians have added several social functions 
to their schedule. This year a joint dance 
with the La Fe club was held. Although they 
are not on the top of the intramural ladder 
they have given the fraternities stiff competi- 
tion in recent years. The Barbarians have 
national affiliations. 

Front row, left to right: Paul Wci3, Lowell Gatts, Charles Kimball, George Theobald, Earl Theobald. 

Back row, left to right: Clarence Boyle, Charles Goshen, Hubert Lawrence, Joseph Jones, Arnold Beriet, James 
Munro, Dick Firth. 

Members not in picture: Charlej Quinette, Joseph Benko, James Lees, Kirt Lowry, Ralph Tullis, James Rybak. 

• 81 

ante K^ca^^OHtic^ 


First founded in 1916, the club was reorganized and became affiliated 
with the State and National Economics clubs in 1928. By attending meet-' 
ings a professional attitude is developed toward Home Economics. Its pur- 
pose is also to sponsor the social life of the department. The club increases 
educational experiences through outside speakers, educational films and 
demonstrations. This year's activities include: a Tea honoring Home 
Economics freshmen, picnic at the Home Management house, regional con- 
ference at Akron U., Parent-Daughter banquet, Christmas dinner. Home 
Economics club dance. State conference at Columbus, Joint dinner with 
Akron U's club and dinner honoring the seniors. 

President Radah Keep 

Vice President Lucille Smith 

Rec. Secretary OIlie Mae Mellick 

Cor. Secretary Barbara Duncanson 

Treasurer Grace Newman 

Bartholomew, Norma 
Beachler, Ruth 
Bockhorst, Lois 
Bucher, Millicient 
Claypoole, Jeanne 
Dominick, Nellie 
Duncon, Marion 
Forbs, Kothryn 
Fuller, Patricia 
Gerlach, Edith 
Gerig, Lois 

Godfrey, Margaret 
Hamilton, Rita 
Hanan, Louise 
Happoldt, Donna 
Harnish, Ella Jane 
Heichel, Bertha 
Heinz, Helen 
Holcomb, Virginia 
Irwin, Marjorie 
Johnston, Pauline 
Karnes, Gertrude 
Keep, Radah 

Knouff, Mary 
Kopeck, E. Sophia 
Mellick, OIlie Moe 
Minor, Betty Lou 
Morgan, Jeanette 
Myers, Geraldine 
Newman, Grace 
Osborn, Ruth 
Overholt, Edna 
Pannier, Morion 
Porter, Jean 
Shanks, Marjorie 

Smith, Lucille 
Smith, Marjorie 
Vutech, Virginia 
Wagstaff, Claire 
Ward, Isabelle 
Wilcox, Jessie 
Wilson, Florence 
Wolcott, Betty Rose 
Yarano, Loretta 
Shaw, Betty 
Hutter, Lois 

82 • 






First row: Arnold Miller, Robert Hurd, Robert Potts, Paul Ryan, Richard Firth, Fred Woods. 

Second row: Keith Spriggel, Cloyd Lawrence, Malcolm Manfuld, Woodrow Barkett, Sam 
Sherman, John Tollentire, Tom Bell. 

Third row: Rayy Mitten, Dick Butler, Gordon Hostettler, Tom Watts, Jack Watts, Donald 
Scullion, William Morris, George Theobald, Leiand Zahnizer, Jack Tomasheska, Homer Har- 

President Dick Butler 

Vice President John Tollentire 

Secretary-Treasurer Sam Sherman 

Cor. Secretary Keith Spriggel 

The Kent chapter of Blue Key was founded on July 20, 1932. Dean 
Raymond Manchester and two students were instrumental in gaining a 
charter. These two students, Joe Kelly and Harold Jones are honored every 
spring at the annual "Jones-Kelly" dinner. The purposes of the organization 
are to study, discuss and strive to further the best interests of Kent State 
university, and to promote a spirit of fraternalism among all Kent State 
students. The motto is "Serving, I live." Membership is limited to juniors 
and seniors whose scholastic records are above the all men's average. Men 
are elected on the basis of achievement, character, service, personality and 

• 83 


First row; Reita Mehlenbacher, Viola Smith, Betty Ferguson, Sue Myser. 

Top row, standing; Betty Ackley, Morjorie Stricklen, Jessie Lourenson, Kay Vallen, Ethel Bourn, Betty Fairfox, 

Mary Liezert. 

First row: Lillian Antonelli, Delia Harms, Mary Schray, Verna Boulton and Gloria Brogneaux, 

Second row; Alice Parker, Jessie Laurenson, Hazel Kelly, June Caldwell, Consfance Hagen, Marjorie Stricklen, 
Jone Mahaffey. 

Third row; Virginia Osborne, Hazel Long, Alma Taylor, Lucy Bond, Marguerite Blue, Doris Weston and Lauretta 

84 • 


Front row: Normell White, Batty Ocassk, Peg McMillion, Winona Eyre. 

Second row: Marie MIosostky, Rosemary Dempsey, Margaret Clark, Louise Trau, Mary Jane Mebert, Betty 
Talbot, Pearl Harris. 

Third row: Margaret Hompton, Mary Jane O'Brien, Betty Sue McGuire, Arlene Seaman, Mildred Luli, Dorothy 

President Kay Vallen 

Vice President Jessie Laurenson 

Secretary Ethel Daum 

Treasurer Betty Ferguson 

The Woman's Athletic Association was organized mainly to supply extra 
curricular activities for unafilliated girls. The W. A. A. is a member of the 
National Athletic Federation of College Women and the Athletic Federation 
of Ohio College Women. Every woman in the university is entitled to mem- 

• 85 

Seated: Gordon Hostettler, Leiand Zahniser, Margaret Eckhort, Jean Culhan, Vernon Beal, Harvey Glanzer. 
Standing: Professor G. Harry Wright, Dr. W. E. Moore, William Leever. 

President Leiand Zanhiser 

Vice President Jean Culhan 

Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Hostettler 

Pi Kappa Delta, honorary speech fraternity, is the youngest and most 
active of three such organizations in the United States, having 156 chapters 
in 34 states with a total membership of 17,000 students. It was founded 
at Ottawa university, Ottawa, Kansas in 1913, for the purpose of stimulating 
and promoting the interest of the intercollegiate oratory, debate and public 
speaking. Every two years a national tournament is held, and the winners 
are generally considered national collegiate titleholders. Last year at 
Topeka, Kansas, the men's debate team representing Kent received a 
Superior ranking and tied for first place. On the odd years, smaller pro- 
vincial tournaments are held. This year the Ohio Iota chapter at Kent was 
host to the Province of the Lakes tournament, April 7-8. At the provincial 
banquet Pres. K. C. Leebrick accepted an honorary membership with the 
Degree of Special Distinction. 


iL cz:A'iv)lia J-keta 

First row: Olive Snyder, Edna Em- 
mons, Catherine Leist, Jane Near- 
pass, Marjorie Brandon, Irene Os- 
borne, Ruth LaPolla; second row: 
Hubert Lawrence, Carl Haglund, Ver- 
non Wolrath, Margaret McMillion, 
Eddie Adams, Dr. Lewis Tohill, Na- 
thaniel Dickinson. 

The Psi chapter of Phi Alpha Theta was established on the Kent chapter during the 
college year of 1938-39. It is a national history honorary replacing a departmental club. 
Its present enrollment numbers 14. 

c:^lv)ka /yu \yn 



Seated: Louise Dugan, Marjorie Bed- 
ford, Wadno Griffiths, Prof. E. Turner 
Stump, Ruby Fiorenzo, John Batch- 
elder, Pat Fuller. 

Standing: G. Horry Wright, Don 
Schilmiller, Curtis Peck, Leonard Rod- 

Alpha Psi Omega was organized as an honorary dramatic fraternity in 1926 for the 
purpose of providing on honor society for those doing a high standard of work in dramatics. 
There are now 149 chapters thoughout the United States for Grand Director E, Turner 
Stump and a delegate from this campus installed a chapter at Youngstown College during 
the Tri-State convention held at Kent. 

• 87 

Y. W. C. A. 

Front row: Alberta Wright, Frances Smith, Mary Vlad, 
Jane Cowell; second row: Phyllis Hull, Betty Crampton, 
Jane Stroup. 


First row: Charles Holloway, Phyllis Moore, Mary Sud- 
eron, Mary Vlad, M. Phelps Snyder; second row: Jules 
Bognar, Robert Johnson, Wilbur LeMasters, Mack Geit- 
gey. Merle Cochran; third row: Norbert Fuchik, Kenneth 
Adolph, Donald Scullion, Marion E. Shank, Eugene An- 

88 • 


President Francis Smith 

Vice President Betty Crampton 

Secretary Lillian Kochenderfer 

Treasurer Mary Knouff 

One of the more active organizations of the 
school, the Y. W. C. A. caused quite a stir 
when guest speaker Dick Butler told the 
members "What Men like in Women". They 
also sponsored their annual Doll show and 
presented an assembly program in April. 



President Donald Scullion 

Vice President Eugene Antonuk 

Secretary Mack Geitgey 

Treasurer Jules Bognor 

This club is the official club of the depart- 
ment. Its aims are both social and profes- 
sional. Numbered among its activities are, 
field trips, guest speakers, demonstrations 
and motion pictures. The club has sponsored 
all university dances in the past. 

• 89 


afften ^ 



First row: Dean Mary L. Smallwood, Martha Rufener, Peggy Suppes, Patricia Fuller, Margaret Callahan, Ruth 
Keppler, Priscilla Grieme, Margaret McMillion, Caroline Clowson, Jane Rothermund; second row: Normell 
White, Gladys Taylor, Kay Moloney, Betty Trory, Betty Ofensend. 

President- Priscilla Grieme 

Vice President Martha Rufener 

Secretary Jane Rothermond 

Treasurer Margaret Callahan 

Upon registering, every woman is auto- 
matically a member of the Woman's League 
of the university. This organization does all 
in its power to aid and help acclimate other 
women enrolled, during their stay here. The 
League has only one policy, the greatest ser- 
vice possible to all the women of the univer- 
sity and the building up of a stronger uni- 
versity spirit. This organization was instru- 
mental in bringing Mrs. Chase Going Wood- 
house, speaker, to the campus and sponsors 
of the Big-Little Sister tea. Transfer dinners, 
assembly programs, senior dinner and 
Mother's and Father's day. 



Newly organized, the International Rela- 
tions club is open to those interested in cur- 
rent events. Meetings are devoted to discus- 
sions of foreign affairs, guest speakers, book 
reviews or open forums. Attendance at three 
consecutive meetings is required before active 
membership is acquired. Dean Earl Crecroft 
of the Liberal Arts College is faculty advisor. 

President Robert Stockdale 

Vice President Gordon Hostettler 

Secretary-Treasurer Chris Kainrad 

Front row: Chris Koinrod, Shirley Rummel, Dean Earl W. Crecroft, Virginia Moore, Bob Stockdale; second row: 
Gordon Hostettler, Clarence Boyle, Robert Beuck, Nathaniel Dickenson, Hon M. Kang. 

• 91 



President Francis Hinderschied 

Vice President Betty Bergman 

Treasurer Jerry Bissler 

Secretary Justine Dermasa 

The Newman club first founded by Cardinal Newman at Philadelphia, 
was organized on this campus in 1936. Its one aim is to influence the 
spiritual, intellectual and social welfare of the Catholic students on the 
campus. This year's activities included: retreat, Newman club dance held, 
at the Mayflower hotel in Akron, and guest speakers. One assembly pro- 
gram year is sponsored by this organization. 

Adolph, Kenneth 
Altmann, Barton 
Botes, Tom 
Begg, George 
Benedict, Nancy 
Beuck, Ralph 
Beuck, Robert 
Bissler, Jerry 
Bonordi, Loreno 
Borgss, Mary Alice 
Bowies, Betty 
Brennon, Edward 
Brogneaux, G'orio 
Bryce, Alice 
Champion, Beverly 
Chesnok, Agnes 
Cianciolo, Mary A. 
Clark, Margaret 
Cloymon, Kathleen 
Cook, Eileen 
DeJute, Mary 
DeJute, Betty 
Dermasa, Justine 

Donohoe, John 
Downs, Elaine 
Dunn, Anna 
Duerr, Rita 
Eriser, Robert 
Forinocci, John 
Feist, Gene 
Fuchik, Norbert 
Fye, Beatrice 
Gallucci, Frank 
Gruszeski, John J. Jr. 
Guarnieri, Josephine 
Hogan, Connie 
Hansen, Geraldine 
Hogon, Marion 
Hinderschied, Francis 
Holcomb, Betty 
Ingham, Bob 
Ippoliti, Lena 
Jackson, Virginia 
James, Helen 
Kainrad, Chris 
Knechtges, Edwin 

Konkel, Victoria 
Kordinak, Edward 
Krusko, Vilma 
Laurenson, Elizabeth 
Laurenson, Jessie 
Moloney, Kay 
Maglione, Charles 
Monyo, Peter 
McDermott, Mary 
McGowan, Catherine 
McGuire, Betty Sue 
Mclntyre, Bill 
Mourer, John 
Menster, Sue 
Midgley, Hazel 
Mecek, Edena 
Moricoli, John 
Mosher, Paul 
Mosher, Bob 
Murry, Agatha 
Nappy, Toni 
Opeil, Leonard 
Percoco, Frank 

Pfeiffer, Helen 
Phillips, Raymond 
Ruta, Stella 
Ryan, Paul 
Saker, Virginia 
Salandra, Marie 
Scheoermon, John 
Schmitz, Jock 
Schneider, William 
Spencer, Roslyn 
Sherlock, Ruth 
Schott, Pauline 
Schumacher, Mary 
Schwering, Bob 
Smith, Marie 
Turano, Thomas 
Taylor, Alma 
Welsh, Alys 
Weyer, Rita 
Yorono, Loretta 
Yurko, Irene 
Zdesar, Rose 

92 • 

1/ i/euei4 ^z^at^i^Jia ll an. 


President Pat Patterson 

Vice President Charles Cooley 

Secretary Lillian Kochenderfer 

Treasurer Edna Mae Overholt 

The Wesley foundation of Kent is promoted by the board of education of 
the Methodist church. Its sole purpose is to build Christian character and 
to train students for leadership in their home churches. It attempts to 
provide students with a church home away from home. Meetings have been 
of a religious and social nature. Activities included fireside discussions, 
lectures, retreats, hikes and social hours. 

I i.e. The Newman Club and Wesley Foundation had no direct connection with the All Club 
dance but are included here because this is the organization section.) 



<^^ ^^lnv 

In the eleventh year of its existence, Le Cercle Francois still aims to 
promote the use of French and interest in France in an informal social 
atmosphere, as well as in the formal classroom. It boasts of having spon- 
sored two French films — -"La Marternelle" and "Mayerling". Other activi- 
ties included a banquet at the Kent hotel, a picnic supper on the Engleman 
hall roof garden and a joint musicale with the German club. Miss Helen 
Machan is the club advisor, while Miss Edith Belle Rowlen is the honorary 

President Frances Eisner 

Vice President Jacqueline Richner 

Secretary-Treasurer Lillian Antonelli 

Back row: Dorothy Hudson, Pauline Franks, Lynette Se3ds, Joan Grether, Betty Schlesinger, Isabella Champlin, 
iris Pratt, Frances Eisner; third row: Jean Harmony and Jacquelin Richner; second row, seated: Alvira Dura, 
Margaret McMillion, Dorothy Smith, Miss Helen W. Machan, Ruth LaPolla, Dolly Werner, Mary Allen; bottom 
row: Francie Waterbury, Vonda Clark, Betty Talbot, Lillian Antonelli, Gloria Brogneaux. 

94 • 





President Thomas Watts 

Vice President John Tallentire 

Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Season 

Chairman of Elections . . . Gordon Hostettler 

In 1936 student government was given a 
new constitution which considerably extended 
its powers. Since that time the council has 
gone for toward its goal of regulating student 
activities and of establishing cordial relation- 
ships with the administration. The council 
is a member of the National Student Federa- 
tion of America, an organization designed to 
coordinate the activities of the student gov- 
ernments in American universities. 

Each year Kent's governing body sends 
delegates to the national convention. This 
year the Council was host to a regional con- 
vention of N.S.F.A. in May. 

Membership of the Student Council consists 
of representatives of all the university organi- 
zations under the Ranney Plan of student 
government, drawn up by Don Ranney, presi- 
dent of Student council for 1936-37. 

Left to right: Gordon Hostettler, James Rybok, Clarence Boyle, Arnold Miller, Bob Stockdole, Dorothy Season, 
Tom Watts, John Tallentire, Woodrow Borkett, Jane Rothermond, Martha Jane Thomas. 

• 95 



weaietA wete cattec 


"soph officers rested between dances on "genuine" tomb- 
stones ..." 

... at the Sophomore Sweater Swag- 
ger given by the sophomore class in an 
attempt to raise money for a larger 
dance some time later in the year. 
Defying the "Friday-the-1 3th" super- 
stition, decorations chairman Char- 
lotte Boedecker garbed Wills gym in 
a mantle of tombstones, skeletons, 
ghosts and similar eerie decorations. 
Rumour had it that the tombstones 
were genuine. 

Dancers danced to the tunes of Shy 
Lockson's band and intermission en- 
tertainment was provided by Mildred 
Maxa's vocals and Reita Mehlen- 
bacher and Al Parker's ballroom 


(^naienian ^^;:r~rail l^ Ac cue ate A — 


Dr. J. O. Engleman 

Dr. James 0. Engleman, third president of 
Kent State University, who resigned early in 
1938 was paid lasting tribute on Sunday, 
January 29 when the University's newest girls' 
dormitory, Engleman Hall was formally dedi- 

The ceremony, attended by nearly 300 
guests, featured the hanging of a portrait of 
Dr. Engleman, which was painted by Prof. E. 
Ladislaw Novotony, of the University art de- 

partment, and presented by him to the Uni- 

The portrait was presented by Paul V. Uien, 
head of the art department, West Technical 
high school, Cleveland, and received by John 
R. Williams, pres dent of the University 
board of trustees. The program was con- 
ducted under the supervision of President K. 
C. Leebrick. Construction on the dormitory 
was begun early last year and completed just 
in time for the opening of school this year. 

• 97 

98 • 


With school resuming Jan. 13 following Christmas vaca- 
tion, the month was comparatively bare of important events. 
Main reason: exams began last of month. 

First event of the month was the annual New Year's Ball 
in Wills Gym, Jan. 6 . . . decorations, balloons . . . intermis- 
sion floor show with sophomore Hal Eifort as m.c, doing nice 
job of directing the acts . . . 

Outstanding sideshow of month was the Men's Union 
assembly which presented ASA President Margie Dunfee and 
ASA Jean Ulmer, both seniors, who told the audience, par- 
ticularly the men, "What Women Admire In Men" . . . coeds 
Dunfee and Ulmer spared no words, gave a very forward, off- 
the-shoulder account of the things men do that annoy 
women: i.e., egoism, loud dressing, stinginess . . 

Also in January Kent State University became the 552nd 
member of the Association of American Colleges . . . occasion 
was the Association's annual meeting, Jon. 12 in Louisville, 
Ky. . . . 

Highlight of the month was the University Theatre's pre- 
sentation of Maxwell Anderson's STAR WAGON, starring 
theatre veterans Johnny Batchelder and Wanda Griffiths 
both gave good performances with Batchelder leading by a 
nose . . . best supporting roles were those of Blair Sheers as a 
philosophic bachelor and sophomore Betty Leake, theatre's 
most promising actress, as an excitable, decorous widow whose 
main activity is choir leading . . . Martha Jane Thomas, Don 
Schiimiller turned in good minor roles . . . 

Largest off-campus social event was Newman club's 
formal, Jan. 20 at Akron's Mayflower hotel under direction 
of Newman president Francis Hinderschied . . . very succes- 
ful . . . 

Two other dances of month were Sophomore Sweater 
Swagger, Fri. 13 . . . All-Club dance. Sat. 21 . . . principal 
worry toward end of month: exams . . . nickelodeons in local 
hangouts were grinding overtime for such numbers as They 
Say; You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby; Begin The 
Beguine . . . Taus and guests danced at Lowry Hall Sat,, 7th 
... A. A. U. W. Tea was held Thur. 1 2th . . . 

• 99 


The Kent Stater 

In the Friday, Jan. 27 issue of the Kent Stater student readers found the 
following paragraph: ". . . on the eve of the greatest expansion period in the 
history of the University, the Kent Stater takes pride in announcing the 
first step towards what will ultimately be a daily newspaper — a tri-weekly" 

Feb. 8 Editor Paul Ryan began issuing his three papers each week. The 
result: better news coverage, higher advertising rotes where possible and 
more work for his staff which he has handled with a professional work-or- 
else attitude. Greatest staff change was shift in February of Tom Bell 
from managing editor to business manager. Bell also edited the paper 
during the last summer school session. 

The Kent Stater under Editor Ryan has been noticeably unbiased this 
year; also has been respectful, promoting no clean-ups or campaigns. Single 
promotion this year was Battle of Beauties in cooperation with University 
of Akron in March. Purpose of Stater besides news organ is to serve as 
laboratory for University journalism students, now numbering about 65. 
The paper is self-censored on most occasions. 


TOM BELL, Business Manager 


Assistant Business Manager 

• 101 

Edition Editors 

Society Editors 


Harold Hanson, Betty Crompton, Jack Watts. 


Billie Martin, Kay Moloney, Not Floersheimer. 

102 • 


Top picture: George Fleischer, Tom Boles, Hube Briers, Bob Seese, Charles 
Maglione, Bob Hirt, Mory Allen, Mary K. Balser. 

Bottom picture: Billie Mortin, Jack Watts, Bob Seese, Harold Hanson, Paul 
Ryan, Tom Bates, Charles Maglione, Betty Crampton. 

• 103 



Duff Baldwin, Business Manager 
Francie Waterbury, Editor 

Left hand picture, front row: Rita Moller, Virginia Solder, John 
Mourer, Tom Utter, Gertrude DeVos, Bob Porl^hurst, Bernice Booth, 
Jules Vognar. 

Right hand picture, front row: Jack Harris; baci< row: Henry Beck, 
Bob Hirt, Jock Pierce, Jock Leggett. 


Editor Francie Waterbury 

Business Manager Duff Baldwin 

Advertising Manager Jules Bognar 

Managing Editor Marge McNab 

Assistant Editors Sam Fogg, Bob Hirt 

Art Editors Max Johnson, Jean Ulmer 

Exchange Editor Gertrude DeVose 

Candid Page Editors Jack Harris, 

Jack Pierce 

Photography Editor Henry C. Beck 

Publicity Managers. Tom Utter, Jack Maurer, 
Bob Parkhurst 

Circulation Manager Dick Firth 

Assistants .... Rita Moller, John MacDonald 
Advisor Professor A. Clarence Smith 

The Duchess celebrated her first anniversary with the February issue. 

Purpose — The magazine is a combination of literary and humorous material 
— and attempts to fill a needed place of a publication on this 
campus for creative writing. 

The Duchess is viewed as a personality — a little lady — specifically the little 
lady on the front cover. 

Each issue follows a certain theme: Frosh issue; Homecoming issue; Christ- 
mas issue; Final exam issue; Valentine issue; Take off (parody) issue; 
Prom issue and Graduation issue. 

• 105 

106 • 


• 107 

Offhand we would say the Flash floormen 
had a 50-50 season, or maybe a little better. 
They won 12 games and dropped 1 1. 

The boys opened the season fast and well, 
knocking over their first five opponents in a 
row. After that they were stopped short by 
their next four consecutive foes, Findloy, 
Baldwin-Wallace, John Carroll and Hiram. 
B-W knocked them off again later in the 
season, but Coach Steam's team invited 
Hircm to Wilis Gym and proceeded to defeat 
them. The eastern trip toward the close of 
the season netted one win out of four con- 

The squad suffered a noticeable loss early 
in the season when steady, hard-playing 
Ducky Hazen was forced out by illness. 
Wayne Griffith was high point man of the 
season; Ernie Sullivan received honorable 
mention on the official All-Ohio team. 

Ernie Sullivan 

Max Conner 

Sheldon Helmick 

Coach G. Donald Stearn 

Bud LeChoix, Bill Boliontz, Orlie Simons, manager; Ben Watkins, Don Gulgin. 

108 • 

Paul Hazen 

Wayne Griffith 

Pete Gulgin 


B.'uffton 25 

Hclbrook 27 

Muskingum 35 

Bowling Green ... .33 

Mount Union 28 

Findlay 44 

Baldwin-Wallace ..26 

John Carroll 36 

Hiram 35 

Ashland 27 

Wocster 37 

Baldwin-Wallace ..44 

Alliance 42 

St. Bonda 39 

Buffalo 33 

Hobart 44 

Oswego 40 

Ashland 33 

Findlay 30 

Toledo 49 

Marietta 38 

Hiram 40 

Mount Union 34 

Kent 27 

Kent 38 

Kent 51 

Kent 35 

Kent 35 

Kent 33 

Kent 24 

Kent 34 

Kent 31 

Kent 30 

Kent 33 

Kent 31 

Kent 50 

Kent 27 

Kent 47 

Kent 33 

Kent 31 

Kent 43 

Kent 39 

Kent 45 

Kent 49 

Kent 44 

Kent 32 

Bert Davidian 
Harold Shaffer 

• 109 



Waynesburg . . 


Michigan State 9 

Ohio University 4 '/a 

K, S. U. Freshmen .... 3 

Akron U 3 

Ohio State U 6 

U. of Oklahoma 

W. G- J. College 

Purdue U 

Findlay 5 

no • 

The headline just about tells the story of 
the season. From Jan. 7 when they out- 
grunted Waynesburg 20-8 until Feb. 22 when 
they met the boys from Oklahoma U., Joe 
Bagala's mat crew had clear sailing. None 
of their opponents in that period even come 
close to defeating them. 

But the Oklahoma championship mat ma- 
chine arrived in town and stopped the Kent 
gropplers 18-6. After that the Kent boys 
stopped Washington & Jefferson 38-0, out- 
grappled Purdue 28-0 and closed the season 
by defeating Findlay 29-5. 

One man in every weight traveled to Case 
in Cleveland for the Interstate tournament. 
Jackie Wilbur, 121, lost in the finals but took 
his match in the consolations for a second 
place. Russ Doan, 128, fought through to 
the finals and then decisioned his man for the 

title. Leonard "Tiger" Pomeroy, captured the 
136-pound crown. In the 145 weight, Lynn 
Sivon won a second place in the consolation 
round. Fred Swasey got to the semi-finals, 
was stopped there and then lost his consola- 
tion match. 

George Papushak took final honors in the 
165 class, while Joe Aschauer, 178, dropped 
his semi-finals match and forfeited in the 
consolations. Heavyweight Carmen Falcone 
reached the finals and pinned Adams of Ohio 
U. for the title. 

Four men, Pomeroy, Swosey, Papushak and 
Falcone, represented Kent State at the Na- 
tional Finals held at Franklin & Marshall col- 
lege, Lancaster, Pa. Heavyweight Falcone 
wrestled four men, pinning one to make the 
only score — two points for the Kent wrestlers. 

• ni 

JACK WILBUR— 121 lbs. 

MILAN PIOTROWSKI — 121 lbs. RUSS DOAN — 128 lbs. — Captain 

Inter-state Champ 

Inter-stote Champ 

MYRON BRUNO— 155 lbs. 

FRED SWASEY— 155 lbs. 

Inter-state Champ 

JOE ASCHAUER— 175 lbs. 


• 113 


Fenn College .... 1 6 

Wooster 24 

Ohio U 39 

Oberlin 34 

Wooster 26 

Slippery Rock ... .42 

Wittenberg 62 

Kent won 4; lost 3. 

Kent 59 

Kent 50 

Kent 37 

Kent 41 

Kent 49 

Kent 33 

Kent 13 

Front row, left to right: Mike Manful, Don Johnson, Sam Farkas, Bruce Kreighbaum, Noel Rapp; bock row, left to right: 
Dale Stewart, Felix Burlok, James Wilder, Lenny Opeil, Ralph Wands, Coach Ray Novotony. 

114 • 


The swimming team gets the benefit of the doubt this 
season and is credited with a little better than mediocre 
season. Their record shows four wins and three losses. Their 
scores in the meets which they lost were not one-sided 
enough to make them look too bad with the exception of the 
Wittenberg meet. 

Their victories, with the exception of the Ohio University 
meet, were easy ones for the Novotonymphs. They won by 
good margins over Fenn College, and over Wooster twice. 
Statistics show that Coach Novotony's watermen scored 282 
points as compared to a total of 243 for their seven oppo- 

• 115 

116 • 


By the time the sixth day of this month hod rolled around, 
exams were over, new registration had begun and students 
again were settling down to the business of having a good 
time. Some of our friends who took that business too 
seriously the first semester left us and others stayed on only 
by grace of the administration . . . registration figures for 
second semester showed 2025, largest second-semester regis- 
tration in University's history . . . 

During the month; a chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, national 
social science honorary, was established on the campus, or- 
ganized by President Leebrick and Dr. James T. Laing, head 
of the sociology department . . . student waiters at girls' 
dining hall selected freshman Peggy Karper from Ashtabula, 
a Tri Sig, as their queen to rule over their Waiter's Hop in 
March . . . Jack Leggett began his column, The Other Side, 
in the Stater . . . the Kent-Akron U. beauty feud was 
revived and plans laid to fight it out . . . Joe Bagala's mat- 
men suffered their only defeat of the season when they bowed 
before the smoothly oiled mat machine that rolled in out of 
the west from Oklahoma U. . . . was first defeat on Kent 
home mats since 1932 . . . New Science Hall finally got 
officially under way . . . 

Month's strictly social calendar announced: KMK house- 
party, 10th . . . ASA dance. Phi Alpha Alpha dance. Delta 
Sigma Epsilon formal, 1 1 th . . . Tau faculty tea, 12th . . . 
Chi Delta rush party, 13th ... Pi Kappa Sigma rush party, 
14th . . . Off-Campus Women's Club valentine party, 15th 
. . . Theta Sig rush party, 16th . . . W.A.A. Sweetheart 
dance, 17th ... Pi Kappa Sigma pledge formal, Tau pledge 
formal, 18th . . . Kappa Sigma Chi houseparty, 19th . . . 
Phi Alpha Alpha rush party, 20th . . . Sigma Tau Gamma 
houseparty, 21st . . . Delta Sig rush party 23rd . . . Theta 
Sig pledge-alumni dance, 25th . . . Women's League tea 
for new students, 28th . . . 

Brightest sidelight of month was invasion of Tau bathroom 
by a mouse one midnight . . . highway patrol summoned, 
clubbed mouse until Taus quieted squeals . . . Artie Shaw 
was month's most popular band on campus . . . students 
were whistling a new tune, Deep Purple . . . winter's song 
favorite. Deep In A Dream, had begun to fade . . . 

• 117 

118 • 



Somewhere, away back in December an Akron newspaper photographer 
came out to this campus, picked out several Kent coeds and some men on 
the campus, took them to an Akron roller skating rink and photographed 
them in the process of roller skating. That is how it started, the Battle of 

An Akron University Buchtelite columnist saw the pictures of our coeds 
in the Akron paper and columned remarks about Kent coeds wearing hay- 
seeds. The Kent Stater picked up the remark, and from there one thing 
led to another until someone got the idea for a beauty contest. It was 
dropped before Christmas vacation, then revived. 

Early in March some 150 K. S. U. coeds answered the call to arms and 
appeared before six faculty judges. They were eliminated to 25, then to 12 
and finally to the seven pictured on the opposite page. Later Dorothy Dyson 
withdrew and was replaced by sophomore Mary McDermott; other six in- 
cluded Jean Ulmer, Margie Dobinspeck, Betty Boles, Scotty Johnson, Peg 
Karper and Rita Mehlenbacher. 

Saturday night, March 18 the show was held in Akron's East Market 
Gardens. Gene Beecher's band furnished music to a packed dance floor. 
At intermission the contest, judged by Edgar Martin, creator of the comic 
strip, "Boots and Her Buddies", was held and the Akron coeds judged most 

Result; Surprised Akronites, disappointed Kent Staters. 

• 119 

Nearly Four Hundred Photographers 

attended the 

Short Courses 

Second Session 


For six days beginning March 31 
the Universty campus was probably 
the most photographed spot in the 
country. At least, there were about 
300 photographers here then and 
most of them worked overtime. 

The occasion was the Second 
Annual Short Course in News Photo- 
graphy, directed by Prof. A. Clar- 
ence Smith, assistant head of the 
journalism department, and guided 
by Jack Price, dean of American 
news photographers. Prof. Smith 
conceived the idea while teaching 
at Oklahoma University and brought 
it with him when he came here in 
1937. His session this year drew 
photographers from 1 1 states and 
from as far as Kansas City, Mo. 

The program was a photograph- 
er's dream. The first two days were 
strictly for beginners to warm them 
up for the real session. The main 
session then, included lectures on 
every phase of photography. There 
were lectures on lighting, lenses, 
developers, aerial photography, 
camera construction, film, motion 
pictures, composition, color photo- 
graphy, news picture values and 
reader-interest in news pictures. In 
addition there were open forums 
where photographers could talk 
shop, ask questions and exchange 

Another feature was a pho- 
tography scavenger hunt, won by 
freshman Bill Fairchild of this Uni- 
versity. The Course also included 
a luncheon in memory of Louis 
Jacques Monde Daguerre, dis- 
coverer of the photography develop- 
ing process, at which a Daguerre 
plaque was presented to the Uni- 
versity by the Ohio Newspaper 
Association. Main speaker at the 
banquet was Roy E. Lorsen, pub- 
lisher of LIFE magazine. 

"Prof. Smith who originated the idea at 
Oklahoma University" 

• 121 

"Jack Price, dean of American photographers, 
directed the course again this year ..." 

"knowledge-seeking photog- 
raphers, professional and 
amateur, attended about 
15 different lectures . . ." 

122 • 

"top — Raymond E. Dix, publisher of Wooster Record and 
representing Ohio Newspaper Association, President K. C. 
Leebrick and Roy E. Larsen, publisher of LIFE, shown with 
Daguerre plaque." 
"below — Short Course lecturers relax at Daguerre luncheon." 


124 • 


A sophomore strutted up the walk through the main gate 
one morning wearing a beer jacket and saddle shoes . . . 
we looked at the calendar, saw it was March and decided 
spring practically was here . . . 

Academically it was pretty much an average month with 
nothing very spectacular happening . . . only thing along 
that line was the warm-up for the Second Annual Photography 
Short Course which opened the last day of the month . . . 
The Greeks on the campus, the feminine ones, that is, got 
together the night of the 10th for the annual Pan Hellenic 
dance, held this year at the Woman's City club in Akron 
. . . pledging for sororities was weak the second semester 
with only 20 coeds accepting . . . Phi Alpha Alpha topped 
the list, boasting six pledges while the ASA's followed closely 
with five . . . 

Big show of the month was the Kent State vs. Akron U. 
beauty contest with seven Kent lovelies pitted against the 
same number from Akron . . . Kent lost on the decision of 
Judge Edgar Martin, creator of the comic, "Boots and Her 
Buddies" . . . 

Feature of the month was the University Theatre's present- 
ation of the Edna Ferber-George S. Kaufman play, STAGE 
DOOR . . . cast in the lead was Theatre's First Lady, sopho- 
more Betty Leake who stole the show with her vigorous acting 
. . . cast of 32 included 20 coeds, best actors of which were 
comedians Hazel Mosely and Meg Eckhart . . . best sup- 
porting roles were those of sophomore Dick Beckwith as the 
young playwright, veteran Johnny Batchelder as the producer. 
Opal Wigner as the hordboiled, wisecracking showgirl, Anna 
Jane Lea as the tragic, jobless aspiring actress who finally 
commits suicide . . . 

Sideshow of the month was Pop Night . . . Tau's won 
the five-dollar first prize with an International Date Bureau 
skit featuring Meg Eckart as Adolph Hitler . . . ASA's won 
the silver cup for selling most Pop Night tickets . . . 

Month's social whirl included: KMK benefit bridge, 1st 
. . . Tri-Sig formal. Silver Lake, and Delta Phi Sigma steak 
roast, 3rd . . . Waiter's Hop, 1 1 th . . . Moulton Hall sport 
dance, Lowry Hall houseparty, 17th . . . Akron-Kent beauty 
battle, 18th . . . Pop-Night, 23rd . . . Sigma Tau Gamma 
formal, 24th . . . Delta Sig dog dance, KMK formal 25th 
. . . Freshman class dance, 31st . . . nickelodeons in 
popular loafing places were playing Deep Purple, Hold Tight, 
Masquerade Is Over . . . 

• 125 



Left to right: James Rybak, pres.; Jeanne Hart, vice pres.; Margie Hunt, sec; Bill Drew, treas. 

126 • 

Sophomore Class 

The sophomores deserve special mention 
because theirs is the last class to include two 
year diploma students. All in all, the 579 
recent graduates of the green class have 
added much to the social life of Kent. On 
Friday, Jan. 13, defying all superstitions and 
rules of etiquette, they sponsored a "Sweater 
Swagger" where sweaters and tombstones 
were correct. Later in April, they were in- 
strumental in bringing George Hall and Dolly 
Dawn to the campus to entertain guests at 
the Sophomore Hop. 



George Hall 
Dolly Dawn 

128 • 

Marjorie Dunfee 

Arnold Miller 

• 129 


J 'i «_ 





-jl c 

'^ «> 


[ -<#p it* 



L^i T^ 

!«• W' 



^-^ «: 



^^ im 







Si I' q 

»«*■ ■ 









["* *-l 





|9 »^ 





Left to right: Robert Hurd, pres.; Woodrow Barkett, vice pres.; Dorothy Ruggles, sec. 

132 • 

Junior Class 

At this writing, the third year students ore 
still in a quandary about the Junior Prom. For 
a while they had the names of all the leading 
American Swing bands flying around the 
campus. Then suddenly, word came that the 
affair would be closed. Besides this they have 
given Kent its homecoming queen and the 
student council its backbone for the coming 
year'. The juniors gave the varsity athletic 
teams strength and brought special honors to 
the college in the field of forensics. 

• 133 


134 • 



136 • 


The month opened with most students looking forward to 
the spring vocation which started the 6th and ended the 1 1 th 
. . . the photogrohphy short course concluded on the first 
day of the month . . . main feature was the Daguerre 
luncheon at which the Ohio Newspaper Association pre- 
sented the University with a bronzed plaque which is to be 
mounted on a large rock at the east end of Merrill Hall after 
the doorway is installed there . . . luncheon's main speaker, 
Roy E. Larsen, publisher of LIFE magazine, who spoke on 
the advantages and scope of photography. 

Main subject of month: nine-weeks' grades, of which there 
were none this semester and will be no more under new 
administrative set-up . . . only nine weeks' marks to be given 
henceforth are F's and D's (deficiencies) . . . 

Sigma Tau Gamma opened the social side of the month 
with a formal at Alliance country club the 1 st . . . Alpha 
Phi Beta had Founders' Day Banquet and dance same 
night . . . 

Month's greatest excitement caused by Ohio legislature's 
proposed slash of KSU operating budget by enough of a 
margin to cause cuts in faculty salaries here and decreases 
in operating funds . . . was first decided to send student 
delegation to plead with legislature, then idea was dropped 
and situation still unsettled at this writing . . . 

Sophomores gave their annual Hop the 15th under direc- 
tion of soph president Jimmy Rybak and soph Jack Harris 
. . . with music by George Hall's orchestra, featuring plump- 
ish Dolly Dawn, it was one of University's shortest dances . . . 

Following weekend, 22nd, the Kent Stater and Chestnut 
Burr sponsored the second annual Publications Dance, held 
in Wills Gym with music by student Kyle Smith's band . . . 
guests at the dance were the four hundred-odd visiting high 
school journalists attending the high school journalism day 
program sponsored by the University department of journal- 
ism . . . Same night the Taus held annual Gold-diggers 
Dance at the Kent Hotel to which gold-digging Taus escorted 
their boy-friends, paying all expenses — theoretically . . . 
month's dance favorites included, I Get Along Without You 
Very Well, East Side of Heaven, Our Love . . . 

• 137 

yyiu^ l^ent <::^tati 

Considered the most important queenship 
on campus, a Miss Kent State is selected each 
year by student vote to rule over the annual 
Junior-Senior Prom. 

Candidates this year were both sophomores: 
Marjorie Daubenspeck, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 
and Reita Mehlenbacher, Sigma Sigma Sigma. 
This year's Prom was held May 6 in the ball- 
room of Akron's Mayflower Hotel. For the 
first time in the University's history it was 
a closed dance — open only to juniors-seniors. 

138 • 

1 t^l 


1 <^ 


^■pF ^n^ 






!^j«^»r^^ . 

pi?- '^;;--' 

Reita Mehlenbacher 

• 139 


Lucille Smith 



May 22 



• 141 


142 • 

Senior Class 

This is the first senior class to go through 
four years at the University, for it was four 
years ago that Kent State College became 
Kent State University. This is also the first 
class to include journalism graduates. These 
journalists are Tom Bell, Martha Keorns, 
Rayy Mitten, Marge McNab, Paul Ryan, 
Keith Spriggel and Francie Waterbury. Of 
the 217 seniors, 132 were enrolled in the 
College of Education, 56 in the College of 
Liberal Arts and 28 in the College of Business 

• 143 




Martin Kovalik, treasurer 

Arnold Miller, president 

Clarence Boyle, vice president 

144 • 

Margaret Abbott 

Betty Bonyc 

John Batchelder 

Ralph Beck 

Margaret Belknap 

Beulah Bell 

Betty Bergman 

Viola Bodo 

Andrew Braden 

Ruth Brunstod 

Shirley Cannon 

Norvin Corter 

James Cathan 

Eleanor Chrispell 

Reed Conard 

Margery Conkle 

Lois Cordier 

Mory Doltorio 

Jean Dorby 

Tim DeEulis 

Justine Dermosa 

Nathaniel Dickinson 

Concetto Difederica 

Ola Catherin Dixon 

Russell Doan 

Nellie Dominick 

Marjory Dunfee 

Alvira Dura 

Durwood Dumire 

Lucille Dunlap 

• 145 

Meg Eckhart 

John Edwards 

Edna Emmons 

Jane Fifzpatrick 

John Flanagan 

Doris Flint 

William Fohl 

Gladys Foley 

Charles Fouser 

Pauline Franks 

Norbert Fuchik 

Charles Furney 

Carey Gardner 

Kenneth Gartrell 

Ralph Gartrell 

Gene Gettrust 

Frances Gogler 

Priscilla Grieme 

Priscillo Grieme 

John Gruszecki 

Pete Gulgin 

Evelyn Haberkost 

Florence Hair 

George Hall 

W. Merle Hommack 

Mary Frances Hannon 

Russell A. Harkins 

Delia Harrington 

Homer Harrington 

Robert Hovill 


Roberta Henderson 
John Jenkins 
Leonard Kent 
Catherine Leist 
D. Malcolm Manful 

James Hiltner 
Chris Kainrod 
Honadeon Koerpel 
Vivian Lesher 
Richard K. Mansfield 

Elde Hoffman 
Han M. Kang 
E. Sophia Kopack 
Norton M. Levin 
George Mansfield 

Ellen Howenstine 
Martha Kearns 
Martin Kovolik 
Esther Lichti 
Ethel Mattern 

Judy Hughes 
Radah Keep 
Ruby Kuhn 
Mory Liezert 
Mory L. Maurer 

Pauline Hurd 
Ted Keller 
James Lees 
Warren Little 
Morgoret McCue 

• 147 


Betty S. McGuire 

Margaret McMillion 

Mariorie McNab 

Mary Montgomery 

Howard Mooney 

Virginia Moore 

William Morris 

Hugh Nickerson 

Reynold Nischwitz 

L. Glenn Norman 

Eria Osmun 

Josephine Pardee 

Ruth Parsons 

Eleanor Patterson 

William Patterson 

Violet Pearl 

Betty Peck 

Herman Peters 

Rocco Petta 

Elizabeth Philius 

Helen Jane Pierce 

Virgil Pincombe 

Alvin Podowjski 

Charles Quinette 

Sara Reed 

Roy Robenstine 

Christine Robinson 

Joseph Romito 

Carl Rosenberger 

Arthur Ruggles 

148 • 

^HHkffili^B ' .S;«t<^kJi#«*iiK 

Marguerite Runk 
Lincoln Schoffman 
Marie Smith 
Reitta Strauss 
George Theobald 

Robert' Russo 
Lynnette Seeds 
Nellie Smith 
Rex Stribley 
Ray Thomas 

Stella Ruta 
Marion Shank 
Olive Snyder 
Louise Stump 
Katherine Vallen 

Joe Scheotzle 
Harold Shaffer 
Milan Stefanik 
Robert Stump 
Charlotte Volk 

Sam Sherman 
Margaret Sigrist 
Marcia Sternad 
Dorold Toylor 
Vernon Walroth 

Reed Schild 
Dorothy Smith 
Richard Stockman 
Gladys Taylor 
Roger Walton 

• 149 

Kay Wardman 

Francie Waterbury 

Tom Watts 

Paul Weis 

Dolly Werner 

Bernard Wertheimer 

Charles Wheeler 

Paul Wherley 

Denzil White 

William Cox 

James Wilder 

Sylvan Wiles 

Doris Winemiller 

Walter Wolfe 

Fred Wood 

Shirley Woodward 

George Wrentmore 

Harold Young 

Ruth Zeisler 

Mary Elizabeth Zimmerman 

Ben Watkins 

Dorothy Knapik 

Mary Schray 

Ray Dellner 

Ruth Beuch 

Barbara Shaffer 

Hazel Moseley 

Halley Simpkinson 

Dwight Ellett 

Ruth Hudson 

150 • 

Jean Allison 

Richard Cramer 

Laura Ewell 

Esther Corlett 

Gretchan Cooke 

John Tollentire 

Marjorie Brandon 

Charles Andregg 

Marjorie Bedford 

Harry Brunker 

Dorothy Hoskins 

Jack Tomasheska 

Ferdinand Josbeck 

Clifford Young 

Charles Thompson 

R. E, Vogelsang 

Paul Horton 

James Shellman 

Doro Slemmons 

Charles Stevens 

Hazel Silsby 

Shirley Rummell 

Dorothy Season 

Groce Murroy 

Charles Thomas 

Kenneth Cline 

George O'Donnell 

Estella Thomas 

Lois Gerig 

Clifford Work 

• 151 

Left to right: Norton Levin, business manager; Billie Biedler. 

Left to right: Bob Wilson, Ray Sharp, Betty Steinhauer. 




If you hove turned oil the pages through 
to this point, you have seen the editorial sec- 
tion of the 1939 Chestnut Burr. And now 
that you have seen it, there seems only one 
thing left for us of the staff to say — we hope 
you like it. Some of you do not, of course, 
but we will try to swallow our pride and smile. 

A lot of fun and a lot of headaches are 
essential parts of any yearbook's construc- 
tion; the Chestnut Burr is no exception. The 
editor desperately hopes to be handed a di- 

ploma June 9, and wearily hopes you who 
hove complaints will postpone their delivery 
until at least June 1 0. 

In conclusion, the editor would like to ex- 
press his appreciation and thanks to all those 
staff members who worked with him; to fac- 
ulty publications advisor Prof. A. Clarence 
Smith for his guidance; to Business Manager 
Norton Levin for his splendid cooperation and 
to all University students and faculty who 
aided the staff in the publication of this book. 

• 153 

TT t/JLIj l/UilEi. This comment upon a 
skillful and successful effort carries a significance as deep as 
its simple sincerity; it voices an appreciation for excellence; 
we have grov/n accustomed to it with increasing appreciation; 
it is the terse compliment for which we, as individuals, 
work; a phrase which we, as an organization, must hear. 

Service Engraving Company • Detroit 

t iiiiiiiiiii t ]]iLi]]iii]ii il l ii m illllli r illlll l llll ll l lliniiii iiiriiimiTTm tiiiiiiimiimmiim iiiiiiriiii 

Portraits By 

Baughman Studios 



Illustrated at Left- 
one of the rooms at 
Engleman Hall deco- 
rated by The Ster- 
ling &- Welch Co. 



At The Sterling and Welch Company, every facility for furnishing and 
decorating homes, offices, schools and public buildings is afforded. 

Throughout the spacious galleries, furnishings are displayed in a unique 
and interesting manner. Complete room ensembles are arranged, model 
rooms are furnished in every type of decoration so that selection of an 
individual piece or of an entire group may be easily accomplished. 

An expert staff of decorators will gladly offer advice on any problems of 
decorating or furnishing interiors. 

THE Sterling &Welch co. 

1225 Euclid Avenue 

Cleveland, O. 



Aarons, James H 2230 Lamberton Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Abbott, Margaret E _ Medina, O. 

Abbott, Verdabelle M Roosevelt Drive, Mentor, O. 

Acken, Alfred D 10 Kent Rd., Tallmadge, O. 

Acker, Paul J... Huntsburg, O. 

Ackley, Betty M 23 Argyle Road, Eggertsville, N. Y. 

Ackley, Ted D 1015 Ratch St., Massillon, O. 

Adair, Avis W. Woodsfield, Monroe, O. 

Adams, Diana M Pleasant Valley Rd., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Adams, Edward J 912 Franklin Ave., Kent, O. 

Adams, Geraldine E 1159 Pitkin Ave., Akron, O. 

Adams, June E 267 W. Prospect, Mantua, O. 

Adams, Orman 1159 Pitkin Ave., Akron, O. 

Adelman, Elsie 918 Cherry Ave., N. E., Canton, O. 

Adolph, Kenneth L R. F. D. 1, Suffield, O. 

Agnone, Betty M 4166 Youngstown Paland Rd., Youngstown, O. 

Ake, Mildred F 900 Harriet Ave., Canton, O. 

Akens. Richard L 186 North St., Bedford, O. 

Aldrich, Edith M Rome, O. 

Alexander, Dice C 2746 N. Third St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Alexander, Janice L 130 Chase St., Elyria, O. 

Alger, Bette A 423 W. Sixth St., East Liverpool, O. 

Allcock, John A R. p. D. 2, Dorset, O. 

Alleman, Richard G 624 S. Mill St., Orrville, O. 

Allen, Anne Hudson, O. 

Allen, Mary C. 216 University Dr., Kent, O. 

Allendorf, Rita I Chestnut Ridge Rd., North Olmsted, O. 

Allison, Helen J 208 Broadway Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Allmen, Henry E 8420 Lake Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Alogdelis, James 723 Bisson Ave., Akron, O. 

Alstott, Edgar L 1768 Ninth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Altmann, Berton G 317 E. College Ave., Kent, O. 

Alvard, Alta M .912 Crain Ave., Kent, O. 

Ambrose, Frances A 13914 Crennell Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Amstutz, Arlene 312 Oak St., Orville, O. 

Anderson, Alfred V 323 W. Thornton St., Akron, O. 

Anderson, Frank 961 McKinley Ave., Akron, O. 

Anderson, James J 428 Palm Ave., Akron, O. 

Andre, Fae L Hanoverton, O. 

Andreas, Harold M 614 Pioneer Ave., Kent, O. 

Andregg, Charles H 476 Wolcott Ave., Kent, O. 

Angel, Les .. 14741 Coit Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Angle, Elizabeth P 393 W. North Ave., East Palestine, O. 

Anglemyer, Mae Belle 347 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Angne, Albert F 400 Brown St., Akron, O. 

Antal, Mary J 132 Funston Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Antonelli, Lillian M... 319 Charles Ave., Warren, O. 

Antonuk, Eugene 561 Parkdale Dr., Akron, O. 

Archer, Earl E 793 Yale St., Akron, O. 

Armeli, Minnie A 603 Fairgreen Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Armitage, Russell C New Milford, O. 

Armour, John 2458 Pelton Ave., Akron, O. 

Armstrong, Ann E 532 East Genesee St., Fayetteville, N. Y. 

Arnold, Eileen J R. F. D. 1, Mentor, O. 

Arnold, Jennee L .102 Center St., Milan, O. 

Arnold, June M. 352 Dalwood Dr., Cleveland, O. 

Artz, Thurman B R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Aschauer, Joseph A 2209 Elvira St., Cleveland, O. 

Asmus, Robert C 3628 W. 48th St., Cleveland, O. 

Aungst, Robert C 120 Newman St., Mansfield, O. 

Averill, Seward E 170 N. Walnut St., Ravenna, O. 

Avery, Donald C 531 Myrtle St., Youngstown, O. 

Bachkin, Dabrila 3890 W. 36th St., Cleveland, O. 

Bahler, Catherine H N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, O. 

Bahler, Keith A N. Broadway, Sugarcreek, O. 

Bailey, Perry E. Cortland, O. 

Bailey, William T Washingtonville, O. 

Bailie, Ivy 23 S. Evanston, Youngstown O. 

Bainter, Catherine I ... R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Baird, Alma J R. p. D. I, Copley, O. 

Baker, Audrie B 1935 5th St., S. E., Canton, O. 

Baker, Betty A 1084 Church St., Marion O. 

Baker, Evelyn E Holmesville, O. 

Baker, Hilda J 462 Mary St., Marion, O. 

Baker, Leona W... 814 Sackett Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Baldwin, Donald D 1640 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Baldwin, Duff H 1640 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Baldwin, Gladys M 2576 Paxton St., Akron, O. 

Ballard, Peggy R £. King St., Chardon, O. 

Balser, Mary K 228 Madison St., Ravenna, O. 

Bambaci, Matthew J 221 Halstead Ave., Harrison, N. Y. 

Bambaci, Philip F 521 Vine St., Kent, O. 

Bammerlin, Jack E. 19208 Orchardhurst, Cleveland, O. 

Banyc, Betty 10134 Nanford Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Barber, Harold G 112 Main St., Willard, O. 

Barch, Lyndell 3235 Hyde Park, Cleveland, O. 

Barkalow, George E R. p. D., Perry, O. 

Barkalow, Richard C North Ridge, Perry O. 

Barkett, Woodrow K 1025 Maywood Ave., Akron, O. 

Barnes, Robert A 28 N. Richview, Youngstown, O. 

Barnes, Thomas R. p. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Barnhouse, Hilda R R. F. D. 5, Lisbon, O. 

Barrick, James E 1329 Maryland St., Canton, O. 

Bartholomew, Doris E 407 Iowa Ave., Warren, O. 

Bartholomew, Norma R Chagrin Falls, O. 

Bartlett, Jean E 27771 Gilchrist St., Euclid, O. 

Batchelder, John S 10301 Homeworth St., Cleveland, O. 

Bales, John P.... 346 E. 238th St., Euclid, O. 

Bates, Thomas A 244 N. Pardee St., Wadsworth, O. 

Bauer, WilUs E. 2400 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Baughman, Barbara 635 Harrison Ave., Akron, O. 

Baum, Ethel M 2182 W. 98th St., Cleveland, O. 

Bauman, Zala P 2825 Vincent St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Baumberger, Ruth P 311 £. Summit St., Kent, O. 

Baumberger, Thomas E R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Baumgardner, Ernestine M 480 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Baumgardner, Merrill 1 684 Dayton St., Akron, O. 

Baumgartner, Eleanor A R. F. D. 2, Box 53, Kent, O. 

Baxter, Betty J Hubbard, O. 

Baxter, Donald B 1100 Avondale St., East Liverpool, O. 

Bayes Betty J Bagley Rd., Olmsted Falls, O. 

Beachler, Ruth E R. p. D., Brookiield, O. 

Beal, Joe T 395 Spring Mill, Mansfield, O. 

Beal, Vernon L R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Beall, Jane Granville Rd., Newark, O. 

Beaver, Samuel W R. F. D. 1, Barberton, O. 

Beck, Henry C 3380 W. 46tb St., Cleveland, O. 

Beck, Ralph E 264 Jefferson St., Ravenna, O. 

Beck, Velda J 1484 Stewart St., Youngstown, O. 

Becker, Lawrence F 2025 West Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Becker, Marie G 1016 Brown St., Akron, O. 

Beckett, Alden L. Jacobsburgh, O. 

Beckwith, Richard E Fairchild Ave., Kent, O. 

Beckwith, Richard H 208 Williamson St., Stow, O. 

Bedford, Marjorie M _._ ___ ...Norwalk, O. 

Beecher, Carl J 211 Herald Ave., Mantua', O. 

Beecher, Myrtle 1 211 Herald Ave., Mantua, O. 

Berry, Eli W 85 Frances Ave., Akron, O. 

Berry, John 923 Mayfair Rd., Akron, O. 

Begola, Julia V 210 Highland Ave., Kent, O. 

Begg, George F 7606 Jameson Rd., Parma, O. 

Beidler, Billie J 936 Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Belknap, Margaret V... 109 Superior St., Dover, O. 

Bell, Beulah M Wayland, O. 

Bell, Thomas E 77 Devonshire Dr., Akron, O. 

Bender, Richard N 2104 11th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Benedict, Nancy J 1538 W. 30th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Benko, Josef A 16901 De Forest Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Bennett, Fred W 929 W. 41st St., Ashtabula, O. 

Bennett, Lawrence A 214 Rarine St., East Liverpool, O. 

Bennett, Ruth I 363 Noah Ave., Akron, O. 

Benson, Alan P 11809 Lake Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Benya, Mary J 504 6th St., Campbell, O. 

Bereit, Arnold E Pleasant Valley Rd., Seven Hills, O. 

Berg, Kenneth V 76 E. Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Bergman, Betty J.. 129 Seranac Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Berk, William C. 13436 Hartford Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Berkman, Charlotte Peninsula, O. 

Benard, Evelyn M. 138 Prospect, Youngstown, O. 

Bernstein, Katherine L R. F. D. 1, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Bethel, Russell . Kingsville, O. 

Betz, Florence 309 Chicago Ave., Marion, O. 

Beuck, Ralph 18321 Landseer, Cleveland, O. 

Beuck, Robert T 18321 Landseer St., Cleveland, O. 

Bevilacqua, Margaret L 11217 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Bezdek, Durward O Chillicothe Rd., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Biasella, Clara L. 310 Maxwell St., Steubenville, O. 

Bibbs, lola J 8906 Blaine Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Bica, Virginia M 1606 Seneca Ave., Alliance, O. 

Bickler, Don J 1228 Carey Ave., Akron, O. 

Bierie, Bee R 212 Bridge St., Elyria, O. 

Billiand, Elizabeth A 226 Linden St., Alliance, O. 

Binckley, Albert W 35 E. 220th St., Euclid, O. 

Binford, Weston nil 2nd St., Akron, O. 

Birchard, Marjorie I Windham, O. 

Birkner, Dick R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Bissler, Jerry F 708 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Black, Guycelle F S. Meridian Rd., Youngstown, O. 

Black, Opal P Huntsville, O. 

Black, Rosemary 512 Second St., New Philadelphia, O. 

Blackburn, F. M R. F. D. 1, Barberton, O. 

Blackstock, James G 1519 E. 174th St., Cleveland, O. 

Blaha, Alberta R 4S81 Pearl Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Blair, Joseph S Box 93, Windham, O. 

Blazer, Martha G Delroy, O. 

Bliss, Russell E Bowerstown,' O. 

Blockinger, Robert J 412 Marguerite Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Blount, Margaret J 781 Woodbine, Warren, O. 

Blue, Marguerite J 2218 E. 81st St., Cleveland, O. 

Blum, Wilma E 109 Burton St., Painesville, O. 

Bobes, Virginia M 17 Krumroy, E. Akron, O. 

Blockhorst, Lois M 736 E. 131st St., Cleveland, O. 

Bodo, Viola L 757 Jennings, Salem, O. 

Boedeker, Charlotte Silver Lake Blvd., Silver Lake, O. 

Boesel, Jean L 140 Cyandon Ave., Niles, O. 

Bognar, Julius D 671 Noah Ave., Akron, O. 

Boliantz, William J Mansfield, O. 

Bolin, Russell C R. F. D. 2, Uniontown, O. 

Boltz, Fern V 511 Munroe Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Bombach, Edward J 237 College, Kent, O. 

Bonar, Milton J 378 Palm St., Akron, O. 

Bonardi, Lorena M East Rochester, O. 

Bond, Lucy C. 224 16th St., Lorain, O. 

Bonsteel, Alberta A Box 68, Peninsula, O. 

Boorom, Vincent L 2164 16th St., Akron, O. 

Booth, Bernice J 478 Lamson Ave., Bedford, O. 

Booth, Dale E Woodford St., Mantua, O. 

Booth, George C 419 6th Ave., Torentune, Pa. 

Booth, Jack C 3391 W. 130th St., Cleveland, O. 

Bope, Virginia 1 2825 5th St., N. W., Canton, O. 

Borges, Mary A .720 E. 6th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Bortz, Fred A R. F. D. 2, Box 128E, Akron, O. 

Bosworth, William H _ Burton, O. 

Bott, Harold 5627 Jefferson, Maple Heights, O. 

Boulton, Verna G 811 McKinnon St., East Liverpool, O. 

Bowen, Jean M R. F. D. 1, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Bowles, Betty D. Hartville, O. 

Bowman, Amelia E 1126 Dewalt, Canton, O. 

Boyce, Margaret M Johnson Ave., Alliance, O. 

Boyce, William H 666 Grace Ave., Akron, O. 

Boyd, Charles C. 186 Russell Ave., Akron, O. 

Boyd, Emmett W 1101 E. Tuscarawas Ave., Canton, O. 

Boyd, Frank J 207 Montrose Ave., Canton, O. 

Boyd, Melvin L Mineral City, O. 

Boyd, Virginia M 205 North Cedar, Niles, O. 

Boyle, Clarence M Hammondsville, O. 

Boyle, Edward J 5116 Haverford Dr., Lyndhurst, O. 

Boyle, Roy E. R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Brandbury, Albert L 827 E. 147th St., Cleveland, O. 

Braden, Andrew D Kinsman, O. 

Braden, Mary M Kinsman, O. 

Braden, Ralph C 1031 4th St., Massillon, O. 

Bradley, Ruth L 1566 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Brake, Charlotte L 1109 Home Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Brandos, Harry C 730 Ecton Rd., Akron, O. 

Brandon, Marjorie A 652 Brownell Ave., Lorain, O. 

Brandt, Mary D 3849 Summit Park, Cleveland, O. 

156 • 

CHRYSLER . . . . 


Across from City Hall 



ujjim m iitiiiiii]][i]ii n imiii mm ]][i ]]ii] ii ijiii iii mmimin r riium 

The place you will 
always remember. 

Captain Brady 




18 4 9 

Kent's Oldest Bank 

The Bank of Courtesy 
to University Students 

Member uf tijc 

Best Wishes . . 

from the 




The Students ' Store " 




• 157 

Brandts, Julia L R. F. D. 4, Youngstown, O. 

Bransby, J. Kirby 139 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Bratton, Norma M Chaffee Dr., Brecksville, O. 

Braucher, Karl F R. F. D. 2, Akron, O. 

Braucher, Margaret D R. F. D. 2, Akron, O. 

Braunstein, Ralph E 2117 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Brauenmen, Harold A 910 Whittier Ave., Akron, O. 

Breckenridge, Robert E R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Breen, Betty J. . 719 Shadyside Ave., S. W., Canton, O. 

Breetz, Louis D 2232 Coronodo Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Breitenstein, Arthur L 581 Dorchester Rd., Akron, O. 

Brennan, Edward J 935 Park View, Youngstown, O. 

Bridges, John M 716 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Briers, Eugene H 1023 Chester Ave., Akron, O. 

Briggs, Frances E 2625 Maplewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Briggs, Henry C Main St. Toltonsville, O. 

Bright, Wilbur C. 2137 N. 8th St., Akron, O. 

Brillinger, Jeanne M 65 Park Ave., Willoughby, O. 

Brittan, Jack E. . R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Erode, Leland R. F. D., Diamond, O. 

Brogneaux, Susanna G 199 Porter Ave., Warren, O. 

Bronner, Christine M _.334 Eastland Ave., Akron, O. 

Brooker, Alice M 2578 Canterbury Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Brooks, Bay E. Box 314, Tallmadge, O. 

Brooks, W. H 1783 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Brown, Anna R 205 Bane Ave., Newton Falls, O. 

Brown, Donna M Stone Creek, O. 

Brown, Edith L. 89 Western Ave., Newark, O. 

Brown, Elaine Mentor Ave., Mentor, O. 

Brown, Geraldine V 1362 Gitz St., Akron, O. 

Brown, Mabel J R. F. D. 2, Oberlin, O. 

Brown, Mary L East Sparta, O. 

Brown, Hugh A.__ Diamond, O. 

Browne, Barbara N 572 Crestview Ave., Akron, O. 

Brownsward, John E S. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, O. 

Brozio, Beverly D 192 E. 337th St., Willoughby, O. 

Brubaker, Harry M 962 Avon, Akron, O. 

Brumage, Arch J 1098 Hazel, Akron, O. 

Brumbaugh, Elmer 1 726 E. Spruce St., Ravenna, O. 

Brunker, Harry W 229 Tremont Ave., Massillon, O. 

Brunner, Betty M 81 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, O. 

Bruno, Myron A.._ 324 Ohio Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Brunstad, Ruth E 2421 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, O. 

Bryan, Harold 422 Malacca St., Akron, O. 

Bryce, Alice V 304 N. Bentley St., Niles, O. 

Buccilli, Alvino A 17 Adams St., Campbell, O. 

Bucher, Millicent R ... R. F. D. 2, Huron, O. 

Buffington, Mary V 1032 Eastport Ave., Urichsville, O. 

Buller, Olympia A 1281 Moore St., Akron, O. 

Burger, W. L 853 E. 150th St., Cleveland O. 

Burgy, Marcene E 1029 Stadelman Ave., Akron, O. 

Burke, Edward C 6701 Sunderland Dr., Parma, O. 

Burke, Thomas M 1325 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Burkhart, Vernon M 110 Bently Ave., Hubbard, O. 

Burkley, Mary G. 982 Avon St., Akron, O. 

Burlak, Felix 2645 89th St., Cleveland, O. 

Burman, Steve W R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Burnham, James A 1786 Newton St., Akron, O. 

Burriss, Marjory J R. F. D. 4, Canton, O. 

Burtner, Winifred E 44 Wilda Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Burton, Helen M. 2 Church St., Newton Falls, O. 

Burwell, Richard E Canal Fulton, O. 

Burzlaff, Elizabeth W Canal Fulton, O. 

Busch, John F 641 Mill Rd., Ravenna, O. 

Bush, Charles J _ Aurora, O. 

Butler, Betty J... 315 Afton Ave., Akron, O. 

Butler, Dick 214 S. Prospect St., Kent, O. 

Butler, Hal B 92 Melbourne, Akron, O. 

Buzulencia, George 780 Poland Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Buzulencia, James A 780 Poland Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Byers, Florence A R. F. D. 3, Alliance, O. 

Cady, William J. ...320 Howe St., Akron, O. 

Cain, Robert K. 346 Grace Ave., Akron, O. 

Caldwell, June R 55 W. York St., Akron, O. 

Caldwell, Margaret E 230 S. Diamond St., Ravenna, O. 

Callahan, Charles 1230 N. Chapel St., Louisville, O. 

Callahan, Margaret E 1230 N. Chapel St., Louisville, O. 

Calta, Joseph F 4232 E. 119th St., Cleveland, O. 

Camp, Harry W. 1554 Edgewood Rd., Warren, O. 

Campbell, George W 383 Zellar Ave., Akron, O. 

Campean, Samuel E 1427 Alden Ave., S.W., Canton, O. 

Cannon, Shirley J 118 Brady St., Kent, O. 

Cannon, Virginia R .639 Merton, Akron, O. 

Carana, Frank C... Macedonia, O. 

Cardarelli, James E 1071 Sawyer Ave., Akron, O. 

Cardinal, Louis J... 166 E. Oregon, Sebring, O. 

Caris, Margaret E 406 Madison St., Ravenna, O. 

Carle, Harriet J Uniontown, O. 

Carlozzi, Marietta L 3644 Palmerston Rd., Shaker Hts., O. 

Carlson, Darla G Kings ville, O. 

Carlson, Wayne A. 183 Wetmore St., Stowe, O. 

Carpenter, Dorothy M R. F. D. 1, New Milford, O. 

Carpenter, Verna M 806 E. State St., Salem, O. 

Carper, Margaret L 1710 E. 46th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Carson, Clyde 501 High Ave., S. W., Canton, O. 

Carter, Norvin P 309 Lake St., Kent, O. 

Cash, Joan 1604 23rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cassidey, Helen F Canal Fulton, O. 

Cathan, Hilda J Falls River Rd., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Cathan, James A Falls River Rd., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Catlos, Albert M. 725 W. Pershing, Salem, O. 

Chaffini, Norman R Sterling, O. 

Chalaupka, Glenn A 1576 Alameda Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Champion, Beverly U 19411 Battersea Blvd., Rocky River, O. 

Champlix, Isabelle L R. F. D. 3, Jefferson, O. 

Chandler, Rosalie M 935 Stowe St., Kent, O. 

Chapman, Bertha A ..806 Virginia Ave., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Chapman, Charles M., Jr 1552 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Chapman, Edgar H 2881 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, O. 

Chapman, Faye K R. F. D. 1, Barberton, O. 

Chapman, Richard A R. F. D. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Charles, Edward T 329 7th St., Barberton, O. 

Chase, Norman G Reynolds Rd., Mentor, O. 

Chayka, Stephania 7820 Broadway, Cleveland, O. 

Chaykowski, Stella R. F. D. 1, Garretsville, O. 

Chelovitz, Catherine U R. F. D. 6, Box 196, Akron, O. 

Cherry, Grace.... 7514 Snow Rd., Parma, O. 

Chesleski, Edward J 1728 Clark Ave., Wellsville, O. 

Chesmer, Edith M 847 S. Prospect, Ravenna, O. 

Chesnak, Agnes E. 2335 Burton St., Warren, O. 

Chesrown, William R 1274 Manchester Rd., Akron, O. 

Chiauetta, Kenneth J 3080 W. 104th St., Cleveland, O. 

Chigges, Gus J 503 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Barberton, O. 

Chaspell, Eleanor L R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Christman, Betty A 2400 Wyandotte Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Christopher, Allison R 311 E. 208th St., Euclid, O. 

Church, Elizabeth D 4477 Kline St., Girard, O. 

Ciancio, S. Anthony 474 Meridian, Ravenna O. 

Cianciola, Mary Angela 1619 Market St., Youngstown, O. 

Clapp, Constance 488 Masekey Ave., Akron, O. 

Clapp, Marian R. 2373 Grant Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Clapper, Arleen B Everett, O. 

Clark, Charles E. 440 Stinaff St., Kent, O. 

Clark, Mrs. Edythe M 622 Diagonal Rd., Stow, O. 

Clark Eugene R. F. D. 1, Mantua, O. 

Clark, Gerald P 575 Orchard Ave., Barberton, O. 

Clark, Louise 1 207 S. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Clark, Margaret L .305 S. Prospect St., Kent, O. 

Clark, Margaret Louise 17903 Brazil Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Clark, Vanda M ...Farmdale, O. 

Clarke, Dorothy M 185 Melbourne, Akron, O. 

Clary, Harry E Mesopotamia, O. 

Clawson, Caroline E 117 West Chalmers, Youngstown, O. 

Clay, Dain 618 Marguerite, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Clayman, Katharine A 617 W. 39th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Claypoole, Francis 306 E. College St., Kent, O. 

Cleary, Joan M R. F. D. 4, Youngstown, O. 

Clemens, Merle 2468 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Clements, Harold J 243 E. Summit St., Kent, O. 

Cline, Kenneth W R. F. D. 2, Alliance, O. 

Close, Anita L _ ...Irondale, O. 

Cochran, Marion R 423 Thompson Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Cochran, Merle C 1810 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cole, Helen Virginia Painesville, O. 

Cole, Kenneth F 2061 Cook St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cole, Winifred 539 Lake St., Kent, O. 

Colmorgan, Jean R South Ridge Rd., Perry, O. 

Colombes, Gus 182 Wills Ave., Akron, O. 

Combs, Betty Jane Suffield, O. 

Conard, Ray H.. R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Condas, George S 221 Starr Ave., Kent, O. 

Conger, Charles 125 Oak Dr., Akron, O. 

Conkle, Margery E 243 W. Friendship St., Medina, O. 

Conklin, Esther R. F. D. 2, Newton Falls, O. 

Conley, Howard L 3309 Lansmere Rd., Shaker Heights, O. 

Conner, Max W Smithville, O. 

Conrad, Vernon E 347 Winter, North Canton, O. 

Constantine, Gus 592 Rhodes Ave., Akron, O. 

Conway, William J. 150 Cuyahoga Falls Rd., Tallmadge, O. 

Cook, Bessie A R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Cook, Henrietta E 335 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cook, Martha Jean 318 Maple Ave., Niles, O. 

Cook, Richard Homer East Orville, O. 

Cook, Robert E. Brimfield Rd., Kent, O. 

Cooke, Avanell A.. 912 Montgomery, East Liverpool, O. 

Cooke, Edmund U.. ...Peninsula, O. 

Cooke, Gretchan N 2050 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cooley, Charles F 1100 Youngstown Rd., Warren, O. 

Cope, Alan E 503 Elm St., Ravenna, O. 

Corbett, Florence L R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Corbett, Glen E 218 Erie St., Kent, O. 

Corbin, Patricia L 3610 Attica Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Corder, Beula M Middlefield, O. 

Cordier, Lois. Mogadore, O. 

Corlett, Esther J 372 Mildred St., Painesville, O. 

Corlew, Florice L ..Austinburg, O. 

Cortesi, Danny 1538 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cortesi, Vincent T 1538 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Corusy, Mary Ann 1429 Sycamore, Canton, O. 

Corvington, Anna Marie 768 Sumner St., Akron, O. 

Costarella, Victoria F 160 Churchill Rd., Girard, O. 

Cotton, Joan G 11420 St. Mark, Cleveland, O. 

Couris, Chrisavi J 525 Elgin Ave., N. W., Canton, O. 

Courtney, Ruth D 2080 Bunta Rd., Lakewood, O. 

Coven, Betty Marie 1112 Sackett, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Cover, James E 2212 2nd St., S. W., Canton, O. 

Cowell, Jane 7009 Chinton Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Cox, Clair N. 193 Franklin, Hudson, O. 

Cox, Dewitt C, Jr 715 7th St., N. E., Canton, O. 

Cox, James H 193 Franklin, Hudson, O. 

Coy, Albert O 1851 Fifth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Craemer, Bernice Mae Solon, O. 

Cramer, Richard B Suffield, O. 

Crampton, Betty Jane 296 E. 271st St., Euclid, O. 

Crawford, Fred 314 W. Elm St., Kent, O. 

Crawford, Jeanne 436 S. 8th St., Coshocton, O. 

Creese, Earl D 127 Cedar, Ravenna, O. 

Crile, Iro Lucille 5611 Fleet, Cleveland, O. 

Crisp, Dick 238 Pora Ave., Akron, O. 

Crittenden, Henry Burton, O. 

Critz, John R. F. D. 1, Seville, O. 

Crofoot, Frank E 90 Lusard St., Painesville, O. 

Cropley. William Dexter 421 16th St., N. W., Canton, O. 

Cross, Milton 667 Blaine Ave., Akron, O. 

Cross, Wilma E 417 Dewalt, Canton, O. 

Crowe, Cleo 811 Vine St., Kent, O. 

Crowe, Willard M 131 E. Highland, Ravenna, O. 

Crumley, Mary E 139 Vermont, Warren, O. 

Crumley, Robert M 139 Vermont, Warren, O. 

Cuddeback, Jeanne G 4124 E. 133rd St., Cleveland, O. 

Cukrov, Mildred 3590 W. 123rd St., Cleveland, O. 

Culhan, Jean E Twinsburg, O. 

Culler, Gantline N R. F. D. 5, Medina, O. 

Cummings, Jack 159 Wright St., Rittman, O. 

Cummings, Lucie R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Cundiff, Richard 151 Edgewood Dr., Stow, O. 

Cunningham, Helen Garner Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Cutter, Ruth L R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Cutts, Robert 1561 Belle Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Czomba, Elizabeth R. F. D. 1, Windsor, O. 

Dabelow, Fred 131 Upland, Youngstown, O. 

Dahl, William R. F. D. 1, Garrettsville, O. 

Daley, Loretta 734 West 57th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Daltorio, Mary Park Ave., Macedonia, O. 

Dangler, Ruth 219 East Williams St., Kent, O. 

Darby, Jean 83 Benedict Ave., Norwalk, O. 


NOW — INSURANCE for your Savings in 



SAVE— "The Federal Way'' 

Safety — Each account fully insured up to $5,000 
Chartered and Supervised by the United States Government 
First Mortgage Loans - Construction - Refinancing 

Office: 141 East Main St., KENT, O. 

Phone: 522 

Mill TTiiimiiriTinTfriTfmrTTiTniniiriiriiimiiiriiriiimir 


Buy Only the Best 


Established 1913 

In suran ce 

141 EAST MAIN ST. Phone: 4716 



Dealers in 



ii'i 'Mil iTTTimimimi i iriiiniiiiriiimiiiinmnnTnnn riiiiriiiiiiiiiiiriiiii|iiiiriMiimiirrrTnnnTTTnin mn 




• 159 

Darner, Hazel E 8371/2 Market St., Zanesville, O. 

Daubenspeck, Marjorie 1746 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dauby, Harold E 229 Water St., Akron, O. 

Daughtery, Edith 41 N. College St., Hudson, O. 

David, Herman H 3435 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Hts., O. 

Davidian, Bert 11303 Miles Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Davidson, M. Eloise R. F. D. 2, Oberlin, O. 

Davidson, William Chagrin Falls, O. 

Davies, Lorna 13811 Savannah Ave., East Cleveland, O. 

Davis, George 124 Fort St., Bremen, O. 

Davis, Gerthalee ...221 16th St., Lorain, O. 

Davis, Helen Salesville, O. 

Davis, Mary ..Euclid Ave., Wickliffe, O. 

Davis, Philip H 718 Lafayette, Ravenna, O. 

Davis, Samuel 19112 Lamond Blvd., Shaker Heights, O. 

Day, Clara E 223 Walnut St., Ravenna, O. 

Deal, Susan A 3306 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Canton, O. 

Decker, Bill . 530 Pork St., Marion, O. 

Dedinsky, Edward J 538 Leger St., Akron, O. 

De Eulis, Rose 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, O. 

De Eulis, Tim 334 Central Ave., Ravenna, O. 

De Giralomo, Anthony Maine St., Middlebranch, O. 

De Haff, Marjorie Kirk Rd., Canfield, O. 

De Hon, Robert 106 W. Summit St., Kent, O. 

De Jute, Mary A 222 Williams St., Niles, O. 

De Jute, Mary E 218 Williams St., Niles, O. 

De Laney, Margaret L Orchard Court, Mineral Ridge, O. 

Dillner, Ray P R. F. D. 2, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Deming, Jarvis R. 51 Fairview Rd., Canfield, O. 

Dempsey, Rosemary 1677 Elberon Rd., East Cleveland, O. 

Dengel, Walter 3243 W. 99th St., Cleveland, O. 

Dennis, Frank U 525 W. Cambridge, Alliancce O. 

De Pietra, Sam 37 Abbey St., Girard, O 

Dermasa, Justine - 18520 Chapman, Cleveland, O. 

De Simio, Lucy 108 Vine St., Ravenna, O. 

De Simio, Vincent J 108 Vine St., Ravenna, O. 

De Vaux, Jeanne M 634 Morley Ave., Akron, O. 

De Vine, Patricia Joan 64 lOlh Ave., Struthers, O. 

De Vos, Gertrude E Mantua, O. 

De Weese, Lewis H R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

De Young, John R. F. D. 4, Wall St., Ravenna, O. 

Dickerhoff, Robert Dale R. F. D. 1, Clinton, O. 

Dickerhoof, Marie 1012 Snyder St., Akron, O. 

Dickerhcof, Mary Louise R. F. D. 1, Clinton, O. 

Dickinson, Nathaniel 1368 Crescent Rd., Canton, O. 

Dickson, Dorothy E R. F. D. 4, Akron, O. 

Dickson, Werner R 354 E. Crosier St., Akron, O. 

Dieringer, Hawley 305 W. Lincoln Way, Minerva, O. 

Dietz, Margaret R 361 E. Catawba Ave., Akron, O. 

Di Federico, Concetta 131 Charles St., Akion, O. 

Difford, Leo R. F. D. 2, Kinsman, O. 

Dike, George U R. F. D. 8, Akron, O. 

Dillon, Dorothy R 216 S. Beaver St., Lisbon, O. 

Diltz, Donnelly R 508 N. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Diltz, Marjorie R 508 N. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Dimick, Ralph.. Aurora, O. 

Dingelstedt, Ellen R. F. D. 1, Canton, O. 

Dingledine, Lewis C 1763 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dinsmore, Charles E ..312 Norwood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Dinsmore, Harry C 312 Norwood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Dirodis, Francis F 624 Mill Rd., Ravenna, O. 

Djsinger, Louis E 13412 Casper Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Dixon, Ola C. R. F. D. I, Box 88, Rushsylvania, O. 

Doan, Russell K 468 S. Walnut St., Ravenna, O. 

Dobransky, Michael J 6 Milton Blvd., Newton Falls, O. 

Dodson, Richard S. 1139 Lincoln Way East, Massillon, O. 

Dominick, Nellie U 711 Eighth St., S.W., Massillon, O. 

Domorack, Joseph R. F. D. 1, Mantua, O. 

Donberhg, William M. 2140 Eldred Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Donahoe, John F 344 E. York St., Akron, O. 

Doria, Vincent J 2765 W. Federal St., Youngstown, O. 

Dotson, James L 313 Thompson Ave., E. Liverpool, O. 

Douglass, Jean E 311 N. Lincoln St., Kent, O. 

Downes, William R. F. D. 1, Mineral City, O. 

Downs, Edward 270 E. 191st St., Euclid, O. 

Downs, Elaine D 423 Chevy Chase Rd., Mansfield, O. 

Drasdo, Marion R. F. D. 1, New Waterford, O. 

Dray, Bonita Nan 2557 Northland Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dray, lona Kathleen 1500 Northland Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dressier, Kenneth C 284 Castle Blvd., Akron, O. 

Dressier, Paul T 284 Castle Blvd., Akron. O. 

Drew, William D 216 Linden Rd., Kent, O. 

Drinkhouse, Ralph 507 N. 2nd St., Dennison, O 

Driver, Martha Lee 34001 Lake Shore Blvd., Willoughby, O. 

Drongowski, Stanley J 337 W. Elm St., Kent, O. 

Druschel, Jessie R. F. D. 1, Warren, O. 

Dryden, Frances J.. 1827 Falls St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Duckwitz, Gertrude M ---15303 Lake Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Duerr, Rita M 2820 3rd St., N.W., Canton, O. 

Dugan, E. Louise .--- Kennedy Rd., Poland, O. 

Duke, Donald R. F. D. 2, East Liverpool, O. 

Dull, Rosella Willshire, O. 

Dumire, K. Durwood 92 Willard St., Akron, O. 

Duncan, Dixie Lee Astrandor, O. 

Duncan, Donald 54 Center St., Willoughby, O. 

Duncanson, Mary B 4163 E. 116th St., Cleveland, O. 

Dundon, Roy 530 Lafayette St., Ravenna, O. 

Dunfee, Marjory G 104 E. Talmadge Ave., Akron, O. 

Dunlap, Lucille A ..Main St., Mineral Ridge, O. 

Dunlavy, Harry Brewster, O. 

Dunlap, Wilmer 305 Pleasant St., Kent, O. 

Dunn, Anna L 133 N. Prospect St., Kent, O. 

Dunn, R. Elizabeth ...Silver Lakes Estates, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dura, Alrura Ann 1132 Continental Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Durkalt, Irena L 3803 Bader St., Cleveland, O. 

Durst, Kay 1995 Germaine St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dusenberry, Doris 246 W. Main St., Clinton, O. 

Dutter, Gene A R. F. D. 1, Mantua, O. 

Duorak, Willis F 2104 Olive Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Dyble, Grace 3862 W. 150th St., Cleveland, O. 

Dyes, Mary M 1566 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Dyson, Charles C 532 Vinita Ave., Akron, O. 

Dyson, Dorothy Ann 24532 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted, O. 

Dziama, Peter M 2116 Glenbury Ave., Lakewood, O. 

D'Zurick, Lillian J R. F. D. 2, Burton, O. 

Earhart, Charles E 171 Vernon Rd., Newark, O. 

Earle, Gardner W 3284 Lowell, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Earle, Mabel M.. 405 Shorb, N. W., Canton, O. 

East, Don H 817 E. Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

East, Shirley 3051 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Easterbrook, Sheila J 3848 W. 44th St., Cleveland, O. 

Easterling, Naomi L Fairview, O. 

Echelberry, Mary E 237 Grain Ave., Kent, O. 

Eckert, Robert A 926 Wall St., Akron, O. 

Eckhart, Margaret V 1627 Glenmount Ave., Akron, O. 

Eckman, Muriel 952 Cambridge Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Eddy, Kathryn M 413 Beech Lane, New Philadelphia, O. 

Edminston, Charles W 1517 Home Ave., Akron, O. 

Edmunds, Leslie 445 Bertsch Terrace, Akron, O. 

Edwards, Harold G 1745 Leighton Ave., Akron, O. 

Edwards, John R R. F. D. 2, Hubbard, O. 

Edwards, Mrs. Louise W 171 N. Chestnut St., Ravenna, O. 

Edwards, Marjorie M 1745 Leighton Ave., Akron, O. 

Eiben, Robert J 3809 Brooklyn, Cleveland, O. 

Eidenier. Robert 1888 Lampson, East Cleveland, O. 

Eifort, Hal F 465 Lloyd, Barberton, O. 

Eisenhart, William E 670 Carpenter St., Akron, O. 

Eisenmann, Arthur W R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Eisner, Frances 10232 Garfield Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Ek, Edith M. R. F. D. 1, Mogadore, O. 

Elfring, Jessie B Williamson Rd., Stow, O. 

Ellett, Dwight P R. F. D. 2, Hudson, O. 

Elliott, Leona M 408 King St., Ravenna, O. 

Ells, Henry A. 2870 W. Bailey Rd.. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Elwood, Robert M 498 Avalon, Akron, O. 

Emery, Richard L 1415 Delta Ave., Akron, O. 

Emigh, Fred J 37 Royal Place, Akron, O. 

Emmitt, Richard D ...Tallmadge, O. 

Emmons, Edna N 437 Thomas, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Emmons, Richard H 2713 W. Tuscarawas Ave., Canton, O. 

Endsley, James M, 103 Dawes, Akron, O. 

Ensminger, Richard Suffield, O. 

Epps, Emily J 1427 Lincolnway W., Massillon, O. 

Ercanbrack, Benson H 2300 W. 25th St., Cleveland, O. 

Erf, Helen E 2458 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Erickson, Charles T 1861 Cramer Ave., Akron, O. 

Erickson, Robert C 811 S. Willow St. ext., Kent, O. 

Eriser, Robert J 1528 Elben Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Ernsberger, Carroll E 14 W. Salome. Akron, O. 

Erskine, Helen J 28 E. Wood St., Lowellville, O. 

Ervin, Cathryn M 335 Park Ave., Kent, O. 

Ervin, John B. 208 W. Oak St., Kent, O. 

Ervin, Velma B 826 11th St., N.E., Massillon, O. 

Eshelman, Harriet J 1260 Cleve. Hts. Blvd.. Cleveland Heights, O. 

Esping, J. Mabel 3119 Idlewood Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Ess, Mary C 206 Parkview, Massillon, O. 

Essick, Twila J Moultrie, E. Rochester, O. 

Essig. Carl F 1708 3rd St.. S. E., Canton, O. 

Estochin, Frank J 881 Allyn St., Akron, O. 

Esworthy, Anna P Ravenna, O. 

Esworthy, Robert E Ravenna, O. 

Etter, Joel B 2495 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Evans, Bessie E 3216 10th St., N. W.. Canton, O. 

Evans, Elaine H 3628 W. 30th St., Cleveland, O. 

Evans, Eleanor J 430 W. Main St.. Kent, O. 

Evans, Jean F 3805 Montevista, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Ewell, Laura M Suffield, O. 

Eyre, Winona E 360 Rockel Rd., Akron, O. 

Fackler, Paul Harold 734 Park St., Willard, O. 

Fagert, Pauline Virginia 22S E. Graham Rd., Stow, O. 

FaircMld, William D 340 E. Main St., Ravenna, O. 

Fail fax, Betty Harriet 10614 Drexel Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Falcone, Carmen M 3683 W. 45th St., Cleveland, O. 

Falvo, Carl A... Box 86. North Jackson, O. 

Fankhauser, Donald S N. Ridge, Perry, O. 

Fargo, Albert C 707 N. Main St.. Akron, O. 

Farinacci, John F 12311 Wade Park Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Farkas, Sam D 11002 Earle Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Farley. Albert W 733 Park Ave., Akron, O. 

Farr, Beverly Mildred 70 Marshall Estate, Nortbfield, O. 

Farson, E. Pauline 2477 N. Front St.. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fateley, Jack Earl R. F. D. 2, Warren, O. 

Feduniak, Mike 706 Morgan Ave., Akron, O. 

Feduniak, Steve 599 N. Firestone, Akron, O. 

Ffist, Gene Marff=ret 128 Bedford. Canton, O. 

Fellers, William Warren 715 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Fenn, Margaret R 205 N. Willow, Kent, O. 

Fenton, Eileen Maude 167 Thomp=^on Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Ferguson, Betty Jane R. F. D. 1, New Milford, O. 

Ferguson. Mary Ella 233 Cuyahoga St., Akron, O. 

Finara, William A 19008 Kipling, Cleveland, O. 

Ferren, Jessie Albertice. 351 W. North Ave., East Palestine, O. 

Ferrini, Gino Peter 532 E. Highland, Ravenna, O. 

Ferry, John Ryer R. F. D. 2, Barton, O. 

Few, Catherine Jane North Ridge. Painesville, O. 

Fialkavich, Al William 110 S. Canal, Newton Falls, O. 

Fixer, Betty Louise 1339 E. 10th St., Salem, O. 

Figliuho, Vincent Philip 212 Ellicott St., Batavia, N. Y. 

Fink, LaRue Evelyn 2013 E. Hoth, Ashtabula, O. 

Finnegan, Philip Francis 274 Reed Ave., Marion, O. 

Finnical, Dorothy Marie Wellsville, Newton Falls, O. 

Fiorenzo, Samuel J. .612 S. Water St., Kent, O. 

First, Robert Stewart 3095 West Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Firth, Richard William 366 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Fish, Janet L 3S S. Main St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Fisher, Betty Jane 2400 Shunk Ave., Alliance, O. 

Fisher, Betty Kathryn 164 Park Ave., New Philadelphia, O. 

Fisher, Jane Ann .902 McKinnon Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Fisher, Gran R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fitch, Virginia Mae ...R. F. D. 1, Youngstown, O. 

Fitzgerald, Mary Helen 3305 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, O. 

Fitzgerald, Robert J 405 S. Park, Alliance, O. 

Fitzpatrick, Jane Watson. 133 W. North Ave., East Palestine, O. 

Flanagan, John Patrick 5083 Oakmont Dr., Lyndhurst, O. 

Fleck, Wilbur Eugene 528 Nash St., Akron, O. 

Fleder, Franklin Eugene 13310 Rexwood Ave., Garfield Heights, O. 

Fleischer, George Albert. 1215 N. River Ave., Toronto, O. 

Fleming, Sega .439 Cuyahoga St., Akron, O. 

Fleshman, Loskiel A ...Boettler Rd., Uniontown, O. 

Flickinger, Betty Jane 136 E. Virginia Ave., Sebring, O. 

Flickinger, Olen Howard 462 Olney, Marion, O. 

Flint, Doris Elizabeth 122 W. Burns, Akron, O. 

Flint, Elizabeth May 528 S. Vine, Orville, O. 

Floersheimer, Natalie M 1 Argyle Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Flynn, J. David ..2375 Ridgewood Ave., Alliance, O. 

Flynn, John J Twin Lakes, Kent, O. 

Fogg, Sam R. 211 Brady St., Kent, O. 

Fohl, William August 1734 Weckford Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Foley, Gladys Helena 2026 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Folger, Maude Elizabeth 1532 Richmond Rd., S. Euclid, O. 

160 • 






Cook Allen 

138 N. WATER 

PHONE 4516 




Charles A.Young 

, Fharoiacist 

119 W. MAIN ST. 



TrTTriiT[iniTTi i||ll l |i m i im] |||| ] i miliUU li n illtiilii 








• 161 

FoUin, Lyle Omar 119 S. Mantua, Kent, O. 

Foltin, Stephan 637 E. 118th St., Cleveland, O. 

Foltz, Martha Elaine 234 W. Center, Akron, O. 

Foltz, Mary Janet - Hudson, O. 

Foote, Lillian Mae 298 E. Schaaf Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Forbes, Walter Warren ____ _ Macedonia, O. 

Forbes, William Cleland 721 Ohio St., Ashland, O. 

Forbs, Kathryn Josephine R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Foreman, Wilda Georgean 104 Grant St., Eiyria, O. 

Forest, Dorothy A Ravenna, O. 

Forest, Lyle Charles 2S00 9th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Forsberg, Edgar Clarence R. F. D. 3, Hudson, O. 

Forte, Edna Louise 10117 South Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Foshee, Samuel Gilbert- 359 Turner St., Akron, O. 

Fouser, Charles Edward R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fouser, Daniel Frederick R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fouser, David Franklin R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Foust, Joe Edward R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Fowler, Jack Edward 2558 Maplewood, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fowls, Phyllis Elizabeth 420 ISth St., N. W., Canton, O. 

Fox, Zane Herbert Box 173, Kingsville, O. 

Frank, Arthur., 209 E. Myrtle, Youngstown, O. 

Frank, Charles -- -- Port Washington, O. 

Frank, Sophie 1119 Hoover PI., N. W., Canton, O. 

Franklin, Marian Ruth R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga, Falls, O. 

Franklin, Paul Russel . R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Franklin, Wilma Ruth Box 100, Jewett, Harrison, O. 

Franks, Charles William Box 6, Randolph, O. 

Franks, D. Mildred.. R. F. D. 4, Wooster, O. 

Franks, Pauline Belle R. F. D. 2, Uniontown, O. 

Erase, Lenora Mae R. F. D. 1, Box 207, Barberton, O. 

Erase, Milan 2107 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Freal, Marie Elizabeth . 1342 Hafer Ct., S. W., Canton, O. 

Frederick, Virginia Elinor 2320 Iota Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Freeman, Donald Wayne 641 N. 3rd St., Denison, O. 

Freese, Twila Mae R. F. D. 1, Medina, O. 

French, Betty Jane 2394 Queenston Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

French, Ethel 730 Broad, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Fretz, Carolyn Josephine ...507 Fulton Rd., N. W., Canton, O. 

Friar, Clyde Luther Dillonvale, O. 

Friedman, Dorothy Lois 297 W. Madison, Youngstown, O. 

Friihauf, Christine Lois Novelty, O. 

Fromant, Robert Wayne 77 W. Glendale, Bedford, O. 

Fry, Robert Royce. 794 E. Exchange St., Akron, O. 

Fuchik, Norbert John 5211 Theodore St., Maple Heights, O. 

Fuller, Frances E ---45 Oviatt St., Hudson, O. 

Fuller, Patricia Chariot 213 University Dr., Kent, O. 

Fuller, Norman 18 Grant St., London, O. 

Fuller, William R 2067 Hanover Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Fulmer, Alice Maurine 800 Elm St., Ashland, O. 

Funk, Art William 534 E. 107th St., Cleveland, O. 

Furcolow, Mary Louise 923 15th St., N. W., Canton, O. 

Furney, Charles P 549 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 

Furney, Elizabeth D 549 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 

Fuscoe, Bonita Mae 611 Ferndale, Youngstown, O. 

Fye, Beatrice Jane Clinton, O. 

Gajewski, Edmund Leo 226 Glenwood Ave., Akron, O. 

Galbrinth, Nell Blanche .114 S. Prospect, Kent, O. 

Gallucci, Frank Lewis 42157 Rowbridge, Cleveland, O. 

Gamble, Mary Elizabeth Box 116, Hanoverton, Columbiana, O. 

Ganas, Themis Margaret 215 E. 3rd St., East Liverpool, O. 

Gantous, Alfred Samuel .782 Lovers Lane, Akron, O. 

Gardner, Carey C Crain Ave., Kent, O. 

Garner, Marvin Edward Louisville, O. 

Garnet, Wilma 522 Park Ave., Kent, O. 

Gartrell, Ralph W. Leesville, O. 

Gartrell, S. Kenneth Leesville, O. 

Gatts, Lowell Arden R. F. D. 1, Berlin Heights, O. 

Geiger, Ebert Mark 2326 Trowbridge Ave., Cleveland O. 

Geitgey, Mack Leo 493 Woodland, Wooster, O. 

Gensler, Karl Edward 12411 Chesterfield Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Genuske, Arthur Edward 147 Halla Hts., Youngstown, O. 

Gerber, Dorothy Elizabeth.. R. F. D. 1, Oberlin, O. 

Gerberich, John Barnes 2350 Fourth, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gerig, Lois M .- Smithville, O. 

Gerlach, Edith Marion--- 2536 Market, Youngstown, O. 

Germaine, Joseph Charles --104 Harrison, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Gertz, Jack S 2910 W. Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gervenack, Rowena Grace West Farmington, O. 

Gettrust, Gene M - ---- Twin Lakes, O. 

Gibbens, Douglas Eugene R. F. D. 3, Eiyria, O. 

Gibbs, Elizabeth Anne 135 Smith Ave., N.W., Canton, O. 

Gibbs, Elizabeth Ellen 520 Cherry, Niles, O. 

Gibson, Dorothy Jane 496 14th St., Wellsville, O. 

Gibson, Russell Joseph 700 !4th St., Munhall, Pa. 

Gibson, Ruth Georgiana 9008 Bancroft Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Gifford, Jack 249 S. Freedom, Ravenna, O. 

Gilcrest, Jean Ann 1001 W. Main, Kent, O. 

Giles, Richard Olin 2304 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Giles, Shirley Lee 617 Perry, Massillon, O. 

Gilham, Helen Irene 257 Miles, Akron, O. 

Gillies, William Henry 317 Illinois, Lorain, O. 

Gillis, Richard Henry 482 Erie, Barberton, O. 

Gilly, Victor Robert R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Gilronan, William Vancel W. 7th St., Newton Falls, O. 

Gintert, Mary Annabel -559 Genesee, Warren, O. 

Gladigan, Heinz - 855 Inman, Akron, O. 

Glanzer, Harvey William 3540 W. 49th St., Cleveland, O. 

Gless, Nelson A. 451 Mill Rd., Ravenna, O. 

Gloss, Paul Howard 618 Forest, S.W., Canton, O. 

Gockstetter, Mary Ellen 825 Harriet Ave., N.W., Canton, O. 

Godfrey, Margaret Marie R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Godges, Harry Frank R. F. D. 1, Windham, O. 

Godges, Raymond R. F. D. 1, Windham, O. 

Goeppinger, Dorothy Louise 207 Tod Ave., S.W., Warren, O. 

Goerke, Robert Harold 931 Young Ave., N.E., Canton, O. 

Goers, Mary Louise -- 21 S. Edgehill Dr., Youngstown, O. 

Goletz, Stanley - 911 Hickory, Martins Ferry, O. 

Goodwin, Frank Leroy -.- -- R. F. D. 2, Medina, O. 

Goodwin, Russell Eldred --- 811 Union, Canton, O. 

Goodwin, Thomas Paul ---675 Noah Ave., Akron, O. 

Gordon, Helen Marie R. F. D. 4, Box 194, Akron, O. 

Gordon, James Yarnell 1395 Girard, Akron, O. 

Gordon, Mable Virginia 156 Hager, Hubbard, O. 

Gordon, Maurice..-- 1395 Girard, Akron O. 

Gordon, Sybil Irene 479 Woodland, Akron, O. 

Gorham, David Scott Medina, O. 

Goshen, Charles Elmer R. F. D. 1, E. Canton, O. 

Gosling, Leigh William 1125 Sackett, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Goss, Virginia Elizabeth 10739 Lewer Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Gougler, Frances Ellen R. F. D. 2, Atwater, O. 

Graber, Dorothy Ellen 217 Belleflower, N.W., Canton, O. 

Graber, Edwin Joseph R. F. D. 1, Seville, O. 

Graham, Dorothy Jane 803 Roxbury Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Grahame, George Oliver 414 Nash St., Akron, O. 

Granata, Anthony Francis 64 Vesper St., Akron, O. 

Gray, Doris Isabelle Elm Dr., Wooster, O. 

Gray, Jack Edward 227 Myrtle, Ravenna, O. 

Gray, Phyllis B Elm Dr., Wooster, O. 

Gray, Richard A 349 Elm St., Ravenna, O. 

Green, Edward 659 Grace Ave., Akron, O. 

Green, Ray William Nebraska, O. 

Greenamyer, Adelbert Charles R. F. D. 1, Salem, O. 

Greening, Phyllis Elizabeth Webb Rd., Perry, O. 

Greenisen, Lorette Jeanne 1117 Clinehart, Salem, O. 

Greer, Sara J 5 Union St., Greenville, Pa. 

Gregory, Doris Juanita 167 Edgewood Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gregory, Helen M 167 Edgewood Dr., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gregory, Jean Sara 245 Highland, Akron O. 

Gressard, Charles Frederick Twin Lakes, Kent, O. 

Grether, Joan Aloha 7 Oakwood Ave., Dayton, O. 

Grieme, Priscilla K. 1776 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Griffey, Donald Morton 403 Broad, Conneaut, O. 

Griffin, Fern Earl Brookfield, O. 

Griffin, James Joseph 118 W. Glendale, Bedford, O. 

Griffin, Jean E 100 First St., New London, O. 

Griffin, Richard W 1167 Kenmore Blvd., Akron, O. 

Griffin, Wayne L 433 Ravenna Rd., Newton Falls, O. 

Griffiths, Wanda Nan 343 N. Chestnut, Ravenna, O. 

Grimm, William Frederick .--378 S. Main St., Akron, O. 

Grombacher, Betty Ann 2711 Mt. Vernon, Youngstown, O. 

Grooms, Jack Walter R. F. D. 4, Salem, O. 

Grosvenor, Florence Olive 2421 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Gruszecki, John James R. F. D. 1, Hammondsville, O. 

Cuarnieri, Josephine 453 E. Market St., Warren, O. 

Guther, John J 1404 Grant St., Akron, O. 

Gulgin, Dan E LaGrange, O. 

Gulgin, Peter LaGrange, O. 

Guthier, Alice Margaret 444 Walnut, Ravenna, O. 

Haas, Clair Eugene Mantua, O. 

Haas, Geraldine Francis Aurora Station, O. 

Haberkost, Evelyn Florence 1119 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Haberkost, Robert -884 Delia Ave., Akron, O. 

Hacha, Jo Ann 213 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, O. 

Hackim, Lincoln -- 225 Chittenden, Akron, O. 

Hadsell, Wade Lewis 1575 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hagan, Constance Eleanor 8 Elwood Ave., Rye, N. Y. 

Hageman, Wilbert J 619 S. Water St., Kent, O. 

Haglund, Carl Anderson 3059 Windsor PI., S.W., Canton, O. 

Hahn, Lawrence Collins Rd., Collins, O. 

Haines, Esther Virginia 181 Franklin Ave., Mantua, O. 

Haines, Helen Margaret - Minerva, O. 

Haines, Shirley Clement Lake Road, Perry, O. 

Hair, Florence B. 402 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 

Halaiko, Michael John R. F. D. 2, Box 44, Kent, O. 

Halasz, Mary Theresa 12 Charles, Bedford, O. 

Halls, Charles R 2564 Beck Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hall, Doris Kay 1203 Morris St., Kent, O. 

Hall, George E 2938 Hastings Rd., Silver Lake, O. 

Hall, Jean Frances 2564 Beck Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hall, Margaret Paxton 723 S. Arch St., Alliance, O. 

Hall, Mary Evelyn R. F. D. 2, Dundee, O. 

Hamilton, Betty Jane 927 W. LaCIede Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Hamilton, John G 211 Edwin Ave., Massillon, O. 

Hamilton, Rita Josephine R. F. D. 2, Jefferson, O. 

Hammack, W. Merle -- Box 51, East Canton, O. 

Hammer, William Baptisit 4055 Buxton, South Euclid, O. 

Hammonds, Evelyn Winters 2236 15th St., N.E., Canton, O. 

Hampton, Margaret Grace 2201 E. 89th St., Cleveland, O. 

Hanan, Louise Arlene 606 Crestview, Akron, O. 

Hanes, Betty Jeanne 955 Oxford Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Hange, Harold Ray 724 Bank St., Lodi, O. 

Hanlin, John J. 11225 St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Hannon, Mary Francis 13204 Maplerow, Cleveland, O. 

Hansbary, Virginia Nellie 14201 Berwyn Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Hansen, Geraldine Elizabeth New Denmark, O. 

Hansen, Robert Cecil 216 N. Willow, Kent, O. 

Hanson, Harold E 308 1st St., N.E., Massillon, O. 

Hanson, Lois Merle R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Hanson, Marjorie G 787 24th St., Canton, O. 

Hanus, Aileen Frances Burton, O. 

Happoldt, Donna E 1501 Thornapple, Akron, O. 

Happoldt, Jeanette Laura 1501 Thornapple, Akron, O. 

Herbaugh, George Harold 225 Lincoln Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hardman, Helen Jane Iberia Rd., Mt. Gilead, O. 

Hardman, Jewell Fern R. F. D. 7, N. Canton, O. 

Hare, Donald Judson 2287 9th St., Akron, O. 

Hare, Roy 80 Stuart Ave., Mamaroneck, N. Y. 

Harkins, Russell Allen 20 Lincoln Ave., Cuvahoga Falls, O. 

Harlan, Warren Clinton 213 Grant St., Ravenna, O. 

Harmony, Jean Lucille--.- 340 Anbriondale, Youngstown, O. 

Harms, Delia Elizabeth 10504 Harvard Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Harner, Ruth E -- Sabina, O. 

Harney, Alice Alberta 2249 E. 82nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Harnish, Ella Jane R. F. D. 3, Eiyria, O. 

Harper, Charles Leroy 424 Noah Ave., Akron, O 

Harper, George H R. F. D. 4, Ravenna, O. 

Harper, Richard M 119 Overwood Rd., Akron, O. 

Harrington, Homer Dale 117 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Harrington, Robert Charles . .R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Harris, Donald 324 S. Willow St., Kent, O. 

Harris, Earl Morris 305 Highland, Ravenna, O. 

Harris, Elizabeth Kay 505 Lake St., Kent, O. 

Harris, Helen May 219 Kathryn Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Harris, Jack Curtis 824 Cameron, Youngstown, O. 

Harris, Pearl May R. F. D. 1, Barberton, O. 

Harry, William C. 30 Fulton St., Akron, O. 

Harsha, Alice Juanita 1945 Pilgrim PI., Akron, O. 

Hart, Betty Marie .123 N. Walnut, Ravenna, O. 

Hart, Sara Jeanne 43B Southern Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Hartman, Arlene Alice Moultrie, O. 

Hartman, Ruby Ernestine 1577 Breiding Rd., Akron, O. 

Hartman, Ruth Marie Aurora, O. 

Hartosough, Elizabeth 1 922 Arlington Ave., Canton, O. 

Harvait, Frederick John 14 Nottingham St., Akron, O. 

Harvey, Josyin Rae 436 Clinton St., Niles, O. 

Hatch, Janice Marie Cleveland Heights, O. 

Haupt, Edna Marguerite 27 2nd St., Brookville, Pa. 

162 • 

Compliments of . . 

Harry A. Fulton 



• 163 

Haushalter, Evelyn May 730 Wall St., Akron, O. 

Hausrath, Marie Mala 1806 4th St., S.E., Canton, O. 

Havill, Robert Joseph 28 E. College St., Alliance, O. 

Hawk, Adella Eileen __ --Beach City, O. 

Hawk, Agatha Irene Beach City, O. 

Hawk, Brady O.- -- - Strasburg, O. 

Hawley, Donald Wade 227 S. Canal St., Newton Falls, O. 

Hawthorne, Clyde S 272 Richman Rd., S. Euclid, O. 

Haylett, James 220 W. Prospect, Mantua, O. 

Hayne, Clementine Akron Rd., Wadsworth, O. 

Hays, Mary Ellen 3223 W. 100th St., Cleveland, O. 

Hazen, Mary E 1217 Columbus Ave., Sanduskv, O. 

Hazen, Paul F 1106 Grant, Ashla"d, O. 

Hazlett, Ruth E R. F. D. 3, Hudson, O. 

Heath, Annie J Lake St., Kent, O. 

Heath, Betty J Lake St., Kent, O. 

Heckman. Margaret S R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Heichel, Bertha M. Box 46. Ontario, O. 

Heichel, Vernon G. 445 W. Grant St., Kent, O. 

Heifferman. Mary A 271 Cisterton Ave., Akron, O. 

Heiehton, Robert H 433 N. Water St., Kent, O. 

Heiks, L. Elizabeth 53 Sheldon, Rittma", O. 

Heil, Tom J 11316 Florian Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Heinien, Audrey E 829 S. Sprine St., Bucvrus. O. 

Heinlen. Clayton H 14508 Alder Ave., East Cleveland, O. 

Heinz, Helen S 11702 Kunz Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Helmick, Sheldon H.- 1820 Walnut, Ashtabnla, O. 

Henderson, Roberta M 113 N. Marier St., St. Clairsville, O. 

Henley, William 1845 75th St., Cleveland, O. 

Hensel, Robert L 15402 Parkgrove Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Hensley, Christine H 173 Rhodes Ave., Akron, O. 

Hensley, Kathryn J R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Hensman, Clarice M 327 High St., Elyria, O. 

Heppert, Dorothy K 14 24th St., Barberton, O. 

Heppes, Ardelle M R. F. D. 3, Hudson, O. 

Herbert, Henry - 1117 Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Herchek, John G. Box 108, Randolph, O. 

Herman, Alnea--- --725 Church, Orville, O. 

Herman, Delores M 1085 Cadillac Blvd.. Akron, O. 

Hermanson, Erno E R. F. D. 2, Warren, O. 

Herrington. Delia C Chardon, O. 

Hewitt, Eloise E 1351 Elue, Youngstown, O. 

Heyard, Dorothy Louise 814 E. Broad, Louisville, O. 

Heyard, Paul 155 Columbu"^ Ave.. Canton, O. 

Heyl, Phyllis A. R. F. D. 2. Box 332, Kent, O. 

Hickman, M. Lorena R. F. D. 2, Ravenna, O. 

Hichok, Leita G. 50 College St., Poland, O. 

Hickok. Sarah J 50 College St., Poland, O. 

Hicks, Elaine R 958 Fern St.. Conneaut, O. 

Hietanen, Herbf^rt R South Ridge, Perrv, O. 

Hiegins, John M 311 Grant, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hiland, Dorothy S Kinsman, O. 

Hileman, Margaret 77 W. Cottage St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Hill, Norvel E 162 Vincent, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Hill, R. Leonard 3.36 Broadwav. Bedford, O. 

Hill, Richard L 400 N. Howard St.. Akron, O. 

Hillier, Paul L R. F. D., Ravenna, O. 

Hiltner, James E 1137 13th St., Canton, O. 

Himes, Virginia M Louisville, O. 

Hinderschied. Francis H R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Hine, Lloyd L 23 Castle Blvd., Akron, O. 

Hine, Mariorie Mae 23 Castle Blvd.. Akron, O. 

Hinman, David Rockwell 415 S. Prospect. Ravenna, O. 

Hirt, Robert Lee 122 St. Charles Ave.. Lakewood, O. 

Hoagland, Robert Claude 4953 E. 110th St.. Garfield Heights, O. 

Hodgson. Donald L 484 Woodland. Akron, O. 

Hoefler, Elvin AlH" 161 0=kwood St., Ravenna, O. 

Hofacre. Haro'd Wayne R. F. D. 4, Wooster, O. 

Hofen. Elvin Allin- 161 Oakwood St.. Ravenna, O. 

Hoff, John Lynn R. F. D. 1, E. Roch-ster, O. 

Hoff. Pauline Christine Litchfield, O. 

Hoffman, Elde 733 Michigan Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Hoffman, June 146 Congress, Akron, O. 

Hogan. Marian Edith 2819 McGoffe". Youngstown, O. 

Hoganleld, Dorothy Jane 312 W. .''rd St., East Liverpool, O. 

Hogg, Bob Edwin---- 34 Beatley Ave., Hubbard, O. 

Hoiston. Estella M»ry 10809 Frank Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Holbrooh, Clyde Gillis Foam Lake- Canada 

Holcomb, Virginia Eileen E. Bagley Rd., Berea, O. 

Hollendonner, Eve Marie 1131 S- Arlington, Akron, O. 

Hollister, Jerry Allan 222 Lowell Dr., Kent, O. 

Hollowav, Charles Park -116 Buron Ave., Akron, O. 

Holm, Martha J 1930 19th St.. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Holmes, Brian Ward 615 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Holmes, Emma Catherine R. F. D. 3, Box 325, Kent, O. 

Holmes, Dorothy R. F. D. 3. Box 325, Kent, O. 

Holmes, George Edwin 127 N. Adolph Ave.. Akron, O. 

Holmes, Ralph H ...R. F. D. 3, Box 325, Kent, O. 

Holmes, Walter Irvine 923 Falls Ave.. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Holshoy. Harold McKinley 534 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Holtscalaw, Mary Woodfield, O. 

Holzhauser. Frederick Ludwig, Jr 4894 Edgepark Dr., Cleveland, O. 

Hoobler, Mary Jane 1017 Vine St.. Kent, O. 

Hooper, Marian Jewel 3115 W. Tuscarawas St., Canton, O. 

Hoose, Idabelle 1423 Brimfield Rd., Kent, O. 

Hoover, Richard Alfred 1766 Cliffview. East Cleveland, O. 

Hoover, Donald R. F. D. 1, Alliance, O. 

Hoover, Evelyn Margaret 1352 Diagonal Rd.. Akron, O. 

Horbaly, William 4067 E. 147th St., Cleveland, O. 

Horner, Sarah Ann Macedonia, O. 

Horrisberger, Mildred Maxine Winesburg, O. 

Horrocks, Fay Louise 30 Arlington, Brecksville, O. 

Horst, Hazel Lucille R. F. D. 1, Columbiana, O. 

Horton, Margaret Elizabeth ---Rootstown, O. 

Horton, Paul Burleigh Rootstown, O. 

Horiwedel. Ran=ome Edward. .23281 Center Ridge Rd., Rocky River, O. 

Hosfield, John Norris 119 Frances Ave., Akron, O. 

Hoskin, Walter Edwards. 585 Dayton St., Akron, O. 

Hoskins, Dorothy May 407 Thayer, Ashtabula, O. 

Hoskins, Lorena Belle Middlefield, O. 

Hossner, Robert Clarence 15516 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Hostetler, Van Bowers Ostrander, O. 

Hostetler, Dorothy Lavon 128 E. Hall St., Kent, O. 

Hostetler, Gordon Floyd 128 E. Hall St., Kent, O. 

Howard, Margaret Alberta 4145 E. 135th St., Cleveland, O. 

Howell, Arline Louise 170 Monroe Falls Rd., Stow, O. 

Howenstine, Ellen --.- 816 Park Ave., Elyria, O. 

Hoyt, Clarence Lowell-- -.629 Claremont, Ashland, O. 

Hromco, Raymond Joseph 478 N. Firestone Blvd., Akron, O. 

Huber, Dorothy Jeanne. 27 Summit Ave., Niles, O. 

Hudec, Betty Lou R. F. D. 3, E. Canton Rd., Canton, O. 

Hudec, William Elmer R. F. D. 3, E. Canton Rd., Canton, O. 

Hudson, Dorothy Ruth 8800 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Hudson, Robert George 1600 Oakgrove Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Hudson, Ruth Marie 1945 Coore, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Huff, Cecil R 1840 9th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Huffman, Doris Marie Station A, East Liverpool, O. 

Huffman, Dorothy Alberta 649 2nd Ave., N.W., Brewster, O. 

Huffman, W. Donald - - Brewster, O. 

Hughes, Judy Elaine 1103 W. Main, VanWert, O. 

Hulbert, Nadine 202 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 

Hull, Phyllis Arleen 317 Oxford, Elyria, O. 

Humbert, Frank Jack 418 E. Portage Trail, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hummel, Eloise Alyce Doylestown, O. 

Hunker, Janice Ruth 817 6th St., Lorain, O. 

Hunt, Clara Irene R. F. D. 2, Port Washington, O. 

Hunt, Margie Adele 567 Sunset View Dr., Akron, O. 

Hunt, Mildred Carolyn R. F. D. 2, Uniontown, O. 

Hunt, Reba Marjorie 471 Beachwood, Akron, O. 

Hunter, Mary Jane 917 Broad Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Huntington. Irene Lucille Willoughby, O. 

Hurd, Lucille M. R. F. D. 2, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Hurd, Pauline M R. F. D. 2, Chagrin Falls, O. 

Hurd, Robert Leroy.. 336 Ravenna, Newton Falls, O. 

Huston, Elmer Sherman - --- Rogers, O. 

Huston, Lois Ireland 2405 N. Market St., Canton, O. 

Hutter, Lois Patience 3322 Daisev Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Hyatt, C. William R. F. D. 4, Box 664, Akron, O. 

Hyde, Kathryn 446 Homewood Ave., Warren, O. 

Hyppa, Linda Evelyn 999 North State St., Painesville, O. 

lammarino, Anthony J 3879 Mayfield Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Ince, Irene 735 S. Webb, Alliance, O. 

Ingham, Robert S 201 Grain, Kent, O. 

Ingham, William V 845 Brvce, Kent, O. 

Inglehart. Blanche M 440 W. Jackson, Painesville, O. 

Ingram, Helen R 405 E. 124th St., Cleveland, O. 

Ippoliti, Lena. Box 122, Mt. Pleasant, O. 

Irby, Cardel- --- 2981 Nelson Ave.. Youngstown, O. 

Irish, Jack W. 285 Newell St., Barberton, O. 

Irvin, Harry W R. F. D. 2, Akron, O. 

Irvin, Richard C Fish Creek Rd., Summit County, O. 

Irwin, Jeanette-- ---Middlefield, O. 

Irwin. Marjorie V E. Orwell St., Ashtabula, O. 

Israel, Lewis L Beloit, O. 

Jaccaud, William D R. F. D. 1, Wadsworth, O. 

Jackson, Eugene G 224 New. Fairport Harbor, O. 

Jackson, Paul W R. F. D. 1. Mogadore, O. 

Jackson, Virginia L -Box 94, Madalin, N. Y. 

Jacobs, Gladys R 8204 Bem=in Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Jacobs, Mildred L 167 23rd St., S.E.. Massillon, O. 

Jacobs. Willard F 410 Spring St., Willard, O. 

Jacot, Marjorie E Copley, O. 

James, Patricia A 405 Portage Trail, Cuvahoga Falls, O. 

James, Mary Central Station, W. Va. 

Jameyson. Ruth M .- Spencer, O. 

Jamison. Margaret J 12329 Castlewood Ave.. Cleveland, O. 

Janusz, Helen M 528 W. 30th St.. Lorain, O. 

Jarvis, Emma L 990 McKinlev Ave., Steube->ville, O. 

Jasbeck, Ferdinand J 821 E. 222nd St.. Euclid, O. 

Jeffrey, Rosalie R R. F. D. 3, Toronto, O. 

Jeffries, Frank A 620 Magnolia Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Jenkins, John M ,922 Crain Ave.. Kent, O. 

Johnson, Barbara J. R. F. D. 1. Alliance, O. 

Johnson, Dona B. 821 Bryce Rd., Kent, O. 

Johnson, Donald W R. F. D. 4, Akron, O. 

Johnson, LeRov E R. F. D. 5, Warren, O. 

Johnson, Llovd E Hudson Rd., Kent, O. 

Johnson, Mabel A 130 University Dr., Kent, O. 

Johnson, Max E 778 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Johnson, Paul B 1721 Hampton Rd.. Akron, O. 

Johnson, Robert W R. F. D. 3. Box 300, Summitt, O. 

Johnston, Charles A 414 Frazier Ave., Akron, O. 

Johnston, Dorothy M .1941 Waston, Youngstown, O. 

Johnston, Etta J. 10 Main St.. Poland, O. 

Johnston, Mildred M 15314 Maraulev Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Johnston, Pauline M 3307 E. 126th St.. Cleveland, O. 

Jones, Erma I R. F. D. 1, Salem, O. 

Jones, Erma J. 323 Highland Dr., Silver Lake, O. 

Jones, Hazel K R. F. D. 1, Orville, O. 

Jones, James E -- - Brookfield, O. 

Jones, Joseph A -R. F. D. 3, Louisville, O. 

Jones, Reese L 434 Meridian, Ravenna, O. 

Jones, Robert G 318 Kentucky. Lorain, O. 

Jones, Winifred J 742 N. Chestnut. Ravenna, O. 

Julian, Rose M. Marshall Rd., McDonald, O. 

Jump, David Willard Heights, Willard, O. 

Jurkoshek, Albert J , .--Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Juszli, Mary 173 Arthur, Barberton, O. 

Jute, Caroline M 926 W. 38th St., Ashtabula, O 

Kaezor, Stanley 549 S. Lincoln St., Kent, O. 

Kainrad, Chris A Diamond St., Ravenna, O. 

Kane, Tom H 1320 2nd St., Lorain, O. 

Kang, Han M .-Hawkung, Korea 

Kanoy, Doryce F 163 Bolumbers, Bedford, O. 

Karash, Mike 1107 Rowley, Cleveland, O. 

Karnes, Gertrude L R. F. D. 2, Greenfield, O. 

Karnosh. Eileen M Second St., Dillowvale, O. 

Karrer, Karl W 1118 Arlington, Canton, O. 

Karrenbauer, William V - 854 Matkins. Massillon, O. 

Kasik, Betty A 474 Forestview Dr., Bay Village, O. 

Kasik, Charles E. 12713 Revue Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Katko, Elizabeth M 50 Henry, Hubbard, O. 

Kavanaugh, William H 15016 Elm. East Cleveland, O. 

Kayler, Barbara E 1419 Parkway, Alliance, O. 

Kaylot, James A 2822 Norwood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Kearns. Martha R. F. D. 7, Frankfort, Ind. 

Kech, George E 171 Diamond, Ravenna, O. 

Keep, Ellen F. R. F. D. 3, Dorset Rd., Ashtabula, O. 

Keep, Radah R R. F. D. 3, Dorset Rd., Ashtabula, O. 

Keiser, Dean R 1108 Spring. Canton, O. 

Keith, Virginia L 835 ISOth St., Cleveland, O. 

Kellar, Ted R Box 65, Brady Lake, O. 

Kellerman, William E 418 Frazier, Akron, O. 

Kelley, Denver N R. F. D. 2, Atwater, O. 

Kellogg, Genevieve E 227 Center, Ashtabula, O. 

Kelly, Hazel B Edison, O. 














Standard's Fountain 

Your Meeting 





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The Popular Trio 


Poimpeiain Room 

aeese noointi 


^''^'^ DoUGHNUTl 
JVent to College 


Cottage Ice Cream 






Kelly, Robert W 1641/2 2nd St., Barberton, O. 

Kemp, Carolyn J 2128 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Kempf, Eugene L 1139 Orchard, Coshocton, O. 

Kempke, Mary E - --Novelty, O. 

Kennedy, Dorothy J 1444 Hollywood, Warren, O. 

Kennedy, Jack A 98 Kirkwood, Akron, O. 

Kennedy, Raymond A 468 Walnut, Akron, O. 

Kennedy, William T 319 Scott, Youngstown, O. 

Kent, Leonard B 150 Edgerton, Akron, O. 

Kent, Noris J. . 1012 Dillerwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Kent, Vera Lucille --150 Edgerton, Akron, O. 

Kenyon, Henry Russell 324 Tecumseh, Mt. Vernon, O. 

Kenyon, Robert S. 741 S. Main St., Orville, O. 

Kepler, Chester S --Chitty Ave., Akron, O. 

Kepler, Marjorie N Kenmore Blvd., Akron, O. 

Keppler, Ruth M W. 6th St., Dover, O. 

Kerekhoff, Richard K W. 158th St., Cleveland, O. 

Kern, Anne E. Nolle St., Bellaire, O. 

Kernen, Bertha R University Dr., Kent, O. 

Kesselring, Blanche A Triplet Blvd., Akron, O. 

Khoury, Florence Mahoning Rd., Canton, O. 

Kienzle, Eleanor P.- East Sparta, O. 

Kienzle, Gladys E. 404 McKinley, Canton, O. 

Kieselbach, Alfred G 532 Ghland, Ravenna, O. 

Kiffor, Rudy S E. 122nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Kilbourne, Richard A R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Kilby, Dorothy R R. F. D. 2, Burton, O. 

Kilby, Harry R W. 160th St., Cleveland, O. 

Killgrove, Ruth Suffield, O. 

Killian, Charlotte M Darrowville, O. 

Killings, William H 207 Perkins, Akron, O. 

Kimball, Charles N Roscoe, O. 

Kime, Dorothy L R. F. D. 1, North Fairfield, O. 

Kincaid, Margaret R Main St., Eggertsville, N. Y. 

King, Lawrence K - - --Mantua, O. 

Kingsley, Grace L Brookfield, O. 

Kinney, Ruth L Cortland, O. 

Kipp, Kenneth E Whitepond Dr., Akron, O. 

Kipp, Mildred S Whitepond Dr., Akron, O. 

Kirk, Betty N. Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, O. 

Kirkland, Arthur W Box 12, Amsterdam, O. 

Kirkpatrick, Kathryn L Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Kirtland, Kenneth C Highland Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Kitchingman, Robert R Crosby St., Akron, O. 

Kleimo, Martha H --Liberty St., Girard, O. 

Klein, Margaret May Ave., Northfield, O. 

Kline, Elaine M Hillside Terrace, Akron, O. 

Klontz, Everett E 248 Malacce, Akron, O. 

Knapik, Dorothy L Forest Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Knapp, Frank Akron, O. 

Knapp, Gordon E 23rd St., Canton, O. 

Knauf, Esther A - Canfield, O. 

Knechtges, Edwin J M:iur St., Grafton, O. 

Kneff, Bette Atlass St., Akron, O. 

Knight, Charlotte A Sieber Ave., Akron, O. 

Knight, Dorothy J Box 300, Kent, O. 

Knight, William T Himrod Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Knouff, Mary L Ridge Rd., Willoughby, O. 

Knouff, Velma 1 1224 Greenfield, Canton, O. 

Kockenderfer, Lillian W N. Willow St., Kent, O. 

Koeppe, Eloise - --- Beech St., Berea, O. 

Koerpel, Hanadean Sheraton Dr., Parma, O. 

Kolb, William P 15300 Broadway, Maple Heights, O. 

Koller, Marvin R Saywell Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Komlody, Andrew 17th St., Akron, O. 

Konkel, Victoria E. _ 13th St., Canton, O. 

Konstand, Amos C Rhodes Ave., Akron, O. 

Kolle, Frances H Mills St., Wadsworth, O. 

Koons, Janice - Monroe Falls, O. 

Kopack, E. Sophia Hamilton St., McDonald, O. 

Kordinak, Edward F Elm St., Kent, O. 

Korecky, John L E. Antisdale Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Kothe, Naomi J R. F. D. 2, Oberlin, O. 

Kovalchick, Daniel J Devitt Ave., Campbell, O. 

Kovalik, Martin J Marion St., Maple Heights, O. 

Kraft, Bob F. Exchange St., Akron, O. 

Kramer, Leonard F --Railroad St., Hudson, O. 

Kramer, Dorothy . R. F. D. 3, Massillon, O. 

Kraus, Charles H 1105 Parkside, Cleveland, O. 

Krause, Betty L Eddy Road, Cleveland, O. 

Krause, Clyde S Ravenna, O. 

Krieder, William E --Third St., Coshocton, O. 

Kreighbaum, Bruce --Massillon Rd., Akron, O. 

Kreighbaum, Charlene E R. F. D. 2, East Akron, O. 

Krieg, Freda F. Fly, O. 

Kroll, Roy H.-- Lyden, Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Kruck, Charles W High Ave., Canton, O. 

Krupansky, Gizella M 2524 Berkshire, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Krupp, Neva A R. F. D. 2, Lorain, O. 

Krusko, Velma M.-- Orleans .Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Kucera, Dorothy W. lS7th St., Cleveland, O. 

Kucera, Majorie M.- - Guy Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Kuendyig, Jane M Woodland Ave., Canton, O. 

Kuhn, Ruby J Seville, O. 

Kuhn, Ruth C Devonshire Dr., Akron, O. 

Kulchyeky, Russell M Fern St., Akron, O. 

Kull, Walter A 7th St., Martin's Ferry, O. 

Kunkle, Mary K Box 73, Warwick, O. 

Kuznik, Emilie B. 81st St., Cleveland, O. 

Ladd, Raymond E 41 Salome, Akron, O. 

La Hurd, Daniel E. 1099 Berwin, Akron, O. 

Lakios, William C. 438 4th St., Steubenville, O. 

Lamb, Phyllis L R. F. D. 5, Salem, O. 

Lambert, Grace H 15806 Libby, Maple Heights, O. 

Lambert, Marvin W Terry Rd., Hudson, O. 

Lammlein, Robert A 1168 2nd St., Akron, O. 

Lamy, Richard E. 20 Irving, Harrison, N. Y. 

Lang, Dolores R - Randolph, O. 

Lang, Evelyn Randolph, O. 

Lang, Paul Douglas 962 Talmadge, Akron, O. 

Langdon, William M Twin Oaks Apts., Akron, O. 

La Polla, Ruth M. 1266 Grant, Warren, O. 

Lapp, Ruth Adda---- 319 Spring, Dennison, O. 

Larick, Ernest 23745 Lake Shore, Euclid, O. 

La Torraca, Henry 11510 Thornwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Lattin, Elaine A 167 N. Prospect, Kent, O. 

Laughrey, Alberta 711 E. Main St., Conneaut, O. 

Laurenson, Elizabeth C 1222 Woodland, Canton, O. 

Laurenson, Jessie L 1222 Woodland, Canton, O. 

Lave, Arthur J R. F. D. 1, Burton, O. 

Lave, Elsie M R. F. D. 1, Burton, O. 

La Wand, Velma C 11911 Shadeland Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Lawrence, Cloyd L Canal Fulton, O. 

Lawrence, Hubert B 588 Staiton, Niles, O. 

Lawrence, Myron 5366 Lee Rd., Maple Heights, O. 

Lea, Anna J Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lea, Evelyn Viola - Beach City, O. 

Lea, Ruth Y 1608 Broad, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Leader, Betty Jane 2118 18th St., Akron, O. 

Leah, Ruth B R. F. D. 2, Warren, O. 

Leahe, Betty L 132 N. Evergreen, Youngstown, O. 

Le Chaix, Joseph 4149 E. 100th St., Cleveland, O. 

Lee, George E - Twinsburg, O. 

Lee, Jack K 255 Shawnee, Akron, O. 

Lee, Jane L 3528 E. 114th St., Cleveland, O. 

Lee, Robert N Peninsula, O. 

Leebrick, Henrietta M 529 Main St., Kent, O. 

Lees, James R 516 Washington, Niles, O. 

Lee Ver, Syla Faye 13501 Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Leever, William D 323 Newell, Barberton, O. 

Leffingwell, Dwight L 4634 W. 17th St., Cleveland, O. 

Legan, Anne M 5099 Stanley, Maple Heights, O. 

Leggett, Jack W 1920 Cleveland Ave., Canton, O. 

Lehman, John E -- -- North Lima, O. 

Leiman, Robert W R. F. D. 1, Butler, O. 

Leist, Catherine M 1124 12th St., Canton, O. 

Leist, Margaret E 1124 12th St., Canton, O. 

Lejsik, Anton R. F. D. 1, Windham, O. 

Lemasters, Wilbur J 165 Clinton, Ravenna, O. 

Lenner, Helene Y 511 Aqueduct, Akron, O. 

Leonard, Thomas F 127 Walnut, Wooster, O. 

Le Prevost, Florence E R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

LeRoy, Zoma J 1224 Woodland, Massillon, O. 

Lesher, Vivian Ruth 860 Amherst, Akron, O. 

Letts, Meade 14404 Northfield Ave., East Cleveland, O. 

Levin, Norton M 1539 Yale, Canton, O. 

Levinson, Harold F 308 Portage, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lewis, Benjamin R Windham, O. 

Lewis, Edward H Box 153, Leavittsburg, O. 

Lewis, Helen V - --- Malvern, O. 

Lewis, Larry --609 Grace, Akron, O. 

Lewis, Isabel B 1272 Woodland, Canton, O. 

Lewis, Milton-- 576 Douglas, Akron, O. 

Lewis, Robert K R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Lewis, Roger R 237 Highland, Kent, O. 

Lewis, Sara E.. 2203 Manchester, Akron, O. 

Leyda, Almon O R. F. D. 1, Medina, O. 

Liber, Martha M 230 Center, Newton Falls, O. 

Lichti, Esther M 1871 Sth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lidyard, Beverly L 4510 Hills, Cleveland, O. 

Liebert, Hoachim H 1491 Jefferson, Akron, O. 

Liezert, Mary A Streetsboro Rd., Hudson, O. 

Lifton, Leonard Cleveland, O. 

Lightman, Rosalyn M 10713 Auburn Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Lindberg, Helen F 323 Porter, Warren, O. 

Line, Elizabeth C... 537 DePeyster, Kent, O. 

Linsenmann, William M 3444 91st St., Cleveland O. 

Lipkowitz, Morton H 2383 Park, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Little, Warren T 4281 131st St., Cleveland, O. 

Lloyd, Lorene 38 Balch, Akron, O. 

Logan, George M 218 Twin Oaks, Akron, O. 

Long, Beatrice L 1390 Goodyear, Akron, O. 

Long, Hazel M Marion, O. 

Longshaw, Lillian D Belmont, O. 

Loah, Florence M 632 Avondale, East Liverpool, O. 

Lottmann, Agnes A .* R. F. D. 1, Elyria, O. 

Love, William A R. F. D. 1, Warren, O. 

Lovejoy, Mary K .4339 Franklin, Belmont, O. 

Lowe, Robert William R. F. D. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lowery, Kirk M 907 Baughman, Akron, O. 

Lowry, Kenneth J-- - 113 Lincoln, Niles, O. 

Lozien, Kathleen T 610 Garfield, Canton, O. 

Luce, Robert C 1519 Sth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Luck, Leonard Frank 1308 Grant, Akron, O. 

Luihart, Mary J 23651 Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Lull, Mildred L 740 Upson, Akron, O. 

Lunt, Lois Jeanne 3010 Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lunt, Ruth J 3010 Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Lutes, Davis D --- E. Rochester, O. 

Luthardt, LaVerne R 4510 W. 14th St., Cleveland, O. 

Lutz, Wilma E 1018 S. Water, Kent, O. 

Lux, Alice M 212 Tyler, Canton, O. 

Lyons, Frank C R. F. D. 1, East Liverpool, O. 

Lyons, Julia R. 992 Brice, Lima, O. 

Lyons, Rowland Dean R. F. D. 1, East Liverpool, O. 

Lythgoe, R. Warren R. F. D. 4, Box 661, Akron, O. 

MacCurdy, Jack E W. Market St., Akron, O. 

MacDonald, John N Park Ave., Kent, O. 

McCabe, John 42 McKinney, Akron, O. 

McCafferty, Ross J Fifth St., Barberton, O. 

McCall, Blossom J 20th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McCauley, Marjoei H 87lh St., Cleveland, O. 

McChesney, Bruce L.-- Sweitzer Rd., Uniontown, O. 

McClary, Mrs. Madreth J College, Ct., Kent, O. 

McCleery, Hazel M.-- S. Belle Vista, Youngstown, O. 

McClelland, Marjorie D Loretta Ave., Toronto, O. 

McCloskey, Fred C R. F. D. 2, Alliance, O. 

McClure, Herbert L Diagonal Rd., Wayland, O. 

McCormish, William J Chestnut Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McCoy, Richard M R. F. D. 4, Akron, O. 

McCoy, Ruth E. 3rd St., Toronto, O. 

McCoy, Verda J 2nd St., Canton, O. 

McCue, Margaret M 15th St., Canton, O. 

McCulIy, Florence E Carrollton, O. 

McCune, James R Chalker St., Akron, O. 

McCune, William R. Chalker St., Akron, O. 

McCurdy, Elizabeth A 86th St., Cleveland, O. 

McCurdy, V. Lucille R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McCuskey, Raymond B R. F. D. 1, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McDaniel, Carl O Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

McDermott, Gerard J 1033 Bloomfield 

McDermott, Mary C Washington Ave., Lorain, O. 

McDevitt, Vincent J State St., Painesville, O. 

McDonough, Kathleen A Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

McElroy, Darnell Foster St., Youngstown, O. 

McElroy, Robert M Erie St., Kent, O. 

166 • 



a 9 

O 9 

9 9 


EverytMeg in Sporting Goods 

11^3 : 




3 5 So. Main St., 

AKRON, o. I All » Dairy » Products 

iTTiiT[iimi|iiiiMiiiiiiiiiTT[iTTTiii[iiTTi ] 1 1 II) fill 1 1 11 1 rii riiiniiiiiini rii I ti] 1 1 fii II Fi 1 1 1 1 1 1 [Fi 1 1 [I I i[ii 1 1 11 1 1 niHi i imH 'Tl ' ' M ' ' 1 1| ' ' 1 1 1 ^^^^ ^ iiiiiiiiii 'inii[[riiii[iiiiiiii[[iiiTiiTT[iiTTTiiirTinTTiiiiTTiimtnTTmTTiii ii riiiirriiiiiriiiiriinTninTTniiTTTiiiiTTiiiimiiTtiiiiirii 

5. C rJiSSLER & SONS novelty Jy/J company 



Invalid Car Service 




Phone: 5 300 



Candy M Service 

Phones: 29704 

1103 Cherry, N.E., 

W. F. O'NEILL, M,i;r. 

• 167 

McFetridge, Charlene E. Stanwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 

McGowan, Catherine.- W. Sixth, East Liverpool, O. 

McGrail, Harry S. -. Alexander St., Akron, O. 

McGranahan, John S - Aurora, O. 

McCranahan, Ralph E. - N. Bloomfield, O. 

McGuire, Betty Sue_ _ Crouse St., Akron, O. 

McGurk, Jack S. Auburn PL, Akron, O. 

McHugh, Mildred D New Metamoras, O. 

Mcllvaine, Earl E. Lincoln PI., Wadsworth, O. 

Mclntyre, Edna P Wellsville, O. 

Mclntyre, William C N. Willow St., Kent, O. 

McKee, Ruth K. Box 94 Sherrodsville, O. 

McKinley, Jay L R. F. D. 4, Mansfield, O. 

McLean, Virginia F. Malvern Rd., Shaker Heights, O. 

McMillan, Norma J. - Lisbon, O. 

McMillen, Lois M. 202 S. Pearl, Youngstown, O. 

McMillion, Margaret E Dorset, O. 

McMurray, Paul L _ Toronto, O. 

McMurry, Robert H .Lincoln Ave., Shadyside, O. 

McNab, James R Harvard Blvd., Toledo, O. 

NcNab, Marjorie J. Harvard Blvd., Toledo, O. 

McNamara, Robert W Court land Ave., Marion, O. 

Mcpherson, Kathryn M. At water, O. 

McVeigh, Edward C.-. ..Geauga Lake, O. 

Mackey, Phyllis E. 460 Mulberry, East Liverpool, O. 

Macynski, Helen Sillimon St., Youngstown, O. 

Maglione, Charles V Glendale Ave., Akron, O. 

Mahaffey, Jane W Storer Ave., Akron, O. 

Maher, Leo A.... Storer Ave., Akron, O. 

Maier, Do^'othea A 357 Bellflower, Canton, O. 

Makowski, Joseph I ..Arten Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Malarik, Steve Burkhardt Ave., Akron, O. 

Malat, Jeannette V Lyons Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Maloney, Kathleen A ...Rozelle Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Malquest, Jean E 42nd St., Ashtabula, O. 

Malyk, Petryna K P. O. Williamsfield, Ashtabula, O. 

Manclik, Mary H ...Vesper St., Akron, O. 

Mancovitz, Harry Aberdeen St., Akron, O. 

Mandula, Madge M East Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Manes, Wilbert I S. DePeyster, Kent, O. 

Manfull, Daniel M Mechanics town, O. 

Manki, Thomas E... School St., Kent, O. 

Manley, Leonard G E. 102nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Manning, John W S. Mahoning, Alliance, O. 

Mansfield, George H 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Mansfield, Richard K E. Wilbeth Rd., Akron, O. 

Mansfield, Richard M S. Main St., Canton, O. 

Manyo, Peter A Woodman Ave., Ashtabula, O. 

Marat ta, Margaret E. Roslyn Ave., Canton, O. 

March, Bette J 365 Sumatra, Akron, O. 

Marcu, Nick R. F. D. 3, Mesopotamia, O. 

Marcy, Alice M Lander Rd., Gates Mills, O. 

Marsh, Gordon W N. River St., Kent, O. 

Marsh, Virginia H.... Mantua, O. 

Marshall, Dulcenia M Amesbury Rd., Akron, O. 

Marshall, Josephine J Robbins Ave., Akron, O. 

Marshall, Julia D 334 W. Lacleve, Youngstown, O. 

Marshall, Lilyan K Selwyn Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Marthey, Louis G ..Florida Ave., Akron, O. 

Martin, Albert L Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 

Martin, Donald C Mineral City, O. 

Martin, Harold E ._ E. Plain St., Minerva, O. 

Martin, Helen M ...Indianola Dr., Lake wood, O. 

Martin, James M Prospect St., Wadsworth, O. 

Martin, Phyllis Diagonal Rd., Akron, O. 

Martin, Sybil R Wilkins Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Martin, William R 1st St., Mansfield, O. 

Mason, Clayton E. Medill Ave., Massillon, O. 

Mason, Helen M R. F. D. 4, Newark, O. 

Matejka, Marth W Gibbs Ave., Canton, O. 

Mathews, Robert J Park Ave., McDonald, O. 

Matthews, Robert J Kinsonan, O. 

Matson, Elsie N. Bloomfield, O. 

Mattern, Ethel L .Custer Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Mathews, Jack M Park Ave., McDonald, O. 

Matthews, Jean E Chagrin Falls, O. 

Mattis, Ruth M. Greyton Rd., Cleveland Heights, O. 

Maurer, John P. Kenilworlh, Warren, O. 

Maurer, Mary L Mineral Ridge, O. 

Maxa, Mildred P R. F. D. 2, Mantua, O. 

Maxwell, Laura R E. Smith St., Hicksville, O. 

May hew, Ellis F Lincoln Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Mayhew, Harold B Lincoln Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Mayne, Dorothea E R. F. D. 2, Atwater, O. 

Mayne, Kathryn V. R. F. D. 2, Atwater, O. 

Meachan, Ralph E . N. Willow St., Kent, O. 

Meade, Elizabeth 130th St., Cleveland, O. 

Mibert, Mary Jane Winton Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Mehlenbacker, Reita E Brown St., Akron, O. 

Melick, Marguerite J Bladensburg, O. 

Melick, OUie H Howard, O. 

Mendiola, John J. Harris Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Menster, Susan E Main St., Louisville, O. 

Meridal, June C. Parmelee Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Merlith, Laura J. E. York St., Akron, O. 

Merwin, Grace R. R. F. D. 2, Newton Falls, O. 

Merwin, Harmon L Middlefield, O. 

Meyer, Norman L. 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Meyers, Ralph F Willington, O. 

Michaels, Joseph M. Marion Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Micsko, Margaret C Bessemer Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Middleton, Dorothy B Rogers, G. 

Middy, Edith Medina, O. 

Midgley, Edith Medina, O. 

Midgley, Hazel F _ Medina, O. 

Miggl, Dorothy L Tremont Se., Massillon, O. 

Milar, Howard H Fair Ave., New Philadelphia, O. 

Miles, Richard B 501 Portage, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Mileski, Joseph ..Carthage Ave., Kent, O. 

Miller, Arnold L Gilmer Rd., Leavittsburg, O. 

Miller, Betty A Indianola Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Miller, Betty E Everett, O. 

Miller, Debert L 863 Hartford, Akron, O. 

Miller, Donald L Gilmer Rd., Leavittsburg, O. 

Miller, Edward B Twinsburg, O. 

Miller, Gerald F. R. F. D. 4, South Akron, O. 

Miller, Harry E 533 Adams, Huron. O. 

Miller, Irene G. 5th St., Toronto, O. 

MiUer, James D Rockwell St., Kent, O. 

Miller, June Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Miller, Jean W Herman Ave., Akron, O. 

Miller, John W Leavittsburg, O. 

Miller, Joseph E Box 199, S. Akron, O. 

Miller, Katherin G Reed Ave., Ashtabula, O. 

Miller, Laura A. Cortland, O. 

Miller, Mabel R. 350 N. Dewey, Youngstown, O. 

Miller, Marjorie A. Diamond, O. 

Miller, Marjorie A 201 Columbus, Crestline, O, 

Miller, Martha 9th St., Canton, O. 

Miller, Mary K R. F. D. 3, Carrollton, O. 

Miller, Maxine L Grant St., Wooster, O. 

Miller, Ralph R.. Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Miller, Roy A. E. Williams St., Kent, O. 

Miller, Ruth V Barlett Rd., Bedford, O. 

Milligan, B. Aileen Federal St., Toronto, O. 

Mills, Harriet M R. F. D. 3, Mantua, O, 

Miltner, Joy F Nebraska St., Painesville, O. 

Mine, John W Milford Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Miner, Ned B Alexander St., Akron, O. 

Minko, Walter Thornton St., Akron, O. 

Minor, Betty Lou Breyton Rd., Cleveland Hts., O. 

Mitchell, Andy 272 McPherson, Mansfield, O. 

Mitchell, Iris L Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Mitchell, Robert H ... Grain Ave., Kent, O. 

Mitchell, Robera L Vine St., Kent, O. 

Mitchell, Roscoe C, Jr Everett, O. 

Mitchely, Charles C. Box 536, Ellet, E. Akron, O. 

Mitten, Rayy C. 109 Borton Ave., Akron, O. 

Mittendoff, Harold R. Wolcott Ave., Kent, O. 

Mittiga, Dominic J Stow St., Kent, O. 

Mlosofsky, John C Box 14, New Milford, O. 

Mlosofsky, Marie A Box 14, New Milford, O. 

Mlcek, Fdena A James St., New London, O. 

Mlckovsky, Mona M Storer Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Mobley, Ruth L Morrison Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Mock, Helen M Kenil worth, Warren, O. 

Mohler, Nadine A Grand St., Berea, O. 

Mohr, Dorothy J State St., Garrettsville, O. 

MoUer, Rita C. : Forestwood Dr., Parma, O. 

Mollica, George J Wooster Ave., Akron, O. 

Molnar, Helen E 30th St., Lorain, O. 

Monaco, Dominic J Gordon Ave., Campbell, O. 

Monastra, Nick R. F. D. 36, North Canton, O. 

Monroe, Dora E Poplar St., Conneaut, O. 

Monroe, Lorena C ...Pierce Ave., Toronto, O. 

Monteith, Paul L Adeline Dr., Stow, O. 

Montgomery, Edward C Talmadge Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Montgomery, Mary M. Main St., Louisville, O. 

Montgomery, Paul M.... Franklin Ave., Kent, O. 

Mooney, Howard R R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Moore, Edward R S. Pearl St., Kent, O. 

Moore, Margaret V. Howard St., Youngstown, O. 

Moore, Phyllis L Custic Rd., Arlington, O. 

Moore, Ruth E N. Jackson, O. 

Morato, Lester P. 117th St., Cleveland, O. 

More, Mary C Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 

Morean, Helen M Vine St., Kent, O. 

Morehead, Grace M Faustina Ave., Bucyrus, O. 

Morgan, Delbert Talmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Morgan, Joan K 1066 Nela View, Cleveland, O. 

Morgan, Leonard Cummings Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Morgan, Mary J Maple Ave., Bridgeport, O. 

Moricoli, John C 561 Cuyahoga, Kent, O. 

Morrill, Martha L. Lake Shore Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Morris, Carl J. R. F. D. 4, South Akron, O. 

Morris, Louis D Damon St., Akron, O. 

Morris, Margaret E -...638 High, Canton, O. 

Morris, William A Grand Division, Garfield Heights, O. 

Morrison, Helen G. Woodland Ave., Canton, O. 

Morrow, Margot K. 1505 Shely, Youngstown, O. 

Morton, Kathleen J. Aurora Station, Aurora, O. 

Moseley, Hazel L 661 Porter, Warren, O. 

Moseley, Mada .64 Rice, Alliance, O. 

Moser, Robert L R. F. D. 4, Ravenna, O. 

Mosher, Jerry S Madison St., Ashtabula, O. 

Mosher, Paul W. N. Depeyster, Kent, O. 

Mosher, Robert F N. Depeyster, Kent, O. 

Mottmiller, Pauline M Liberty Ave., Barberton, O. 

Moulton, Eugene R College Ave., Kent, O. 

Mounts, Gene E Almyra Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Moyler, Barbara J Cotter Ave., Akron, O. 

Mueller, Margot R. 111th St. Cleveland, O. 

Mull, Harold R Grafton, O. 

Mullett, Margaret E. Windham, O. 

Mullen, Leah M Sandusky St., Fredericktown, O. 

Mumaw, Gladys J R. F. D. 2, Garrettsville, O. 

Munger, Bonita F. Jefferson, O. 

Munnia, Robert V 19th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Munro, James L E. 33rd St., Lorain, O. 

Mural, Walter V 131st St., Cleveland, O. 

Murdock, Dorothy J 513 Broadway, Wellsville, O. 

Murphy, Karl M Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Murphy, Robert D Ontario St., Albany, N. Y. 

Murphy, Woodrow W S. Lincoln St., Kent, O. 

Murray, Claude E. R. F. D. 1, New Milford, O. 

Murray, Kay M Ashurst Rd., University Heights, O. 

Murray, Agatha Charles Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Murtaugh, Martha J. Thaw Ave., Marion, O. 

Musser, Jeanne L 378 Hazelwood, Warren, O. 

Miissin, Freda L 556 E. Lucius, Youngstown, O. 

Musik, Helen M Union Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Myers, Robert 8th St., Massillon, O. 

Myers, Elizabeth J ...University Dr., Canton, O. 

Myers, Elizabeth J 2051 Atkinson, Youngstown, O. 

Myers, Everett W Depeyster St., Kent, O. 

Myers, Frederick E Glenwood Ave., Warren, O. 

Myers, George D R. F. D. 3, Hudson, O. 

Myers, Geraidine 1 Oak Hill, Delaware, O. 

Myers, Helen M Lorain Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Myers, Irma E Depeyster St., Kent, O. 

Myers, Jennabel W Oak Hill Ave., Delaware, O. 

Myers, John E Edgerton Rd., Akron, O. 

Myers, Margaret M Avon St., Akron, O. 

Myers, Robert G Bailey St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Myers, Robert J Dorset, O. 

Myers, Willella H Oak Hill Ave., Delaware, O. 

Myers, William C. Park Ave., Kent, O. 

Mylor, Kenneth R Orchard Grove Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Myser, Sue I. 627 Insand, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

168 • 

Gill Crest 


Umpff . . . . 

Have RhytlMnis By 


aed Ills 


Kcent State's Traditional Campus Baed 

Robert G. Katzenmeyer 
Kent Theatei- Building, 

I 1NL I LI jiiiiiiiL iimiiriii iiir i rm iim n iii|||||HIII]||ri 






1 1 3 North water St. 
Kent. Ohio 

Kent's Oldest, Largest 

aed Best Cleaeieg 




A self-contained unit with built-in 
antenna and dry-pack battery — 
guaranteed for playing 150 hours. 
Housed in an attractive airplane type 
overnight case, closed lo protect 
control knobs and dial. 


Lhltn to The Voice of fin^foric uith Rtchard Crooks, Margaret Speaks and 
Alfred WalUmlein, MonJay etetihtv oirr Sathttuitir N D. C Red Network 



Phone: 4422 

• 169 

Nabakowski, John T --South St., Birmingham, O. 

Nabrstedt, Harvey R 23921 Smith Ave., N. Olmsted, O. 

Nalencz, Leonard V 561 Orlands, Akron, O. 

Nail, Bettie A Sunset Park, Louisville, O. 

Nappi, Anthony M 934 E. 18th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Nason, Janet L 161 E. 192nd St., Euclid, O. 

Nearpass, Charlette J N. Kingsville, O. 

Nedetsky, Howard P 402 Frazier Ave., Bowling Green, O. 

Neidert, Fred H. 22 E. Yoris St., Akron, O. 

Nelson, Andre H - Mantua, O. 

Nelson, Betty J 1297 Burkhart Ave., Akron, O. 

Nero, Frank C Aurora Rd., Solon, O. 

Nerone, Therese R R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Nesbitt, Edgar K 939 Vine St., Kent, O. 

Netzen, Leslie E 3344 Wilson Ave., Toledo, O. 

Newman, Dorothy L R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Newman, Grace K R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Nickar, Stanley F 6302 Luelda Ave., Parma, O. 

Nickerson, Hugh S 176 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Nickerson, Mary M. 176 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Nickerson, Neil O. 176 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Nicodemus, Evelyn N 303 Water St., Wadsworth O. 

Nishwitz, Reynold E.-- Darrowville Rd., Stow, O. 

Nixon, Delbert E. Stratton, O. 

Nixon, Ray T. R. F. D. 1, Wadsworth, O. 

Nordman, William 821 Morton Dr., Ashtabula, O. 

Norman, Lewis G 2005 S. Newberry St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

North, Harold G ...R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Nosis, Mary K 14 Penn Ave., S.E., Massillon, O. 

O'Brien, Mary J 1781 Uth St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ocasek, Betty O Chaffee Rd., Macedonia, O. 

Ochenreider, Mae E R. F. D. 1, Box 183, Akron, O. 

Ochendorf, Edith V 519 S. 4th St., Steubenville, O. 

O'Donnell, George General Delivery, Urichsville, O. 

Ofensend, Betty J 557 Wildwood, Akron, O. 

Offenhauer, Mary F 1602 Rose PI., Cincinnati, O. 

O'Grady, Robert E 694 Eddy Rd., Cleveland, O. 

O'Hara, James P. 927 S. Water, Kent, O. 

Ohiiger, Rosemary E 832 Orchard, New Philadelphia, O. 

Oldham, Clifford C 365 Cypress, Akron, O. 

O'Leary, Jean M 2S43 N. Cleveland Ave., Canton, O. 

O'Malley, Rita C 1346 W. 61st St., Cleveland, O. 

Opeil, Leonard J 13713 N. Drive, Garfield Heights, O. 

Ormsby, Wade E 489 Mineola Ave., Akron, O. 

Orpin, Robert R 465 Broadway, Bedford, O. 

Ortt, Clarence H 314 W. Church, Newcomerstown, O. 

Osborn, Ruth E R. F. D. 1, Elyria, O. 

Osborne, Irene G 450 McNally St., Alliance, O. 

Osborne, Jane C. 402 N. DePeyster St., Kent, O. 

Osborne, Katherine A -- High St., Jewett, O. 

Osborne, Virginia M R. F. D. 3, Cortland, O. 

O'Sickey, Alice M 3750 Washington Park, Cleveland, O. 

Osmun, Erla W 224 College, Kent, O. 

Ostervich, Edward - Tikent Place, Akron, O. 

Ostrander, Edward R 64 Grant St., Painesville, O. 

Overholt, Edna M. R. F. D. 3, Box 395 Kent, O. 

Owens. Erma J.- R. F. D. 3, Toronto, O. 

Page, John J. E. 65th St., Cleveland, O. 

Palmer, William D N. Willow St., Kent, O. 

Paluch, Anthony Box 86, Wolf Run, O. 

Paluch, Nestor Box 87, Wolf Run, O. 

Pandelis, Nick Wildwood Ave., Akron, O. 

Panik, Susan Elberen St., Youngstown, O. 

Pannier, Marion J Homeworth, O. 

Panovic, John W Euclid Ave., Willard, O. 

Pansier, Ruth E Lake Mont Ave., Akron, O. 

Papp, Alex W. King St., Fairport Harbor, O. 

Papushak, George E 78th St., Cleveland, O. 

Pardee, Josephine H Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Paris, Corrine L Sumner St., Akron, O. 

Parker, Albert E. 42nd St., Ashtabula, O. 

Parker, Alice A Pine St., Geneva, O. 

Parker, Don L. Eaton Rd., Shaker Heights, O. 

Parker, Raymond C R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Parker, Stanley J -- Windham, O. 

Parkhurst, Robert F Cook Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Parsons, Eva H Firestone Blvd., Akron, O. 

Parrish, Harold C . ..Haynes St., Akron, O. 

Parsons, Ruth A E. 100th St., Cleveland, O. 

Paterson, Betty J „ Dillewood Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Patrick, Eleanor P R. F. D. 1, Amsterdam, O. 

Patterson, Dorothy C Walken Ave., Glen Oaks, N. Y. 

Patterson, Eleanor M Franklin Rd., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Patterson, Fred P W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Patterson, Margaret A Broadway Ave., Girard, O. 

Patterson, William A E. 150th St., Cleveland, O. 

Patton, Elizabeth V Graham Ave., Akron, O. 

Pavlovic, Anna L -Dillonvale, O. 

Peachex, lone I Usher Rd., Olmsted Falls, O. 

Pearce, Robert I Hiram, O. 

Pearl, Violet M 127 Bellflower, Canton, O. 

Peck, Betty W R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Peck, Curtis W Rockwell St., Kent, O. 

Pell, Betty V Washington St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Penn, Howard T Merline Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Pentz, John Clinton Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Penza, Enio R . 135 High, Girard, O. 

Percoco, Diana A N. Howard St., Akron, O. 

Percoco, Frank A N. Balch St., Akron, O. 

Pesta, Edward M 19000 Raymond, Maple Heights, O. 

Peters, Herman P 1867 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Peters, Mildred C 1867 5th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Peters, Ulric J W. Soth, Cleveland, O. 

Pethtel, Margaret E Bates Rd., Madison, O. 

Petko, Matilda , .14th St., Canton, O. 

Petric, Kathryn D Portage Path, Akron, O. 

Petrie, Vine E --Anclover, O. 

Petta, Rocco C E. 201st St., Cleveland, O. 

Pettit, Mary M Canfield, O. 

Petty, Janet L 10th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Petty, Vivian R Grasmere Rd., Maple Heights, O. 

Pfahler, Maryanna ..Third St., Shelby, O. 

Pfeifer, Helen C State Ave., Ashtabula, O. 

Philius, Betty L Warren Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Phillips, Frank G Box 5, Peninsula, O. 

Phillips, Laurence J Avon St., Akron, O. 

Phillips, Raymond E Star Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Pickard, Elsie Box 715, Akron, O. 

Piehl, Frank F... Paulire St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Pierce, Donald L Fairgrounds Rd., Painesville, O. 

Pierce, Helen J ..Grant St., Raven, O. 

Pierce, Jack R Wellington, O. 

Pierce, Ruth L. R. F. D 3, Mantua, O. 

Pierce, Vera G.. S. Mantua St., Kent, O. 

Pike, Howard P., R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Pincombe, Virgil D Rocky River Dr., Berea, O. 

Pinkos, John G 605 Hammel, Akron, O. 

Piorkowski, Gulius J Mustill St., Akron, O. 

Piotrowski, Milan F W. 19th St., Cleveland, O. 

Piraino, Ben J E. 128th St., Shaker Heights, O. 

Pliskin, Libby T Euclid Ave., Akron, O. 

Pliskin, William A Euclid Ave., Akron, O. 

Plott, Virginia M . 30:h St., Canton, O. 

Podwojski, Alvin E Tarvey Rd., GarBeld Heights, O. 

Pohl, Daniel E E. Archwood Ave., Akron, O. 

Pohl, Catharina E Blanche St., Akron, O. 

Point, William H Outlook Dr., Talmadge, O. 

Pomeroy, Leonard R R. F. D. 3, Painesville, O. 

Poole, Lorin K Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Poptic, George P 148 Woodland, Newton Falls, O. 

Porea, Cornelia E - Elm Rd., Warren, O. 

Porter, Eleanor S R. F. D. 1, Doylestown, O. 

Porter, Jean B Cortland, O. 

Porter, Josephine W Neosho Rd., Youngstown, O. 

Porter, Raymond R Kingsville, O. 

Posey, Elizabeth P Ellet Ave., Akron, O. 

Potts, Robert L W. Liberty St., Medina, O. 

Powell, Edna M Alliance, O. 

Powell, John W Walnut St., Jefferson, O. 

Powers, Edward W W. 28th St., Cleveland, O. 

Prasse, Fred C Beaconwood, Euclid, O. 

Pratt, Harriet L 423 Broad St., Conneaut, O. 

Pratt, Iris L Green Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Pratt, Roy B 423 Broad St., Conneaut, O. 

Pratt, William C R. F. D. 1, New Milford, O. 

Presley, Phyllis M 47 Center, Willoughby, O. 

Price, Geraldine M Montelaei Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Price, Joseph --Elm St., Masury, O. 

Prinz, Gerald G 2233 Fourth, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Pugh, George L 430 Drexel, Akron, O. 

Purnell, Emily M R. F. D. 1, Canfield, O. 

Pyle, Howard L Water St., Kent, O. 

Quatlrochi, August W 1115 Garfield, Cleveland, O. 

Quayle, Jack N 3311 Dorchester, Shaker Heights, O. 

Quigley, Clinton H 541 W. Walnut, Ashland, O. 

Quinnette, Charles E 3420 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Radenicker, Gerald J Sheldon Rd., Berea, O. 

Rahal, James A 318 Mentzer, N.E., Canton, O. 

Ragle, Paul 1425 E. Tallmadge Ave., Akron, O. 

Raimonde, Adeline L 3rd St., Yorkville, O. 

Ranallo, Gene A 473 Woodland, Akron, O. 

Randall, Flora D 616 N. Mantua, Kent, O. 

Randies, Chester I R. F. D. 2, Box 14, Chardon, O. 

Randozzi, Ambrose 776 Fairfield, Akron, O. 

Rapp, Mary E 990 E. Main St., Ravenna, O. 

Rapp, Noel G 990 E. Main St., Ravenna, O. 

Rarick, James J - 605 Lindell, Akron, O. 

Ratchford, Ellie 1 2436 Liberty, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ratchford, June 2436 Liberty, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Raymer, Earl D 936 S. Water, Kent, O. 

Raymer, Mabel 1 936 S. Water, Kent, O. 

Readnower, Thomas E Tauun Arms Apts., Dayton, O. 

Ream, Doris V R. F. D. 5, Canton, O. 

Ream, Mary Jane R. F. D. 5, Canton, O. 

Rebeck, Harold 315 W. Market, Akron, O. 

Reddick, Letitia M 557 E. Summit St., Kent, O. 

Redmond, Richard G 1203 N. Mantua, Kent, O. 

Redmond, Russell K 538 Melrose, Akron, O. 

Reed, Marion E Somerset Rd., Fairlawn, O. 

Reed, Sara R 810 Avon, Akron, O. 

Rees, Evelyn 26 Cherry, Girard, O. 

Rees, Harriet J Bonnie Brooke, Hubbard, O. 

Reese, Dorothy A Washingtonville, O. 

Reese, LaVerne A 210 Diamond, Ravenna, O. 

Reese, W. Griffith 1009 Mechanic, Grafton, O. 

Reeves, Paul E Salineville, O. 

Reid, Jack 43 Royal PI., Akron, O. 

Reiff, Russell E 803 N. Sandusky, Bucyrus, O. 

Reimer, Irene M 1001 15th St., N.E., Canton, O. 

Reinhard, Leonard J 3578 W. 45th St., Cleveland, O. 

Reiss, Sylvia L. 192 Emmons, Akron, O. 

Reiter, Homer J 267 Lincoln, Youngstown, O. 

Reitzel, Eleanor L 3419 6th, Beaver Fall, Pa. 

Renick, Mary J 751 Ardmore, Akron, O. 

Renkert, Robert E 329 S. Erie, Kent, O. 

Rentschler, Robert D Jeromesville, O. 

Rentz, Merle V 936 S. Water St., Kent, O. 

Renz, Elizabeth D 636 N. Wabash, Brewster, O. 

Resseger, Charles H 300 Sundale Rd., Akron, O. 

Retzer, Danny F 897 Packard Dr., Akron, O. 

Reynolds, Kermit C R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Reynolds, Willard C R. F. D. 1, N. Fairfield, O. 

Rhodes, Margaret E 2236 21st St., Akron, O. 

Riblet, Martha J R. F. D. 1, Mt. Gilead, O. 

Rice, Charlesamelia 573 Cuyahoga, Akron, O. 

Rice, Dorothy Allene 3401/2 S. Freedom, Alliance, O. 

Rice, Jane L Farmdale, O. 

Richards, Kenneth A 456 Delmar, Akron, O. 

Richardson, Ruth R 123 Kenilworth, Akron, O. 

Richardson, Winifred C R. F. D. 8, Box 105, Akron, O. 

Richner, Carol A Macedonia Rd., Twinsburg, O. 

Richner, Jacquelyn Twinsburg, O. 

Rickard, Dorothea M 1308 Penn, East Liverpool, O. 

Rickey, John T 122 N. Diamond, Ravenna, O. 

Ricks, Ruth M 1145 Thrush, Wickliffe, O. 

Ridinger, Ruth J 4234 Rush Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Ridley, Jean K 257 Ontario, Barberton, O. 

Riley, Clare R. F. D. 2, Seville, O. 

Ripley, Genevieve L R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Ripley, Richard A R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Rist, Dorothy J 5089 Haverford, Lyndhurst, O. 

Ritch, Florence J 175 Atlantic, Warren, O. 

170 • 

George Defrieze 

Have your eyes e x a di i n e d 


by a 


operator of 




Watches and Jewelry Repaired 

Log Cabin at Shady Lake 


Robin Hood and Al's Cottage 



Captain Brady 

The only 
Official University Pins 

Rockwell Building East Main St. 

■ '^^^^^j'.rj'.rjw.rj'^.r^^.nrj-wwj^nn^.n^^.r,.-.-^.-^^^.-^^ 




Deposits Insured up to $5,000 by the 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 

• 171 

Robart, John M _Sugar Creek, O. 

Robenstine, Roy L _ Mogadore, O. 

Roberson, Geneva B 141 S. Mantua, Kent, O. 

Roberto, Rose New Milford, O. 

Roberts, Frances A 1926 6th St., Canton, O. 

Roberts, Kenneth W New Waterford, O. 

Roberts, William H 640 Blaine, Akron, O. 

Robertson, Anna ___ __. Malvern, O, 

Robertson A. Virginia--. 3460 Meadowbrook Blvd., Cleveland Hts., O. 

Robertson, James H - 446 McGowan St., Akron, O. 

Robertson, Martin N 3460 Meadowbrook Blvd., Cleveland Hts., O. 

Robinson, Christine.-- - -- 496 Perry, Salem, O. 

Robinson, Edward J 1084 7th St., Akron, O. 

Robinson, Margery L 1003 N. Water, Urichsville, O. 

Rodda, Tom H 394 Broad, Wadsworth, O. 

Roddy, Mabel C. . Box 95, Uniontown, O. 

Roderick, Robert L 516 Howard, Akron, O. 

Rodgers, Zelma A Bergholz, O. 

Rodkey, Leonard L., Jr 201 Chicago, Youngstown, O. 

Roehm, Betty J 189 E. Gates, Columbus, O. 

Rogers, Stanley 4242 W. 24th St., Cleveland, O. 

Rohlf, Hilda G R. F. D. 2, Box 159, Kent, O. 

Rohr, Lawrence J 2235 21st St., Akron, O. 

Roland, Floyd R.. -- East Canton, O. 

Romito, Joseph V 85 Cowles, Bedford, O. 

Rongone, Pearl S48 Broadway, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Rose, Joseph J High St., Middelfield, O. 

Rosencrans, Betty L. 226 Bridge, Elyria, O. 

Rosenberger, Carl L 861 Dana, Warren, O. 

Rosenbloom, Nathan 806 Euclid, Akron, O. 

Rosenkeimer, George H 190 Liberty St., Painesville, O. 

Rosich, Tom A 3120 Superior Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Roski, Virginia D -- Hudson, O. 

Rossen, Warren D 433 Greenwood, Akron, O. 

Rcthermund, June 189 Poland, Struthers, O, 

Rowley, Donald F 732 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Rozuk, Ray E 1162 Manning, Akron, O. 

Rucker, Frances N 2190 E. 84th St., Cleveland, O. 

Ruddy, Genevieve 130 Grant, Lowellville, O. 

Rufener, Martha E R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Ruggles, Arthur J 2594 E. Bailey, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ruggles, Dorothy G 822 E. Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ruggles, Elizabeth J 822 E. Kent Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ruggles, William K 2594 Bailey Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Rummell, Shirley 1 4323 Southern, Youngstown, O. 

Runk, Marguerite P 2492 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Ruof, Edgar Jr -- Zoar, O. 

Ruoff, Thaise M. 1839 Charles, Cleveland, O. 

Ruschell, Robert J 2697 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Russell, Doris A 1458 E. 115th St., Cleveland, O. 

Russell, Eugene G 1458 E. llSth St., Cleveland, O. 

Russell, John W. 442 Crain, Kent, O. 

Russell, Mina G. 1275 E. 125th St., Cleveland, O. 

Russell, Myron L Diamond, O. 

Russell, Robert T 721 Garfield, Akron, O. 

Russo, Charles R 11213 Ashbury Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Rust, Howard F 508 Scott, Crestline, O. 

Ruta, Stella L 1495 E. 120th St., Cleveland, O. 

Ryan, Helen C 756 S. Seneca, Alliance, O. 

Ryan, Paul A 182 E. George, Marion, O. 

Rybak, Francis J Route 8, Boston Heights, O. 

Rychlik, Dorothy H 4132 W. 161st St., Cleveland, O. 

Sackett, Charles M R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Sager, Ruth P . 660 Talmadge Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Saker, Virginia P 1157 Edgewood, Warren, O. 

Sakryd, Charles M E. Water, Rock Creek, O. 

Salandra, Marie A 38 Wood, Niles, O. 

Salem, Emil .407 Livingston, Akron, O. 

Salomone, John A 30 Vine St., Willoughby, O. 

Salovaia, Edwin E 416 Kennilworth, Warren, O. 

Salzer, Louis W Chesterland, O. 

Samartz, Amos --- 549 Brown, Akron, O. 

Sanner, Nolan J 544 Myrtle, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Sanor, Stella M - --.-Hanoverton, O. 

Sansone, Sam J 10502 Crestwood Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Savely, Joe E 730 Noah, Akron, O. 

Saviers, Dorothy L R. F. D. 1, East Palestine, O. 

Savu, Betty E. 434 Belmont, Warren, O. 

Scaces, James F 552 Hall, Wayne, W. Va. 

Scarpitti, Arthur 863 Gorge Blvd., Akron, O. 

Schaer, William E 418 Lawrence, Ravenna, O. 

Schaetzle, Joe A 1200 Berwin, Akron, O. 

Schafer, Jack ---208 King, Ravenna, O. 

Scharpe, Doris E 3333 W. 97th St., Cleveland, O. 

Scheffer, Helen L ...750 Noble, Akron, O. 

Schemel, Carl 239 Whetstone, Bucyrus, O. 

Scherer, Charles R .226 S. Pearl, Kent, O. 

Scherer, Grace B 226 S. Pearl, Kent, O. 

Scheu, Alyce L 1421 11th St., Canton, O. 

Scheuerman, John G 9 1st St., Harrison, N. Y. 

Schieve, Henrietta M 3211 W. 41st St., Cleveland, O. 

Schild, Reed L 345 Van, Barberton, O. 

Schill, Miriam A 695 Summit, Akron, O. 

Schilmiller, Donald R 1375 Copley, Akron, O. 

Schilmiller, Mary E.- --1375 Copley, Akron, O. 

Schindewolf, John E 1455 East St., Akron, O. 

Schopkohl, Eldon 310 High, Warren, O. 

Schlegel, Harold C 325 N. Willow, Kent, O. 

Schlesinger, Betty M 1851 Reyburn, Cleveland, O. 

Schmidt, Arlynn R --6081 Broadview, Parma, O. 

Schmidt, Helen G 727 Brady, Steubenville, O. 

Schmitt, Edward F 203 Marguerite, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Schmetz, John H 1631 Woodward, Lakewood, O. 

Schneider, Rene A R. F. D. 1, Sterling, O. 

Schneider, Robert W 83 Hurlburt, Akron, O. 

Schorr, Esther 1 150 Merchant, Marion, O. 

Schroy, Gladys M 437 27th St., Massillon, O. 

Schoffman, Victor E 852 Wall, Akron, O. 

Schory, Kenneth P 437 27th St., Massillon, O. 

Schott, Pauline E R. F. D. 1, Canal Fulton, O. 

Schraegle, William A 17317 Oxford, Cleveland, O. 

Schray, Mary L 1460 Delia, Akron, O. 

Schrock, Alta E Salisbury, Pa. 

Schroyer, Hilda L R. F. D. 2, Warren, O. 

Schumacher, Dorothy E 1767 17th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Schwartz, Lillian L. 525 Rhodes, Akron, O. 

Schwering, Robert M 9729 Hilgert, Cleveland, O. 

Scofield, Mary J West Walnut, Jefferson, O. 

Scott, Frank S 303 Ray, New Philadelphia, O. 

Scott, Robert D Homeworth, O. 

Scullion, Donald J 960 Elborn, Cleveland, O. 

Seagand, Curth L -.412 Buffalo, Jamesburg, N. Y. 

Searcy, William H Hudson, O. 

Season, Dorothy E 2044 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Seedhouse, Earl W 19417 Elbin, Rocky River, O. 

Seeds, M. Lynette... R. F. D. 2, Hastings Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Seeman, Arlene L 444 S. Walnut, Ravenna, O. 

Seese, Robert H 621 Keller, Barberton, O. 

Seesholtz, Mary A 401 3rd St., Canton, O. 

Sekeres, Elmer C 341 Black, Akron, O. 

Sell, James E.- 2690 Maplewood, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Serne, Harold 27455 Lake Rd., Bay Village, O. 

Sessions, Douglas L 233 Highland, Kent, O. 

Sewald, George S R. F. D. 4, Ravenna, O. 

Seymour, Eleanor C New Milford, O. 

Seymour, G. Deming New Milford, O. 

Shaffer, Barbara E 124 Streesboro Rd., Hudson, O. 

Shaffer, Evelyn E Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Shaffer, Harold E Hartville, O. 

Shank, Marion E.- Homerville, O. 

Shanks, Marjorie B Darrowville, O. 

Sharp, Raymond D 302 Beaver, Akron, O. 

Sharp, Vera .. R. F. D. 1, Ravenna, O. 

Shaw, Betty J 19 Tritt, Sawyerwood, O. 

Shaw, Betty K 319 E. 346th St., Willoughby, O. 

Shaw, Jane E Vincent Rd., Silver Lake, O, 

Shaw, William L. 319 E. 346th St., Willoughby, O. 

Shea, Eileen A. .530 6th St., Canton, O. 

Shearer, Elmer C 97 Fenton, Mogadore, O. 

Sheany, Leslie E 40 Edward, Akron, O. 

Sheers, George B 1022 Bonnington, Massillon, O. 

Sheffler, Geraldine L 327 Korman, Massillon, O. 

Sheiner, Mrs. Alice R Hudson, O. 

Sheldon, Ruth A. 328 Cambridge, Elyria, O. 

Shellman, James G 1937 Washington, Lorain, O. 

Shepard, Mary J^ 146 Burrowa, Geneva, O. 

Shepherd, James T R. F. D. 3, Box 465, Akron, O. 

Sherbondy, Jacqueline F 71 Watson, Painesville, O. 

Sherlock, Ruth J 5409 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Sherman, Sam L 667 Dorothy, Akron, O. 

Sherran, Clifford L 576 Diagonal, Akron, O. 

Shetler, Betty L. 349 Harter, Canton, O. 

Shields, Eleanor R. F. D. 1, Lowellville, O. 

Shields, Mary A 930 National, Bridgeport, O. 

Shimek, Jeanette R 1511 Ridgewood, Lakewood, O. 

Shreve, Wendall E 1075 Delia, Akron, O. 

Shriber, George A 11S3 Sunset View, Akron, O. 

Shrigley, Ralph C Box 6, Rootstown, O. 

Shriner, Kate C 303 Clinton, Newark, O. 

Shuke, John F Six Mile Run, Bedford, Pa. 

Shultz, Kathryn E 164 E. Cambridge, Alliance, O. 

Shultz, Thelma A 164 E. Cambridge, Alliance, O. 

Shumaker, Mary E Upper Sandusky, O. 

Sicuro, Frank J 341 Freedom, Ravenna, O. 

Siebert, Virgil J 677 Patterson, Akron, O, 

Siedschlag, Karl G R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Sigrist, Margaret V 3146 Lindenwood, Akron, O. 

Silsby, Hazel F 1443 Pill, S. Euclid, O. 

Simkins, Elwood B R. F. D. 1, Suffield, O. 

Simmons, Bernard L R. F. D. 2, Medina, O. 

Simon, Theodore W., Jr 367 Belveder, Warren, O. 

Simons, Orlie H. 815 Hudson Rd., Hudson, O. 

Simpkinson, Halley C 3232 Beredith, Cincinnati, O. 

Simpson, Rachael Garrets ville, O. 

Sinclair, Alvin R 132 Bedford, Canton, O. 

Sindledecker, Charles L Newton Falls, O. 

Singley, Adele A 1932 E. 116th St., Cleveland, O. 

Sinn, Donald F. Diamond, O. 

Sivon, Lynn E 1300 E. Main, Ravenna, O. 

Sivon, Ruth L 1300 E. Main, Ravenna, O. 

Skafec, Fred C 267 E. Wilbeth, Akron, O. 

Skove, Alice Lenay Maple Heights, O. 

Slater, Dorothy E Paris, O. 

Slates, Mary J Carrolton, O. 

Slemmons, Dora Mae Navarre, O. 

Smetts, Richard R 162 Bachtel, Akron, O. 

Smith, Allen W 2323 Indiana Way, Canton, O. 

Smith, Arthur W Burrows Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Smith, Craven E. R. F. D. 4, Delphi, Ind. 

Smith, D. Frances 2035 E. 93rd St., Cleveland, O. 

Smith, Dorothy P 2621 Ellenwood, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Eloise B 114 2nd St., Niles, O. 

Smith, Ethel M. 1925 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Glenn 1722 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Harold V 707 Falls Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Harry W Atwater, O. 

Smith, Kyle S. 120 Burton, Akron, O. 

Smith, LeRoy E 203S 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Margaret L 191 Hollywood, Youngstown, O. 

Smith, Marie A. Canal Fulton, O. 

Smith, Marjorie E R. F. D. 3, Ravenna, O. 

Smith, Mortimer P 17611 Franklin Blvd., Lakewood, O. 

Smith, Nellie V 156 Rhodes, Akron, O. 

Smith, Robert F 2690 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Robert G - Diamond, O. 

Smith, Russell L 2621 Elmwood, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Smith, Ruth L 1729 Longwood, South Euclid, O. 

Smith, Larance N 1790 Shaw, Akron, O. 

Smith, Viola M 17611 Franklin Blvd., Lakewood, O. 

Smith, Violet J. R. F. D. 1, Burghill, O. 

Snyder, Adam E 183 Munroe Falls, Rd., Stow, O. 

Snyder, David H R. F. D. 1, Kirkville, N. Y. 

Snyder, Dorothy J 2049 E. 115th St., Cleveland, O. 

Snyder, Ida L New Middletown, O. 

Snyder, June D. 2049 E. 115th St., Cleveland, O. 

Snyder, Milton H 575 Rhodes, Akron, O. 

Snyder, N. Phelps 1319 5th St., Lorain, O. 

Snyder, Olive G R. F. D. 2, Hubbard O. 

Snyder, Ruth C 17004 Troax Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Snyder, Sue 1416 Shorb, Canton, O. 

Snyder, Virgina Lakemore, O. 

Solack, Stella 147 Dane, Lorain, O. 

Solow, Robert H 125 Riverside Dr., New York, N. Y. 

Somers, Richard L Graham Rd., Silver Lake, O. 

Sophrin, Alan D.. 1745 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Spartage, George 923 Bowey, Akron, O. 

Spelman, Comfort C 501 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Spencer, Roslyn G 1230 Warren Rd., Lakewood, O. 

172 • 

The most popular place in town 



C Hale B. Thompson's Drug Store has had space in each issue of the "] 

Chestnut Burr since 1914 (25 years) and during that time has kept 

pace with Pharmacy in the same way that Kent Normal has progressed 

to Kent State University. May we hope that both institutions may 

live and prosper for another 25 years. 






Everything in Ilardivuro 





132 N. WATER ST 

PHONE 3121 




A Lifetime Experience in the art of 
growing and arrangement of flowers 



1312 N. MANTUA 

PHONE 3813 

• 173 

Spero, Marjorie E 2804 E. Overlook, Cleveland, O. 

Spidel, Elizabeth 1 635 N. Wabash, Brewster, O. 

Spratt, George C 97 Jewett, Akron, O. 

Spratt, James A 97 Jewett, Akron, O. 

Spriggel, Keith B Munroe Falls, O. 

Spring, Merle R 2306 Tuscarawas Ave., Canton, O. 

Sprouse, J. June 4407 State St., Ashtabula, O. 

Sprunger, Preston R R. F. D. 2, Wadsworth, O. 

Squires, Evelyn S R. F. D. 7, Akron, O. 

Squires, Gertrude R R. F. D. 1, Oberlin, O. 

Stafford, Edna P 913 Franklin, Toronto, O. 

Stalzer, Robert F 417 Marguerite, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Stanfar, Nick F 75 Tremble, Campbell, O. 

Stange, Elaine E 1423 E. 134th St., East Cleveland, O. 

Stanley, Marion A 666 W. Market, Akron, O. 

Staples, James V 141 Markaler, Stow, O. 

Starkey, Betty J Cooley Farm, Warrensville, O. 

Starr, Dwight L 2179 Stone, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Starrett, John L 405 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Starrett, Ruby J 405 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Stauffer, Bernice B. 2064 3rd St., Canton, O. 

Stauffer, James M. 50 Main St., Greenwich, O. 

Steadman, Marion Youngstown, O. 

Steek, Carolyn E 314 Washington, Warren, O. 

Steele, Elizabeth K Hibbetts, O. 

Steele, Phyllis M St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, O. 

Steese, Elizabeth J 396 Cloverdale, Akron, O. 

Stefanick, Milan 3541 W. 58th St., Cleveland, O. 

Stefanosky, Joseph S - Box 109, Mogadore, O. 

Steffen, Paul H 17914 Windward, Cleveland, O. 

Steffey, Elizabeth Ann 311 Valley, Minerva, O. 

Steigher, William E 26 Rose, Harrison, N. Y. 

Steimer, Doris J 2901 6th St., Canton, O. 

Steiner, John V 1292 Diagonal, Akron, O. 

Steinert, John Neffs, O. 

Steinhauer, Betty L Box 2256, N. Side Sta., Youngstown, O. 

Steinhauser, Ruth G 2629 Benton, Akron, C. 

Stelson, Ada W 540 S. Lincoln, Kent, O. 

Stephens, Martha E 774 Chalker, Akron, O. 

Sternad, Marcia J Richmond Rd., Macedonia, O. 

Stevens, Charles, Jr --E. Rochester, O. 

Stevens, Elinor M. Valley City, O. 

Stevens, Gertrude E 517 New Fourth, Fairport Harbor, O. 

Stevens, William, Jr 216 S. Depeyster, Kent, O. 

Stewart, Dale D 41 Wigley, Akron, O. 

Stewart, Dwight A 402 S. Willow, Kent, O. 

Stewart, Elmer C 4892 E. 97th St., Garfield Heights, O. 

Stewart, Virginia H 305 Spruce, Elyria, O. 

Stiles, Jeanne 113 N. Fornance, Norristown, Pa. 

Stock, Jean E 922 Logan, Toronto, O. 

Stockdale, Robert E 269 S. Walnut, Ravenna, O. 

Stocking, Milan A 669 Patterson, Akron, O. 

Stockman, Richard C R. F. D. 3, Kent, O. 

Stoia, Cornelia A 3332 Wilson, Campbell, O. 

Stokes, Arthur J 142 S. Main St., Hudson, O. 

Stoll, Wilda G 2119 2nd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Stone, George 5505 Vandalia Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Stone, Jean C R. F. D. 6, North Canton, O. 

Stone, Phillis A 734 Franklin, Massillon, O. 

Storey, James L 424 Milburn, Milburn, N. J. 

Straub, Betty J 919 13th St., Canton, O. 

Strauss, Emilee L 106 Churchill, Girard, O. 

Strauss, Reitta A 106 Churchill, Girard, O. 

Stribley, Rex C 462 Wolcott, Kent, O. 

Stricklen, Marjorie J 798 Roselawn, Akron, O. 

Strohl, Betty J 898 Dayton Ave., Akron, O. 

Strong, Florence V 258 E. King, Chardon, O. 

Stroud, Jean E. 133 E. 203rd St., Cleveland, O. 

Stroup, Mary J 9708 Willard Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Struble, Dorothy M 251 Lake, Kent, O. 

Stuber, Elizabeth J 1831 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Stuber, William D 1831 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Stueve, Robert W 1866 Grantham, Cleveland, O. 

Stump, Louise E 4023 Brooklyn, Cleveland, O. 

Stump, Robert D 506 New York, Sebring, O. 

Styers, Arminta H 2081 E. Market, Akron, O. 

Suderow, Mary C - Canal Fulton, O. 

Suki, George G 1473 E. 172nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Sullivan, Donald R 250 Marion, Painesville, O. 

Sullivan, Ernie 427 S. Sycamore, Ravenna, O. 

Summers, Harry V 1005 13th St., Canton, O. 

Suppes, Gertrude E._ 217 N. Firestone, Akron, O. 

Suppes, Marjorie L._ 217 N. Firestone, Akron, O. 

Suskind, Raymond K 416 Berons, 136th, Queens, N. Y. 

Swain, Mary P 3667 W. 129th St., Cleveland, O. 

Swallen, Kathryn J. 1418 Louisiana, Canton, O. 

Swallow, Charles W 602 Vincent, Alliance, O. 

Swan, Margaret E 1923 6th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Swanda, Evelyn M 20832 Hillgrove Ave., Maple Heights, O. 

Swartz, Ruth A 667 Oxford, Akron, O. 

Swasey, Fred H., Jr., 428 Lawrence, Ravenna, O. 

Swisher, Helen E --- - Hudson, O. 

Swope, Geraldine M 2610 9th St., Canton, O. 

Sykes, James D 591 Lindell, Akron, O. 

Szabo, Gabriel R 2803 Bridge, Cleveland, O. 

Szabo, Joseph J Brainard Rd., Warrensville, O. 

Szorady, Ernest A 2772 E. 118th St., Cleveland, O. 

Tabler, Charles J 22 Conley, Newark, O. 

Tait, Robert N 11932 Canterbury Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Talbot, Betty L R. F. D. 9, Shaker Square Sta., Cleveland, O. 

Tallant, Helen G 21 Chippewa, Brecksville, O. 

Tallentire, John R.. 2113 Oakwood, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Tarantine, Dominic J 2634 W. Federal, Youngstown, O. 

Taylor, Anna F 224 E. Heights, Lorain, O. 

Taylor, Darold R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Taylor, Donald P 140 Fawcett, Canton, O. 

Taylor, Frank R 14 E. Brand, Newton Falls, O. 

Taylor, Gladys D 2201 E. 95th St., Cleveland, O. 

Taylor, Jack R. F. D. 2, Kent, O. 

Taylor, Martha J 515 Riverside, Wellsville, O. 

Taylor, Ralph J 812 4th St., Marietta, O. 

Taylor, Starling E 105 South, Clairsville, O. 

Taylor, Wallace C 119 Universitv Kent, O. 

Teegarden, Edith R R. F. D. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Teets, Lucille C 120 High, New London, O. 

Telinde, Donald E 1204 Laird, Akron, O. 

Terrill, Wilfred H Suffield, O. 

Testa, Ercole P R. F. D. 4, Ravenna, O. 

Teuscher, Elizabeth A 1161 Maple, Mentor, O. 

Tewes, Donald D 317 Orchard, Ravenna, O. 

Theiss, Henry K 440 S. Prospect, Ravenna, O. 

Theobald, Earle W 2193 Scranton, Cleveland, O. 

Theobald, George E 2193 Scranton, Cleveland, O. 

Thill, Fred B Peninsula, O. 

Thomas, Annabelle L Silver Lake Blvd., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Thomas, Charles C 402 Jefferson, Ravenna, O. 

Thomas, Estella M 402 Jefferson, Ravenna, O. 

Thomas, Harry E 507 Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Thomas, June B 3005 Overlook, Silver Lake, O. 

Thomas, Martha J 602 N. Main St., Niles, O. 

Thomas, Ray 359 Talbot, Akron, O. 

Thomas, Virginia E 840 Tallmadge, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Thompson, Charles E R. F. D. 3, Toronto, O. 

Thompson, Dorothy 1 462 Baxter, Medina, O. 

Thompson, Francis E. 35 Hill, Munroe Falls, O. 

Thompson, Harvey G _ Garfield, O. 

Thompson, Margaret K Waynesburg, O. 

Thompson, Marjorie E 124 Sherman, Kent, O. 

Thompson, Paul G 52 Davis, Sharon, Pa. 

Tifft, Howard S 239 Wadsworth, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Tingley, Donald A 546 Archwood, Akron, O. 

Tintsman, Herbert S .215 W. Elm, Kent, O. 

Tissat, Marjorie L 1323 E. 142nd St., East Cleveland, O. 

Tobasco, Andrew L 227 Oak, Newton Falls, O. 

Tobin, Ernest R 395 W. Exchange, Akron, O. 

Tocus, Eugene S 1604 Stewart, Youngstown, O. 

Todd, Don A 560 Frehis, Columbus, O. 

Toll, Wayman L.. 1012 Stadelman, Akron, O. 

Tomasheska, Jack Lorain, O. 

Torma, Alex J 2836 E. 122nd St., Cleveland, O. 

Totten, Anita R. 917 Robhins, Niles, O. 

Towner, William R Brady Lake, O. 

Tozer, Zoe 2318 Front, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Trachsel, Adrian A 611 W. Maple, N. Canton, O. 

Tramonte, Don R R. F. D. 2, Medina, O. 

Trask, Alta C 116 Center, Chardon, O. 

Trau, Flora L 2100 Cottage Grove, Cleveland, O. 

Travis, Flora G... Marshallville, O. 

Traxler, Harmon P 1517 Hoyt, Mentor, O. 

Treat, Mark 648 Falls, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Tresidder, Reginald J .779 Copley, Akron, O. 

Tretta, Max 7041/2 S. Main, Akron, O. 

Trommer, Paul E 888 Vi Rhodes, Akron, O. 

Trory, Betty J. 46 10th St., Massillon, O. 

Trow, Kenneth T 9601 Silk, Cleveland, O. 

Truby, Ruth L R. F. D. 2, Scio, O. 

Truxell, Robert H Box 74, Masury, O. 

Tryon, Mary H 1467 Rockaway, Akron, O. 

Tucek, Elmer L Walters Rd., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Tullis, Ralph H.. Rogers, O. 

Turano, Italo T 4610 West, Ashtabula, O. 

Turk, Arlene E R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

TurnbuU, Thomas B 3215 College, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Turner, Betty Hiram, O. 

Turner, Clarence H 76 Russell, Akron, O. 

Turner, Dale N. Rittman, O. 

Turner, Evelyn Ruth 22660 Detroit Ave., Rocky River, O. 

Turner, Lucretia C 415 Rockwell, Kent, O. 

Turri, Arthur L 605 Prince, Negaunee, Mich. 

Tury, Helen R. F. D. S, Coshocton, O. 

Tuskey, Betty M 522 N. Grant, Hinsdale, 111. 

Tweed, Warren C 301 Hudson Rd., Stow, O. 

Twerell, Dudley G Twinsburg, O. 

Tymochko, Eugene J N. Jackson, O. 

Uebel, Thora D... 1440 Lakeland Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Uhl, Norman A 9501 Beachwood, Garfield Heights, O. 

Ulmer, Dorothy L 77 Fenton, Mogadore, O. 

Ulmer, Jean R 2384 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Untch, Robert Lee 1310 Rowland, Canton, O. 

Uphoff, Clarence W R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Utter, Loren C Vermilion, O. 

Vacha, Fred B 5609 Fleet Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Valenti, Raymond J 3632 Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 

Vallen, Kay M W. Richfield, O. 

Van Benschoten, Martha A 74 Lake, Berlin Heights, O. 

VanBalt, Roger H. 1584 Park, Barberton, O. 

VanFleet, Roberta J 6502 Luelda, Parma, O. 

VanHyning, Adrienne 1 303 Crain, Kent, O. 

VanHyning, Perry F 121 University, Kent, O. 

Vanlden, Starr S 926 Montford, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Van Slyke, Juliana F 4324 Bichwood, Ashtabula, O. 

Vargo, Susanna M 8401 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Vaughn, Allan Solon, O. 

Vaughn, Enos P Twinsburg, O. 

Vaughn, Evelyn M 450 Alexander, Akron, O. 

Vaughn, Ralph H 314 Ontario, Akron, O. 

Vianie, Irene C... E. Canton, O. 

Vitangeli, Dominec J 916 Lafayette, Canton, O. 

Vlad, Mary E. Market ext., Warren, O. 

Vogelsang, Ralph E R. F. D. 3, Canton, O. 

Volk, Charlotte 1064 Williams, Cleveland Heights, O. 

Voss, Helen I. 493 W. Columbia, Alliance, O. 

Vutech, Virginia E 3711 Glenwood, Youngstown, O. 

Wagenhals, Mary F 1715 Oherlin, Canton, O. 

Wagner, Harold P ...Peninsula Rd., Hudson, O. 

Wagner, James W 366 Crosby, Akron O. 

Wagstaff, Clare S 530 W. Evergreen, Youngstown, O. 

Wahl, Anne .2419 7th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wait, Nelson P Franklin St., Chagrin Falls, O. 

Walbeck, John J Elmwood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Walburn, Edwin F R. F. D. 1, Andover, O. 

Wallis, Robert B North St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Waldern, Viola E W. Main St., Ravenna, O. 

Waldvogel, Robert Hawkins Ave., Akron, O. 

Walker, Ethel L W. I94th St., Cleveland, O. 

Walker, Helen I Richmond, O. 

Walker, Mary T Welton St., Cleveland, O. 

Wallace, Laura M Toronto, O. 

Wallace, Mary A Mahonington, Pa. 

Walrath, Vernon A Beloit, O. 

Walsh, Thomas E Wicklitle Blvd., Youngstown, O. 

Waltenbaugh, Walter S Woodrow Ave., Canton, O. 

174 • 



Towards Achievement and Tradition 

Best wishes from the 

CeCIN li€€D 

€ AiMaiuial Staff of the 1939 Chiesteet 
from your Frieter 










ftfUftte^ ol Eoitooi /l4uu4>(Ui ^o^ mo^A tUoft j/O^iitf. ^fe<AA4, 

• 175 

Walter, Vera E Maplewood, Willard, O. 

Walters, Verla L 220 Parkway, Ravenna, O. 

Walther, William J Summit St., Macedonia, O. 

Wallon, Jennie M High St., Wadsworth, O. 

Walton, Roger L N. Main St., Mt. Vernon, O. 

Waltz, Frank R Orchard St., Ravenna, O. 

Wands, Ralph C 413 Fairchild, Kent, O. 

Warburton, Dick M Cleveland Ave., Mogadore, O. 

Ward, Isabelle R New Milford, O. 

Ward, Jack C Pioneer St., Akron, O. 

Wardman, Katherine J ---Avon St., Akron, O. 

Warner, Gerevieve M Beck Ave., Akron, O. 

Warner, Bill G. S. Hawkins St., Akron, O. 

Warner, Jack D - Baird Ave., Barberton, O. 

Warren, Lyle Highland Ave., Springfield, O. 

Waterbury, Francie R 66 Wandle, Bedford, O. 

Watkins, Ben 1041 Irvington, Massillon, O. 

Watkins, James P 161 Garland, Youngstown, O. 

Watkins, Vivian B 21278 Westlake, Rocky River, O. 

Watson, John W - Brown St., Akron, O. 

Watson, William D Quinby Ave., Wooster, O. 

Watts, John W 532 Highland, Ravenna, O. 

Watts, Thomas C ;.Avon St., Akron, O. 

Watts, Walson L Highland Ave., Ravenna, O. 

Wawrin, Andrew Atwater, O. 

Weaver, Roger H ---Suffield, O. 

Webb, Alice M Austinburg, O. 

Webber, George B Vestry Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Weeden. Kenneth L -.Whittier Ave., Akron, O. 

Weeks, Kenneth H N. Water St., Kent, O. 

Wegnan, George E E. Market St., Mogadore, O. 

Weichman, Lauretta M Boardman Cunf Rd., Youngstown, O. 

Weigle, Darwin W.- Peckham St., Akron, O. 

Weil, Harold -Tiger Ave., Akron, O. 

Weimer, Verna H Box 68, Dalton, O. 

Weinberger, Don N -Westvale Ave., Akron, O. 

Weirick, Jeanne Hillside Terrace, Akron, O. 

Weis, Paul E 738 E. Long, Lancaster, O. 

Weisenberg, Leonard L -10821 Morrison Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Weiss, Jean Kinsman St., Warren, O. 

Weiss, Winona C 16th St., N.W., Canton, O. 

Weixel, Mary L Colbum Rd., Chardon, O. 

Welker, Martina M 2903 Northland, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Welsh, Alys M Dwight Ave., Massillon, O. 

Welton, Roger L 519 Ganbier, Knox, O. 

Wenhart, Edward R Route 8, Akron, O. 

Werb, Theodore J 3211 West Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Werner, Dollv G Cuyahoga Falls Ave., Akron, O. 

Wetheimer, Bernard Thomas St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wesley, Charles W Homewood Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

West, Alice E. E. Third St.. Salem, O. 

Weston. Doris E Columbia Rd., North Olmsted, O. 

Weyand, Marjorie M - Copley Rd., Akron, O. 

Weymouth, Arlene E 16th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wheeley, Ruth J W. Hugh Ave., New Philadelphia, O. 

Wheeler, Scott J - Marongo, O. 

Wheeler, William C Wandle St., Bedford, O. 

Wherley, Paul B Stone Creek, O. 

White, Aimer R E. Market St., Akron, O. 

White, Barret First Ave., Akron, O. 

White, Denzil W. W. Main St., East Palestine, O. 

White, Elizabeth K N. Prospect St., Kent, O. 

White, Glen L.- Spruce St., Ravenna, O. 

White, J. J N. Prospect St., Kent, O. 

White, John L Parkwood Ave., Akron, O. 

White, Normel W 1435 Broadway, Lorain, O. 

White, William A - Mogadore, O. 

White, William D E. Market St., Akron, O. 

Whitehead, Christine A 15209 Lincoln, Cleveland, O. 

Whitehead D. Main St., Hudson, O. 

Whiteman, Phyllis L Ashland Ave., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Whiteside, Winifred A 19338 Frazier, Rocky River, O. 

Whitman, Jeanne K.-- Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 

Whitman, Robert W Roslyn Ave., Akron, O. 

Whittlesey, Marjorie -- Vine St., Kent, O. 

Whyte, Muriel I 537 Depeyster, Kent, O. 

Wicks, Floyd E 611 Sandusky, Ashland, O. 

Wicks, J. Roger 611 Sandusky, Ashland, O. 

Wigner, Opal Pearl Box 281, Akron, O. 

Wiland, Richard L Twin Lakes, Kent, O. 

Wilbur, John V 418 Kent, Stow, O. 

Wilcox, Glen F 332 Erie, Kent, O. 

Wilcox, Jessie P R. F. D. 3, Hudson, O. 

Wilcox, William F 115 LaFayette, Medina, O. 

Wilder, James Bliss 26820 Lorain Rd., N. Olmsted, O. 

Wiles, Sylvan L 190 W. Park, Rittman, O. 

Wilgus, Harvey B 131 University, Kent, O. 

Wilkin, Roger J Amsterdam, O. 

Wilhen, Wayne W 512 Brittain, Akron, O. 

Wilkinson, Floyd Bath, O. 

Williams, Anne L N. Jackson, O. 

Williams, David W 514 E. 2nd St., Urichsville, O. 

Williams, Eric G 6118 Sugar, Marion, O. 

Williams, Ernest A 126 S. Canal, Newton Falls, O. 

Williams, Ernest J..- 11111 Miles Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Williams, Hazel L Cleveland, O. 

Williams, Jean P -- Wardsboro, Vt. 

Williams, Joanne H 3283 E. 128th St., Cleveland, O. 

Williams, Katherine M 160 N. Pearl, Kent, O. 

Williams, Margaret L 1296 Donald Ave., Lakewood, O. 

Wii:iams, Thomas H. 1288 Diagonal, Akron, O. 

W Tiams, William C. 1515 18th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Williamson, Claire L. 978 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

William.son, Harry B 3311 W. 98th St., Cleveland, O. 

WUiamscn, Peggy M 2053 14th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Williard, Robert G 678 Lakemont, Akron, O. 

Wi'lis, Arthur W 900 School, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Willmalh, Ruth M 830 Kenyon, Akron, O. 

W lis, Margery J 2422 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Willson, Mary J 388 Parker, Sharon, Pa. 

Wilson, Bernard O R. F. D. 3, Medina, O. 

Wilson, Florence R 1716 E. 84th St., Cleveland, O. 

Wilson, Janice M 4450 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Wilson, Lecn H 1301 Mt. Vernon, Akron, O. 

Wilson, Robert J 355 E. Vermont, Sebring, O. 

Winemiller, Doris M 638 Roslyn, Akron, O. 

Winsper, Lorell Dean 12918 Christine, Garfield Heights, O. 

Wise, Charles M R. F. D. 1, Kent, O. 

Wise, Clarice I --.Mogadore, O. 

Wise, Margaret E 604 Park, Kent, O. 

Wisler, Virginia F 18 Grant, New London, O. 

Wohlford, Earl G 2646 Elmwood. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wojno, Roman J -- 576 Diagonal, Akron, O. 

Wolcott, Betty R 2495 Whitelow, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wolfe, Bett 546 Glendora, Akron, O. 

Wolfe, Martha 505 2nd St., Donora, Pa. 

Wolfe, Merritt C 2513 Berk, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wolfe, Walter J. 2038 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wolff, Frederich S 1922 Spring, Cleveland, O. 

Wolford. Richard W 619 W. Main St., Kent, O. 

Wood, Fred D 9515 Baltic Rd., Cleveland, O. 

Wcod. Izora R. 531 E. Main St., Kent, O. 

Woodhouse, Charles E R. F. D. 3, Box 48, Kent, O. 

Woods, Glenn S 1357 Junior, Ellet, O. 

Woods, Joseph S 1381 Worton. Mavfield Heights, O. 

Woodward, Richard L 2503 4th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Woodward, Shirley R Box 185, Hiram, O. 

Work, Clifford P 531 Marguerite, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Workinger, Lois A R. F. D. 7. N. Canton, O. 

Wowra. Betty E. R. F. D. 1, Canton, O. 

Wray, Thomas S 816 N. 12th St.. Cambridge, O. 

Wrentmore. George W ---R. F. D. 2, Lakewood, O. 

Wright, Alberta R 720 Woodland, Elyria, O. 

Wright, Donald E 2121 9th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wright, Myrtle C 10923 Olivet Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Wright, Norma E 323 Grant, Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wright, Olive M 1720 8th St., Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wright, Rose E. 628 E. Summit, Kent, O. 

Wright, Wilbur H 57 Nottingham, Akron, O. 

Wright, William C 2543 Pond. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Wrightnour. Bessie B. 114 W. 58th St., Ashtabula, O. 

Wuchter, Eileen M 1418 Wuchter, Barberton, O. 

Wynkoop, James P. 3333 Martindale, Canton, O. 

Yarano. Loretta C. 10806 Brenard, Cleveland, O. 

Yates. S. D. 3057 W. Bailey. Cuyahoga Falls, O. 

Yee, George I. 90 W. Market St., Akron, O. 

Yesso, John A. ---830 Day, Conneaut, O. 

Young, Dale A R. F. D. 2, Akron, O. 

Young, Grace J.-- E. High St., Mantua, O. 

Young, Harold C 226 Lowell, Kent, O. 

Young, William. 733 Noah. Akron, O. 

Youngen, La Dema L. Hazel -- Tallmadge, O. 

Younger. Ruth M 2449 2nd St., Cuvahoga Falls, O. 

Yount, Rachel L 300 E. Voris, Akron, O. 

Yugorich, Salley A 27 Johnson, Youngstown, O. 

Yurchison, Anne 203 Wavne, Youngstown, O. 

Yurko, Irene 97 Bright, Campbell, O. 

Zaderecky. Michael 7922 Spafford, Cleveland, O. 

Zahnizer. M. Leiand 2676 3rd St., Cuyahoga Falls, O.- 

Zayac, Mary 2028 Corning, Cleveland, O. 

Zak, Marilyn- - 173 Burton, Akron, O. 

Zamnick. Mildred E 11815 Kewton, Cleveland, O. 

Zavala, Mercedes M --76 Crumlin, Girard, O. 

Zdesar, Rose M 687 E. 200th St., Euclid, O. 

Zeisler, Ruth H 1437 Shelby, Youngstown, O. 

Zeemba. Billie K 3558 E. 135th St., Cleveland, O. 

Zeler, Vivian O. 1755 8th St., Cuvahoga Falls, O. 

Zimmerman, Carl L R. F. D. 1, Marshalville, O. 

Zimmerman, Erie R..- 145 Firestone Blvd., Akron, O. 

Zimmerman, Feme I R. F. D. 5, Salem, O. 

Zimmerman, Geneva R. F. D. 1, Leetonia, O. 

Zimmerman, Mary E 722 Glendora, Akron, O. 

Zimmerman, Mary L - Smithville, O. 

Zimmerman, Robert L 600 Dorchester, Akron, O. 

Zingery, James W 436 6th St., New Philadelphia, O. 

Zink, Dale E. R. F. D. 7, North Canton, O. 

Zink, Richard R R. F. D., 2, North Canton, O. 

Zollinger, Josephine M Sterling, O. 

Zuker, Norman 777 Ruth, Akron, O. 



leveianoi, omo 


176 •